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The Figure SkaterAfter I got home from Iraq. I was happy to be home and went on a sexual role as I had a lot of pent up sexual energy.There was a girl who is a friend of a friend who started writing me when I was overseas. She had been a pretty accomplished figure skater and wrote me letters telling me about herself. I dropped her a note and let her know we would get together when I got home.I had kind of forgotten about her when I arrived home. After a couple of months my friend told me to call her and I did.I set up a date with her one weekend evening. I went to downtown Chicago to pick her up at her apartment. She came to the lobby to meet me. I was delighted to see she was smoking hot. She had sent me a picture in her letters but somehow they did not convey how hot she is. She was wearing a white button shirt with tight jeans and high heels. She is about 5’6″ with a tight body and nice big boobs. She has dark hair and blue eyes.I gave her a quick hug and we went to dinner and afterwords we went to have a few drinks. We were having a good time and goofing off. I leaned into her to give her a peck and she rebuffed my efforts. I said “c’mon” with a smile. She said “no, not now”. She took off to use the washroom and I was standing at the bar. These two guys came up to me and said “that is the hottest women in the bar”. I laughed and said I agree but I was not getting anywear with her. She came out of the washroom and I took her down by the lake. We sat on a dock and I made a move again and she pushed me away. She was a quirky girl and I was enjoying this cat and mouse. After a couple of minutes she turned to me and lunged at me. She stuck her tongue down my throat and shoved me backwards to the ground. She had a longer tongue and she was all over me. She was actually strong and I thought about her figure skating training. I was amazed at the turn of events. After a few minutes I said lets go. We drove to her apartment and I found a parking spot. I said lets go upstairs but she said no. I pulled her head towards me in the car and we continued to make out. I fumbled with her shirt buttons and got her shirt open. She had a bra on. I leaned down canlı bahis to start to lick her tits. Again, she pushed me back. I was horny as hell and my cock was rock hard. She pulled my shirt off. She said “Oh my God, your chest is beautiful. You should never ever wear a shirt!” She leaned down and started licking my nipples. Not a lot of women have done this to me but she was. I was so horny I kept trying to push her head down to my cock. She was not having it. She pulled off my nipples and said she had to go. I said “What!”. She said “Call me” and took off.I called her and we set up a date for the next weekend. I thought I would take her to a White Sox game. She lived on the North Side and I picked her up. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight White Sox shirt with Keds shoes. I thought to myself this chick is hotter dressed down then dressed up. I was driving to the game and we were on these tight city streets. She started complaining in a light hearted way that it was taking to long and I was going to slow. I laughed and pointed out the traffic. She said let me drive. I have a 5 speed and she said she could drive it. We switched seats and she started pulling around cars at stop lights by going into the right hand lane to pass them when the light turned green. I was cracking up and she called me a pussy. We were laughing. I was thinking I just got home from a war and this chick is going to get me killed. We got to the park and got our seats. The game was not crowded but there were some guys behind us. She turned to me and said “Can I get you a hot dog”. I said yes and she asked me what I wanted. I told her and she got up bent down towards me and leaned down and gave me a sensuous kiss. She turned and walked down the row of seats. I was looking at that fine ass when the guy behind me said “How did you train her to do that”. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders and said I was just along for the ride. The other guy said “She is smokin hot”. I agreed. She came back and we took off a few innings later to head downtown and have some drinks.The night was very similar to our previous date where she would rebuff my advances and then she bahis siteleri jumped on me. We ended up in the car again. I got her shirt off and took off her bra this time. Her tits were beautiful. She has pale skin and she had big pink nipples with larger areolas. I started licking those things and she had her hands on the side of my head. Her body was writhing around and she was kind of moving my head around as I licked those beautiful nipples. She pushed my head away got her shirt and took off again after telling me to call her. I liked how quirky and sexual she was but man I was getting frustrated.She called me the following Wednesday. She said she was taking a bath and I said hmmmm. She asked me what I was doing and I said nothing. She said I should come over. I told her I was tired and she said “Get over here now!”.I said see you in 20 minutes. I got to her lobby and the doorman buzzed me up. She opened the door and her hair was still wet. She wore a big fluffy robe. I reached for her but again she pushed me off. She told me to get in the bath and clean myself up. She left a razor and shave cream by the sink. I shaved my face and took the razor to the tub. I love being naked. I already had a half hard on. Growing up there were woods and fields behind my house. I would whack off in my woods completely nude all the time. I would sneak out of my house at night and run around my neighborhood and fields butt naked with my hard on bouncing around. I loved running around naked and I loved being an exhibitionist. I love people seeing me naked. I am not a hairy guy and I started shaving my cock balls and chest early. I feel like having no hair makes me feel even more naked and exposed. I got in the bath and shaved up my bod. It only takes a few moments as I do it every day. I got out of the tub and dried myself. I did not bother wrapping the towel around my waist. I was fully hard and I was going to make her pay for her leading me on so much. I walked in the bedroom and she gasped as she saw me. I think I gasped as I was her. She had on an open silk robe. Black bra, black garter belt attached to thigh highs and black panties. She lunged bahis şirketleri at my cock but I pushed her away this time. She was on the bed and I leaned and gave her a kiss as she moved towards me. I moved away. She said You asshole. I told her to turn over and she did. I straddled her back and pulled her robe off. My naked shaved cock was on her ass. I started massaging her but I was not really interested in massaging. I was more interested in feeling this incredible body. She was bucking her ass against my cock and moaning and I had hardly done any thing. I unhooked her bra. I pushed her panties down but still kept my cock on her ass. I slid down and started working her ass with my hands. I was loving her body. I put my hand down her crack and worked my fingers around her pussy. She was very wet already. I started lubing her up with her juices on her ass and crack. She was moaning and I rolled her over. I started licking those great tits and I worked my hand down to her bare pussy. She started humping my hand and I inserted my fingers into her pussy. She was incredibly tight. I had dated a gymnast in 10th and 11th grade and her pussy reminded me of hers. I had two fingers in her pussy and she started cumming. I pulled them out and she squirted.She grabbed me and rolled on top of me and said “Fuck me!”. She tried to insert my cock in her but she was so tight. I was able to get a part of my cock in and slowly we were able to work the whole thing in. She started fucking me. She was bouncing on my cock and moaning fuck me. She leaned down and started kissing me. Her long tongue exploring my mouth. She was cumming continuously and then she rolled off and was squirting all over my cock and groin. She grabbed my cock and started sucking. I let her clean me up and then
i pulled away. What are you doing! she said. I told her to bend over. I started fucking her from behind. She was practically screaming fuck me. It was so intense as her strong little body gyrated against me. I marveled at her lustiness. I told her I was going to cum and she just pushed back against me. I started cummimg and it felt like there was a ton of liquid in her pussy. I collapsed on top of her and my cock slipped out and she started cumming and squirting again. After we calmed down I asked her “how was it”. She laughed and smacked me on the arm………..Needless to say we did not get much sleep that night

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