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The Dream – Part ThreeI stand up and unhook her bound hands from above her head. They fall down around my neck and her trembling body sags into my arms. I hold her close, kissing her hair, feeling her hard nipples bore into my chest.With one hand I unbutton my jeans, allowing them to fall to the floor. She moans as my hot, rigid cock touches her belly, leaving a sticky smear of clear cum from its tip. I step out from my jeans and half carry her to a chair nearby. I sit down and she sits straddling my thighs, hands still tied and resting behind my neck. She shuffles forward moving her pussy closer to the stiff cock it now aches to feel inside. I grab it with one hand and slowly rub it in the soaking groove between her legs. It makes a delicious slurping sound as it traverses from her ass hole to her clit and back again. I kiss and bite her magnificent breasts while I tease her pussy, pausing briefly from time to time to suck each nipple in turn.“Put it in! Fuck me!” she pleads, desperately attempting to slip it inside as it moves over the entrance to her gaping pussy. Each time I manage to pull it away fast enough to prevent canlı kaçak bahis her enticing it inside, even though I am burning to push it hard and deep inside her and hold her while she cums again.Finally she can take it no more and, using her teeth, undoes the knot which binds her hands together, quickly throwing the silk tie aside as soon as they are free. She seizes the wrist of the hand which is denying her pussy of its pleasure and grabs my now-dripping cock with the other, swiftly moving its head into position. She instantly impales herself on it, crying out as it sinks deep inside her. Her pussy emits a loud slurp as it enters and she flings her head back, moaning and sighing and shaking with pleasure.Her pussy grips my hard knob tightly in spasms as she rides up and down on it. Despite all the sticky-sweet juice we have produced in tribute to one another, her pussy feels hot and tight, as if milking me, forcing me to cum. Our passions rise and she moves up and down faster and faster, her perfect breasts bouncing before my eyes, hard nipples merely a blur in front of me but occasionally brushing against tipobet güvenilir mi my face.“Oh God, Suzy, I’m cumming!” I cry. She knows this already as she has sensed my cock swelling and flexing within her. This is tipping her over the edge towards another body-shaking climax and I can feel her body start to shake, the look of abandonment to pleasure in her eyes and the increasing spasms of her pussy gripping me ever-more tightly.“Fuck me hard!” she commands, sliding ever faster up and down on my slippery pole.Her hands are gripping the back of the chair, sometimes switching to the back of my head, forcing my face into her ample and heaving cleavage. Her knuckles are white as she holds on tightly, gripping in perfect rhythm with our rising passions. Finally I grab her hips firmly and push her onto me even harder than before and her own orgasm hits as she feels my cock explode shot after shot of hot cum deep inside her. “Oh Suzy, Suzy, Suzy!” I shout uncontrollably.“Sir, Sir, Sir!” comes her reply, as if answering some primeval call.We eventually relax, collapsing into each others arms, sweating bets10 and panting. We look into each others eyes and as one say “Baby, you’re the best!” before laughing at ourselves.After a few minutes she feel me becoming soft inside her and start to slip out from her hot, wet pussy. Her face pouts and she looks disappointedly at me saying, “Aren’t you going to fuck me again, Sir?”“Not today, my beautiful angel,” I reply quietly, “I’m too tired, I’m all done.”“No you’re not!” she replies immediately, “I want you to fuck me again!”“It’s not going to happen, Suzy, even you cannot make me hard again today. I need to go to sleep for a bit. Maybe tomorrow.”“I’m not finished yet!” There is a definite edge in her voice now, “So get it up and fuck me!” She grabs my head and rubs her tits forcibly in my face. “If I can make you hard, will you fuck me?” a slightly playful tone has entered her voice and I can see a twinkle in her eyes.“Well if you can I will but I assure you it’s not going to happen…”“Oh really, well we’ll just see about that,”She stands over me, thighs aside my own, giggling while I watch her intently and inquisitively. Her hand moves to what I think is her clit but just as I realise what is going to happen, her body shudders and a hot jet of pee squirts from her and she uses your hand to direct it all over my thighs and cock, laughing and squealing as she soaks me…

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