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The Electrian gets a surprizeIt getting cold here in Nebraska, and like every year we have the electrician come out and check the furnace over before we run it, to be on the safe side. Has always been the same older man that comes out each year. Well we got out pre- call that he was on his way. I hung up the phone and told my wife that sure didn’t sound like Frank. About a half our later we heard the truck pull up in the driveway i went to the door to great the man. Well it sure wasn’t Frank, i was a much younger guy in his earlier 30s and you could tell by his arm he was into working out. We let him and and bullshitted about the winter coming and all. He said well were in the furnace and i get started i show him where it was in the laundry room and told him to call if he needed anything and come back up when he was done. When i got up stairs my wife whispered to me oh my god is he hot. i smiled and said yeah i say that package he had too. We could hear him working in the laundry room and then it got quite. i told my wife you feeling brave. She said what do you mean. i pulled out my half hard cock and told her to suck on it we were sitting on the couch which he would see right away when he came up the stairs. She told me i was crazy but still went down and started sucking my cock kırıkkale escort was it full 7 now and i leaned my head back. I heard him making his way up the stair and then heard him stop. I knew for sure he was watching her suck my cock. He very quietly put his tools down and i could hear him open his zipper. I pretended to not know he was there and peeked to see him stroking a thick hard cock much bigger then mind. My wife lifted her head and motioned him to come over to us. As he made his way the short distance he removed his pant and underwear his cock sticking up in glory. Tonya reached up and put her hand all around his cock and stroked it as she stayed sucking my cock. She looked up and him and said you want some of this. Oh hell yes was his answer. You going to get it all.She pulled his cock closer to my and told me to start sucking it for a bit. I went to town sucking his cock and he put his hands around my head and started fucking my mouth. Tonya took off the rest of her clothes and told him to shove that thick cock in her pussy. His soaked cock pushed it way into her soaking wet pussy and she moan as he pushed it all the way in. Hmmmmm you bigger then my hub how big is that nice cock. He proudly told her 9 inches and thick. Oh hell yes i can feel that thickness. kırıkkale escort bayan I watched as he fucked her in and out harder and harder. He ask her ” do you want me to pull out?” Oh now fill me up joe will clean my pussy out. He was getting excited but she asked him to not cum yet so he slowed up and maintained. She asked him if she liked her husband sucking his cock. Oh he is good that is for sure. I have never had a man suck my cock before. She goes to him it just our secret but i want to see you suck his cock too. Again he said i have never done that but. She said to him know one will know now get down and suck his cock. He pulled from her pussy and moved over to my cock and hesitantly sucked on it but then go comfortable and started licking and sucking all over my cock. Tonya moved in and started sucking with him and kissing him passionately in between. His cock stay totally hard. He was really getting into sucking cock. Tonya went down and starting sucking his cock again and playing with his ass. He stopped for a second and said I am sorry but there is no way i can let a man fuck my ass. That is fine just enjoy our fun time. Now go back to sucking cock. He eagerly did, he was loving it Tonya in the mean time stroked his cock and licked up and down escort kırıkkale his ass crack and asshole. He moan from the pleasure and i say him spread his leg wider so she had easy access. I wanted so bad to bust my load in his hot mouth but held off. Tonya call back up to us and told him to stay kneeling and told me to turn over. She pulled my ass checks apart and pulled on his cock till the head was up against my asshole. She kissed him hard and told him to push. He pushed and i felt the head of his thick cock enter my ass. She told him to look at the head of his cock in my ass. He did and she pushed him deeper and deeper. Now fucked him. His hands went to my hips and he started fucking my ass. It felt so good. He fucked my for a few minute while she left and got a warm wash rag and told me to pull out and she washed his cock for him even though not dirty. Now his this sweet wet pussy hard again and put all that hot cum in there my husband is thirsty and i love the feel of a mans cum inside of me.He gave her everything he had and she was moaning as he fucked her. I watched his legs and ass tighten and he groan as he shot all his cum inside of her. He pulled out and i licked his cock off and then cleaned up my wife pussy not missing a drop. He was like holy fuck i have never had a experience like this. I gave him my email and told him the furnace would probably be need to be checked once in a while. That was just this week and i got one email saying how much he loved it. Cant wait till the next time and i might try some new things was all hot.

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