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The Emma J Chronicles – Part FourChapter SevenLate Monday morning; Marcus walked into the filing and stationery room to find Miko the filing clerk sat putting away some documents. This was the first time he’d seen her since he’d moved to Head Office. But he’d seen her on a few occasions when he’d visited on business and had always lusted after her pert teen body and been fascinated by her beautiful Asiatic features. If only he hadn’t revealed his lust to Emma, that was a mistake, giving her compromising information about himself.“Hello, its Miko isn’t it, what are you doing in here all on your own? Shouldn’t you be at lunch? She bowed her head and blushed a little in embarrassment.“Yes sir, Mr Marcus, but I wanted to leave early tonight, Mrs Johnston, she said when I am finished I can go”.“Ah”, replied Marcus. “Hot date eh, pretty girl like you, I bet you are very popular with the boys”.Marcus leered at the young 18 year old lasciviously. She blushed to the roots of her pretty dark-brown hair.“How about older men, you like them too? Teach a few tricks to those spotty faced oicks you associate with, I can tell you”.He walked boldly up to the embarrassed teenager and gently stroked her hair. Miko pulled away as if she’d been slapped.“What you doing Mr Marcus, why you touch me”?“Relax Miko, Just stroking your head, nothing to be worried about. If you’re nice to me I can make your life around here very pleasant”.The young girl pulled away abruptly from his touch, distaste and fear evident in equal measure on her face. Marcus’s hand dropped to her shoulder and pulled Miko towards himself. She struggled against his hand, but Marcus was too strong for her and he pulled her face onto his rapidly hardening cock.“Come on Miko, be nice to your Uncle Marcus, you know you want to”.Miko shuddered visibly at his words and bowed her head in shame.Marcus looked around the tiny room and saw that there were some handwritten labels written in Japanese script on a couple of the filing boxes.Marcus decided to change his tactics. He pointed at the labels. “What, Miko are these labels, why are they written in Japanese? What do you think you are doing? This is an English firm; we don’t have our files covered in this scribble. Explain yourself”.Miko burst into tears; her written English was still not perfect, so she’d taken to writing a few file labels in her native language in order to ensure she knew what was what.“Very sorry Mr Marcus, my English not very good yet; I go to night school two times every week, make it better”.“Well I’m sorry, that’s just not good enough, I think I need to speak with Mrs Johnston about this, I’m sure she will definitely not approve at you defacing our corporate files”.“Very sorry Mr Marcus, please don’t tell, she will be very angry”.Marcus stood in front of the worried girl and folded his arms across his chest apparently deep in thought.“Hmm, well maybe if you’re nice to me we won’t say anything to Mrs Johnston”.“Yes Mr Marcus, I do anything, make you special Japanese tea everyday”.“No, I’m afraid that just won’t be enough; there is something you can do though”.“Yes Mr Marcus, anything, but please not tell Mrs Johnston, she be very angry”.“I suppose I might overlook this if you are a very good girl”.“Yes Mr Marcus”? She replied questioningly.“Stand up girl”.Miko got up off the chair and looked at Marcus.“Now show me your panties”, he demanded.She lowered her eyes, realising she had no choice in the matter then decided to get it over with as quickly as she could. She lifted the front of her black skirt exposing her panties beneath her tan tights. She held her legs rigidly together, a look of complete embarrassment on her pretty face.She lowered the hem of her skirt covering herself again.“No Miko, that won’t do, no, that won’t do at all. Lift your skirt right up then turn around for me, let me see your cute bottom”.“Mr Marcus, please no”.Marcus pulled his mobile from his pocket. “What is Mrs Johnston’s number again Miko”?Miko realising defeat lifted her skirt to her waist and turned allowing Marcus’s eyes to see her exposed panties.Marcus drooled at the sight of her perfectly shaped bottom.“Mmmm, very nice Miko, when you’ve finished here, I’d like you to come down to my office, let’s say in 20 minutes”.“Yes Sir Mr Marcus”. She dropped her skirt as he turned and left the room and started to sob in shame and embarrassment.Thirty minutes later a very red-eyed Miko knocked on the door and walked casino siteleri into Marcus’s office.“Mr Marcus”, she stopped as she saw him engrossed in a telephone call. He waved at her impatiently and looked at his watch. Covering the mouthpiece he curtly said, “Sit on the couch and wait, you’re late”.She took a seat demurely holding her knees tightly together, trembling with trepidation.Marcus finished his call.“So Miko, not only have you defaced company property; you clearly disobeyed my instructions, I said to be in my office in 20 minutes and here you are”. He consulted his watch again. “I make it 13 minutes late; that is inexcusable behaviour from a junior member of staff. Come over here, stand in front of my desk, face the window”.Miko moved to the desk as Marcus stood and made his way around the front of the desk. He dropped to his knees behind her and pushed her skirt above her bottom and squeezed her cheeks, he then pushed her forward over the desk and ripped a huge hole in her tights and pulled her pants roughly to one side and probed her vagina with his fingers. Miko cried out as much in shame as in pain at his fingers rough intrusion into her vagina.“It’s no good whining girl, you need to be taught how to behave and I’m just the man to do it”.He turned her around and pulled her tights and pants to her knees; then pushed her back onto his desk.“Now you just be a good little girl and I won’t mention your discgraceful behaviour to Mrs Johnston”.“No please Mr Marcus, don’t make me do this, it’s so wrong, I promise I will do my best to change my behaviour and be a good employee”.He pushed her down to her knees and then dropped his trousers and his boxer shorts. “You can suck my cock for a start, Go on suck it girl, show me how sorry you are”.Miko was now crying as she squatted on the floor in front of the rapidly hardening cock in front of her face.She leant forward and took Marcus’s tumescent cock into her mouth, resting her palms on his thighs. Not satisfied with her docile compliance he pushed forward with his hips and rammed his cock to the back of her throat. He lifted a leg and placed his right foot on the desk top and started to fuck her mouth.“That’s better bitch, take it all in your pretty little mouth; swallow it all down your throat, that’s more like it”. He rammed it into her caring not one whit for what she felt.“Get up on the desk now”. He demanded.She relinquished his cock from her mouth and did as he commanded, she stood up and leant back against the desk. He pushed her backwards onto the desk and pushed his fingers into her open pussy.Then in an instant he shuffled up close to the desk and pushed his rampant cock into her, causing her to squeal at the intrusion.Marcus then started to fuck her in earnest; her reluctance evident in her facial expression. He pulled her onto her back and started to fuck her from below. Despite her reservations she began to be turned on to the fucking her pussy was getting. Her pussy started to secrete her juices and she felt herslf becoming aroused despite herself.Marcus then pulled out of her and flipped her onto her front and spread her lips wide, he then once more plunged his erect cock into her gaping pussy and continued to fuck her.Marcus could feel his cum boiling in his balls, his sphincter tightened and he could feel his cum traveling along it’s short journey to the tip of his cock.He pulled her tights up over her arse, the ripped hole barely covering her. He was perversely inflamed at the sight of her hairy little pussy fram
ed by the torn tights. He pulled out his cock so it was just at the entrance of her slit then rammed it’s full length back inside her hitting her cervix . This was just too much for Marcus, he unloaded a prodigious amount of cum into the delightful pussy he was fucking.Miko reached down between her legs to her now liquid pussy, she was now seriously aroused. When she felt the copious amounts of Marcus’s cum all over her pussy she looked up at Marcus, silently signalling her arousal.Marcus pulled up his trousers, looked at Miko gently rubbing his cum over her outer lips and clitoris, laughed and zipped his fly.“You’ve got to keep up girl, ‘You snooze, you lose’. Now sort yourself out and get out of here. I’ve got important work to do. I can’t mess around here with you all afternoon”.Chapter EightEmma and Mark were sat at their dining table having both just got in from work. They were assessing the canlı casino evidence that they had against Marcus, Mark’s laptop was on showing a full screen picture of Emma bent over the boardroom table with Marcus’s cock deep inside her arse.“So Em, if we take it all chronologically, we’ve got the pictures of Caroline you took in Paris. Plus the ones you snapped of her at The Limes. Then we have the iphone video I took of him r****g you in the boardroom. Then we’ve got the files you downloaded from his computer and finally there’s the film of Caroline with Richie and his mates. Have I missed anything”? “How about him r****g Miko, the Japanese girl at head office. She’s got the CCTV footage from her friend in security, she’s holding onto it for us ”?Mark thatrically slapped his head, “Doh, I completely forgot that. This guy is in some deep shit”.“So Mark, what are we going to do with all this incriminating material? If we go to the Police, then everything will come out about me in Paris, that would end my career so that’s a non-starter”.“Yes, whatever we decide to do has got to affect only that wanker Marcus, we don’t want to implicate anyone else”. He pointed at the screen, “Whatever happens, that bastard is going to pay for what he did to you Em”.“Yes he certainly must, if it had been a lot of women, they’d have been scarred for life by something like that”.“Lucky you’re not most women then”.“So, how about we get someone from IT at your office to file a report saying that they’d been cleaning up the server and had found some pornographic images on his account”?“Yes but how do we get them to instigate that? If I tip them off it’ll point straight back to me as being the whistle-blower, so that’s a non-starter. I reckon we just have to get Miko to make a formal complaint of sexual harrassment and **** against him, I’m sure she’d do it. Her attachment with us is nearly over I think she goes back to Japan in six weeks”.“Yes, that sounds good, they’d have to investigate further and when they do they’ll find all those files still on his computer. If he’s wiped them for some reason maybe you could coincidentally find a thumb drive in one of your office drawers, claim it’s not yours and give it to IT”.“Yes, then when people start to be aware of what’s been going on, there’s bound to be more people come forward who’ve been either harrassed or ****d by that a****l, just like happened with Jimmy Saville. I would of course be one of the first; totally distraught, a poor innocent victim ****d by him in front of my husband. If I show Daphne the pictures he’s got of her I know she’ll go ballistic, she’d make a formal complaint. He’s got so many of her that aren’t compromising, just her working in her office, she can use those as evidence”.“What about all the stuff we’ve got on Caroline, what shall we do with that”? Mark asked.“I must say i’ve grown quite fond of her lately. She can be a real sweetie. Let’s not make it too hard on her, anyway you still need to fuck her to get back personally for what he made you watch in the boardroom”.“Yeah that’s a good point, plus she looks like she’d be a great fuck, wouldn’t want to miss that”. Mark yelped as Emma elbowed him, then grabbed him by the balls.“I knew you were getting the hots for her Mark Jeffries, don’t forget you’ll be fucking her for a purpose not just for your own pleasure”!He squealed as she squeezed his balls playfully but nevertheless hard.“Of course babe, I was just k**ding, honest, now please let go of the jewels it hurts”.Emma released his sac and gave his balls a tender rub.“I think we should take some suitably incriminating prints from all the digital images we’ve got; keep them until he’s in jail or whatever and she has divorced him. Then just to make his misery complete we’ll send them to him in a plain brown envelope, let him see her being fucked by you and me, plus a few extra lovers we’ll need to supply her with, oh and don’t forget the black guys. He’s such a rascist that’ll kill him”. “That sounds perfect to me Em, it’s true what the say about revenge, ‘a dish best served cold’. We’re going to cold bloodedly destroy that arrogant conceited prick. We’ll make him regret ever taking advantage of you”.“Yes and here’s another little reason. I got an anonymous email from someone in the company, they were really kind but said I needed to know that Marcus had texted them some pictures of someone he claimed was me about to be fucked by kaçak casino him. He sent the pictures to show me”.“Wow Em, that is you, isn’t that what you wore in Paris”?“Yes it is, I had no idea that any pictures had been taken, I did say they shouldn’t”.But you’re aren’t at all recognisable, that’s a relief, it could be anyone”.“But it does give me an idea how to torture him more. You remember Mr X from Paris”?“Of course I do, I spent long enough on the phone to him”.“Well, you’ve got his email address too so why don’t we send something incriminating to him as well, if he gets outed from his social circle that’ll hurt him more than Caroline divorcing him”.“You are an evil bitch Em, but you’re my evil bitch, I just hope I never piss you off”.He leant across the space between them and kissed her deeply.Emma reacted in her own predictable fashion; as she kissed him her hand dropped to his thigh and slowly travelled up to his groin. She delicately scratched her finger nails across the bulge of his cock and traced circles on his bell-end. His reaction was also predictable, his cock started to grow despite the tightness of his Levi’s.Their tongues intertwined and their kiss continued; both of them becoming more and more aroused. Mark’s hand insinuated itself inside Emma’s blouse and slid under the cup of her black bra. He squeezed her nipple between his finger tips and was rewarded by a deep moan of pleasure from his wife. She struggled with the buckle on his belt but finally got it undone. She undid the stud fastening on his levi’s and then undid the buttons. With the final button undone her hand groped inside his boxers and extracted his tumescent cock. She smeared the small droplet of pre-cum around it’s head and then grasped it firmly around the shaft and started a steady wanking rhythm. She then stood up and moved over to the sofa.“Watch me”, she said provocatively as she started to touch her breasts through her shirt.She spread the front of her shirt open and caressed herself, then undid a few buttons revealing her black bra. With her right hand she pulled down the cup of her bra and squeezed her right nipple with her other hand. Then pulled the left cup down exposing both of her erect nipples to Mark’s fascinated gaze.Mark stood up briefly and dropped his jeans and boxers to the floor, then sat down on the dining chair his legs apart and rigid cock in hand. A beatific smile crossed his face as he watched Emma perform for him and h started a slow steady wank in approval.“Wow Em, you look so horny doing that”.Emma cupped her perfect breasts in both hands and massaged their bulk sensuously for face was also showing signs
of her arousal, her eyes were nearly closed as she watched her husband pumping his cock, knowing he was being turned at the sight of her touching herself. She slipped the shirt off her shoulders then undid the buckle of her belt and unzipped it, dropping it to the floor. She stepped out of it and turned her back to Mark revealing her star tattoos at the base of her spine.She then turned to face Mark once more and slipped her right hand down onto the front of her panties, she massaged her clit with a pair of fingers as she squirmed at her own touch. Then she slid her fingers down beneath her black lacy panties and ran them over her clit and in between her outer labia, she scooped with both fingers and extracted them full of her slimy sexual juices. She moved her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean sighing voluptuously as she did so.Feeling her knees starting to tremble with her excitement Emma sat down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. Once again she pushed her fingers down into her wet pussy lifting the gusset aside with her hand to allow better access.Her fingers stroked the length of her slit stopping every now and then to give her clit the extra stimulation it craved.Her fingers moved in slow languorous circles in stark contrast to Mark whose hand was wanking his cock at a furious pace. “Fuck Em, I’m gonna cum soon, you nearly there”?“I could have been a while back, I’m just waiting for you babe”.As she watched Mark wanking she started to speed up the stimulation on her pussy.Mark started to cum, long ropes of spunk squirting from his cock up over the front of his shirt one even landing on his chin such was the force behind his ejaculation. The sight of his cum was the final catalyst to Emma’s orgasm; she jerked spastically, her legs twitching entirely out of her control as her body was wracked in a monster cum.The pair of them slumped in their respective chairs absolutely replete.Emma stirred first, “Come on babe, we’d best sort ourselves out the k**s will be back from Sue’s house shortly”.

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