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The Family Business – Chapter 12
Nina was at the airport waiting for her mother and sisters flight to arrive. To be honest the last weekend had been spent in a daze. Anne her staid, middle class, solicitor of a mother had announced she was planning on becoming a porn star. What is more that Gigi, Nina’s younger sister and only just eighteen was going to be one as well. That was fine by Gigi as she had enjoyed the films, she had made but bloody hell, Mum starkers being filmed. Reboot brain please.

The plain had landed and they should have had time to get through reclaim and customs. Where on earth were, they? Nina was getting nervous but beside her Anne, her mothers cousin looked equally jittery. Jess the joint owner of the porn studio seemed quite relaxed but they weren’t her relatives. The last member of their party was Clinton, the hunky Bahamian who was Jess’s partner but who happily slept with the rest of them as did Jess. It should be interesting to see how Mum reacted to him.

Then there they were but hold on. Yes, it was Mum, Gigi and what the heck Beth. Beth was their disgraced fathers’ mistress what was she doing here? Also how were they dressed. Light blue jeans, tee-shirt and elasticated thigh high black boots. All had their hair loose, Mum always had her hair sensibly tied up. Beth who was a real beauty who went out of her way to hide the fact. Only Gigi looked her normal self.

Then there were hugs all round. Both Gigi and her mother hugged Clinton for longer that was absolutely normal, on a first meeting. Only Beth was a bit more restrained. Once they got back to the yacht and were heading out of harbour, they had a chance to talk a bit.

“I don’t know how to ask this diplomatically.”

“Come on its diplomacy has never bothered you before.”

“Thank you, mother.”

“Stop trying to be prim Nina, it doesn’t suit you any more than it did me.”

“Your enjoying yourself aren’t you.”

“More than you could imagine and not just getting back at you either. Are we clear of the harbour?” they were so Jane pulled off her top to reveal no bra. Nina had never seen her mother’s breasts before and had to admit they were quite good for a woman pushing forty. It was however a cue and the all removed their tops.

“Not that I object but I am surprised to see Beth.”

“Because I was your father mistress you mean. That’s easy Jane realised that I had been very much pressured into being his mistress and was as much abused as she was herself. Believe me no girl would sleep with him for his sexual prowess. Also, the bastard was going to trade me in for a younger model. I’m only twenty-five.“

“Exactly and gorgeous, the new tarts only advantage is bigger tits. But we will soon fix that won’t we Beth.”

“Yes and I am going to go well over the top I have always wanted huge tits but never had the nerve.” Beth giggled and started to remove her boots and jeans. “There’s nothing to stop us sun bathing starkers is there?” This was the Beth who since from the time that she had become secretary to both her parent was the most shy and retiring person imaginable. The old Beth wouldn’t say boo to a goose in fact only talked when absolutely necessary and dressed like she was Janes age.

Gigi who was also getting naked was barely containing her laughter at her older sister’s discomfiture at the change in their mother and the mouse like secretary.

“Get used to it Nini. Mums gone over to the dark side or from what I know back to the dark side. Being a true professional she got all the evidence before taking action. Our father is not only a serial adulterer but a bully as well. Poor Beth was in the position that if she didn’t sleep with the old goat, she would lose her job and her home. No pressure at all particularly as she would be sacked without a reference. That’s pretty nasty.”

“Once I found that out and that he was going to drop her and stop paying for the flat as well because he found a new floozy it was easy to forgive Beth. I have always been fond of her. Somehow she always seems to need mothering more than you two ever seemed too.”

“That because we are your daughters. It could explain where I got being a tart from as well.”

“Very likely you’re not going to get a rise out of me.” By this stage all of them were sunbathing nude. Nina noticed that her mother, Gigi and Beth all had bald fannies.

“Mum have you and Gigi started shaving your pubes.”

“No on Jess’s advice we have had electrolysis. No nasty stubble when you’re getting eaten out. Also, another shock we have already arranged for genetic tests by this evening our tits are going to be the same size as yours. Well apart from Beth who is going to try for as big as she can get.”

They sunbathed nude on the protected after deck as they headed back. Though after a while Jane lay now next to Anne and they started kissing. Since Nina kaçak bahis had always fancied Beth but considered her an impossible target until now moved over to be beside her. Beth made it easy and met her half way with a lovely languid kiss. The shy girl was very sensuous when she relaxed.

This left Jean, Nina’s sister habitually called Gigi from when Nina was young and mangled words, without a partner but not for long.

“Jess could I have a cuddle I want to find out why my sister is so fascinated by you.” From the way Gigi acted Nina decided that she had already worked this out.

From the con Clinton could here but not see the lesbian love fest going on behind him. Since at least two of the ladies involved were his habitual bed partners this made him all the more randy.

“Can you ladies be a bit quieter I have to concentrate on pointing this thing in the right direction and not hit anything which is not easy with all that slurping and panting going on.”

“Poor darling can you not bring her to rest and then we can give you the blow job of your life.” Apparently, he could and he did. Then all six of them pulled him down to the aft deck and removed his shorts. Taking it in turns they sucked on his cock. Gigi was tall like her mother so was just the right height to kiss Clinton passionately on the mouth. Then Nina got a shock as Beth went behind Clinton and was running his tongue around the rim of his anus. Beth then pulled Anne over to continue and went over to Nina turned her round and did the same to her. It was clear that the meek and mild Beth knew what she was doing.

It didn’t take long for a bevy of girls to bring Clinton to a climax. Once he recovered, they were on their way again. Beth asked Jess if they had a strap on, she could borrow and then used it to give first Nina a good buggering, then once she had climaxed moved on to Jane, then Gigi and lastly Anne and Jess.

“I have always wondered what it would be like to do something as bad as that. “said Beth with a broad grin

As they were all recovering from this assault, they chatted all cuddled up together.

“From what Anne and Nina have told me I thought you were a shy retiring little thing, Beth?”

“Oh, I am quite shy normally though a lot of it with Jane and her family was guilt and embarrassment. But that doesn’t mean that I lack a sex drive or are prudish. I really like sex and I am looking forward to this new life a great deal. In actual fact I am pretty kinky. Whilst we were in the hotel last night we were looking at some of your films. The Painted Ladies was so cool.”

The Painted Ladies films was where one by one the girls of the village had been transformed into creatures completely painted and utterly wanton. They in their turn had k**napped the older women and transformed them as well. It was a very erotic film.

When they reached the island, nobody bothered putting on clothes again this time the new arrivals knew what to expect. Not a huge lot was going on as they were filming filler scenes for some of the productions already near complete.

Siobhan introduced herself and confirmed that everything was ready for the new arrival to be enrolled in the big tit club. When finished it was clear that Beth was not k**ding about wanting to be very big.

That night Ruth planned another of her formal dinner parties. But this time she decided that they could copy the last film and have the ladies wear boots under the evening dresses. Alf arrived still looking scruffy in his dinner jacket.
“Ruth my lovely, goddess of everything erotic would you mind if I filmed your dinner party. I have a feeling that this is going to be reality meeting art.” Ruth was a little unsure but the undercurrent of opinion amongst the guests was in favour.

“Look I will agree as long as you don’t disrupt things too much and every one is happy particularly our new friends here. I know they are quite relaxed but this may be one step too far.”

“I am happy provided it doesn’t become public until after the nineteenth. That is when the decree absolute comes into force and my ex-husband finds out he’s been stuffed. Also, Ruth and Jess could Beth and I ask you a favour. Its quite a small one.”

“Go on.” they both said sounding a little suspicious.

“Beth and I want to do a lesbian film the steamier the better and send it to our ex. The only downside is that we cannot see his face when he watches it. Wouldn’t it be nice if he does so with his new tart. You see the thing is the divorce settlement has a clause he insisted on with big financial penalties for breaking it. Neither of us will in any way publish or in any fashion disseminate anything private known to us that is detrimental to them. I am afraid the private bit means you can’t put in the public domain so I think we should pay you for it.”

“Oh, that is delicious kaçak iddaa Mum. What perfect revenge you probably wouldn’t have told anyone about his infidelities but now he can’t tell anyone that you’re as big a tart as the rest of the family.” Nina looked very impressed with this.

“Actually, it was Beth’s idea. As she was typing up the document. If hell has no fury like a woman scorned what is like with two of them.” All Beth did at this was wiggle her tits at everyone looking very pleased with herself

As it proved Alf was spot on in thinking the dinner party was the perfect subject for a film. It started fairly conventionally with the guests all chatting but then knowing the camera was about they started getting mischievous. Clinton got up walked around the table to Lyn and kissed her then popped the right boob out of her one shouldered dress the left shoulder. Jess had the matching dress but with a right shoulder so he removed her left breast.

Gigi laughed at a joke knowing full well that her dress no longer fitted well thanks to that afternoon and as she hoped she popped out as well, it worked. Angela surreptitious pulled her bodice so that her nipples appeared. One by one the women found ways of to some degree or other becoming topless.

All the women found inventive ways to lose their tops by the end of the first course. The exception by unspoken agreement was Beth who was wearing a hastily constructed dress that accommodated her new tits. Fliss and Jo who were both happily flopping around on top of their corset dresses got up and walked one each side of her before pulling it down and sucking a boob each.

They ate their main with little comment on the wide selection of generous busts on display. However, when they had finished eating and things were being cleared on preparation for the desert the rest of their dressed started to disappear. Fliss, Jo, Barbara and Pam took dishes out to the kitchen and came back with desert but now totally minus dresses. Ruth served some more wine and in doing so her dress slipped off and under the table.

All that was left of the women’s clothing were corset and boots. The whole affair descended in farce when Ruth went to the side board where habitually a bowl of fruit was kept.

“Fruit anyone.” she said holding up a bunch of g****s. They all fell about laughing. It was at this point they gave up trying to have a plot for Alf film of the event. The whole group wandered through to the lounge where the women stripped the men who were still dressed. They following orgy was very humorous as they were all very silly as well as horny.

Beth and Jane did a formation bonking demonstration bouncing in unison. Gigi showed an enthusiasm for playing with as many of the assembled company as possible. The number of giggles was considerable.

The fabrication of the mermaid tails that combined aqualung was going quite well and the next day was the first test in the swimming pool. The air supply was built in to the tail and a transparent mask and air tube was connected to it. A few modifications had to be made not to the air supply but to swimming capability but a couple of days later this was fixed and they tried them out in the lagoon.

The finished product was not as effective as traditional scuba gear but did provide a little over half an hour’s air. The first lot were for the two sets of twins. They cavorted in the water happily as well as practising kissing which was interesting as they had to remove the air tubes and put them back on. Pam mucked it up and shot to the surface spluttering. Fortunately, the whole operation was under the supervision of Kendall a trained diving instructor who made sure they experimented close to the surface.

The girls decided enough was enough and swam to the flat rocks and proceeded to haul themselves out as if they were mermaids.

“Do you want to get the tails off?” asked Kendall

“No way we are going to see what kind of sex mermaids can get up to.” Said Jo whilst grabbing Barbara for a passionate snog. Not to be outdone Pam made out with Fliss. They kissed mouth and boobs and got thoroughly turned on. At this point the tails became an impediment to going further so they released their tails so they could climb between each other’s legs. Beth, Nina and Gigi had been watching the experiment decided now was the time to join in.

Kendall of course did not see why they should have all the fun and took advantage of having the only cock present. Beth had her bum pointing up in the air as she was sucking out Nina so he went up to her and found her pussy was very damp.

“May I?”

Beth lifted her had long enough to confirm she was more than willing before burying her head in fanny again. Kendall entered her and started pumping away with enthusiasm. The he felt something soft rubbing his güvenilir bahis back. It was Gigi making use of her new bigger boobs to caress his back with them.

Some loud cries of pleasure came from close by as Pam was the first to climax which set of a chain reaction, as one by one the aroused girls came with Kendall finishing things off by filling Beth with cum.

Back at the Mill House, Jane and Anne were have a pleasant conversation healing over the rift between them. They were both naked except for their corsets.

“I really did become a boring moo didn’t I? So keen to behave it an appropriate manner and all the time he was having it off with Beth. Even then he couldn’t get a girl on his merits and had to bully her.“

“Oh well, you saw the light in the end. Also isn’t Beth a turn up for the books. Shy retiring Beth turning into a witty sex goddess.”

“Well a lot of the shyness was because she was scared of making things worse and she is proof of the adage that the quiet ones are the worst. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed girls.”

Of course, that was a cue for the two of them to make out. Feeling each other’s pussies and snogging happily. The years rolled back for them as Jane started to fist Anne.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, more your kinky bitch.” followed by an extended scream from Anne and a self-satisfied look from Jane.

Siobhan wandered in during the latter part of this game and looked on with interest before coming over and giving both the women a kiss.

“You might want to have Beth do that to you in the film you are going to send to ex-hubby. It should underline just how naughty you can be. Now get your hands off me I have some interesting information and don’t want to be distracted. Ok maybe later.” Jane was demonstrating her fisting skills on Siobhan now and was rewarded with multiple orgasms.
Siobhan was being fisted by Jane so Anne decided to fist Jane. This left a spare pussy so Siobhan inserted first three fingers and then her entire fist into Anne’s waiting pussy. Sometime and a lot of steaminess later they sat down on the sofa together.

“Right distractions over, you know that we found that Jess and Lyn are almost certainly related though not that closely?”

Jane didn’t but it was soon explained to her and the existence of the Renards gene clinching it.

“Well both of you and Jane’s daughters also have the Renards gene. And share an unusually high proportion of the same genes. It is highly probable that the four of you share a common ancestor. I might add that the degree of genetic commonality is the same between you two as cousins and with the others.”

“Ruddy heck do you think that all four of us could be cousins. Come on let’s go find Jess and Lyn and compare notes to see if we can sort this out.”

They found them together with Lyn screwing Jess using a strap on. Needless to say, they were not keen on being disturbed so the three of them formed a daisy chain until Jess was noisily satisfied. Then they sat down for a chat. To an outside it would have been a bizarre site five adult women discussing a serious matters whilst close to naked.
“So, let’s get this right we are very probably related and quite possibly cousins. The connecting factor is the Renards gene that has a noticeable effect on male sufferers faces when tired. Lyn doesn’t have any connection with any of her grandparent so can’t help but what about you two.” asked Jess.

On Siobhan giving a description of the symptoms Jane admitted it sounded like hers and Anne’s grandfather. The possibility of two separate chances of a quarter of a million chances were slim. Also, the one bit of information that Lyn could supply put her family in the same area of Hertfordshire as Jane and Anne’s grandfather. Ruth was called in who confirmed that her grandfather had been married twice.

Then they had sufficient to do some ancestry research which proved interesting.

“Right said Ruth we are going to have a big party tonight tell everyone. Nothing formal this time but the lot of us eating, drinking and making merry then we will tell people what we have found out. I think another barbecue is in order.”
After they had all eaten a reasonable amount and were in danger of getting distracted by sex and wine, Ruth called for silence.

“Ladies, gentlemen, sluts and tarts. I have something rather important to tell you. Siobhan has been looking at the genetics of those of us with boob jobs and from that there has been some intensive ancestry research. It would appear that I have a couple of half-sisters that I didn’t know about until today. Regrettably neither are still alive but their daughters are. With varying degrees of certainty, we can say that it is not just Anne and Jane who are cousins but Jess and Fliss are their cousins and each other’s as well.”

“How are we going to celebrate this felicitous knowledge asked Jane the oldest of the four cousins.”
“With an orgy of course and tomorrow we will film a lezzie flic for the four of us. Come here you three.” Said Jess and the four of them hugged. “Welcome to the family business.”

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