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The DreamI had this dream the other night, I hope you enjoy it.The rain from the mountains were rolling down the hills, the air was hot and humid, the front of my four bedroom, two storey mansion over looking the Arizona desert is high up, the rain is falling on the tin roof, my husband Keith is away with work, even if he was in town he couldn’t get through the flooded interstate to get home. It’s just gone two in the afternoon when my doorbell rings. I’m not expecting anyone so I’m wearing my new long black see through robe and nothing else. I look through the peep hole and see my neighbours son Andy standing there, soaking wet. I open the door and tell him to get in quick. Andy looks and me and smiles. I smile back and wrap my robe around me. I told Andy to remove his shoes and socks and follow me up stairs. Andy followed me up the stairs and I told him to take a shower in the bathroom off the main hall güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ways whilst I get him a robe to put on. Andy thanked me as he looked at me. I walked into my son’s bedroom and looked in the mirror, hell, I’m naked underneath, Andy’s just seen all my womanly charms. I get a tingle up and my spine. I go to my son’s room and get a dressing gown from behind the door. I walk into the bathroom and pick up Andy’s clothes, as I do his wallet and two condoms fall out. I pick his wallet and condoms up and place them on the bench next to the basin. I look around to see Andy in all his glory, standing under the hot water, he’s, he’s hung, very hung for a s*******n year old. I smile and look away, my pussy begins to get a little moist. Wake up to yourself woman I say and walk out of the bathroom and make my way into the bedroom and find something to wear. A few youwin minutes later I hear Andy in the hall way. I walked out of my bedroom, still in my robe, which is now open. Andy looks at me, I look at him, his cock is at full mast and a good nine and half inches, his mushroom head is delightful, I slowly walked towards him and let my robe slip to the floor. I looked at Andy as I opened his robe and took knelt before him. Andy looked at me and asked what I was doing? I looked at him and smiled, I didn’t say a word, I just took his young piece of meat into my mouth and worked my magic. Andy let out a huge moan as I began sucking his pistol. Andy said oh baby, don’t stop. I looked up and Andy and led him into the bedroom. I led him onto the king size bed and gently kissed his lips as I stroked his cock. I felt his pre cum as he moaned. Andy spun and around and we got into a hot and heavy youwin giriş 69ner. For someone so young, Andy sure knew how to work his tongue all over my pussy, licking and biting my clit, was driving me nuts. I sucked Andy’s cock for dear life, making sure he enjoyed every single bit of what I was giving him. I came all over Andy’s face, I moved around and saddled his piece of meat. I slid up and down his love gun and worked my hips up and down, he took my huge breasts in his hands and massaged them. Andy then rolled me onto my back, wrapped my legs around him and slowly began to pound my pussy. Andy soon brought me to another earth shattering orgasm before he pulled out and put his cock between my tits and gave me a nice little titty fuck before exploding all over them. I looked at Andy and smiled, we went down stairs and had something to drink before he took me from behind over the kitchen bench and fucked me from behind. I told Andy to give it to me good. Andy gave it to me very good, for the next hour and a half we fucked in the kitchen, the living room, he even fucked me on the stove and out in the patio with the rain smashing down on the tin roof. End of the dream.

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