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The Diary of An Older Man IVFridayJuly 15, 2011Dear Diary,Prior to last weekend when I had Sophie, the little girl who lives in my neighborhood, watch my three year old son Cygnus, as I was at work, I must talk about someone else very special in my life. Someone who I was close for little over a year, and before my son was even born. This part of my life occurred some seven years ago when I was living in an apartment complex, yet still in the same state. I’d known Abbigail forever it seems. She was still just a little k** when her father ran off for some other woman, or something, as I lived just a few doors down from them and had become casual friends with her mother Lisa. Friends with benefits, to be politically correct, which than became a few nights a week of drinking, snorting coke, and fucking after her deadbeat husband abandoned the both of them. But we both knew, or at least I knew, while trying not to get involved in any serious relationship, that it wouldn’t turn into more, and eventually we just fell back into just being friends. Yet, overall, I was still very fond of them both, and at times we were a regular part of each other’s lives for that one year, and when Abby’s mother had to work the third shift over the weekends, and couldn’t find a sitter in time, Abby often stayed with me. She was such a cute k** and never any trouble, and since I had the weekends off, it just made the most sense at the time. I remember she used to call me Uncle Mike, and I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. She was such a shy little thing, quiet at times, and quick to blush.As she grew into a young little girl she stayed tiny and very adorable, adding some sweet curves to her petite frame, just shy of 5 feet, and though I noticed, it never occurred to me to do more than that – – until that summer of 2011.She’d just graduated from middle school and was ready to enter her freshman year at high school in the fall, when her mother had to leave for New York for three weeks for a new job opportunity. And even though Abby was still not of age, she still came to spend the nights at my place because she had nobody to watch over her, as she just couldn’t stay home alone for three straight weeks. Plus, I enjoyed the company, as I was, and still am, a single, and somewhat older man now.”You must think I’m such a baby, you having to still babysit me” Abby said, with a blushed face, minutes after her mother left my apartment after we talked about the sitting arrangements for the next three weeks.”Nonsense. Both your mother and I feel much better knowing you’re here, so we don’t have to worry about you, kitten,” I said, as I patted her on the top of her head, running my fingers through her long curly strawberry-blonde hair.And that was it, as nothing much changed between us, her doing her thing, as I gave her my spare room which I used as an office, and me doing my own thing as I took the following three weeks off, as I accured plenty of vacation time at my job. That was, until the second week rolled by in July. It was a Sunday night, and I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in bed from the thick humidity, so I decided to lay down on the couch in the living room. I only had one air conditioner in my apartment, and since I spent most of the time there, that’s where it was. It was already cool in there as I had it running all day and night, so I grabbed the blanket off the chair and laid down on the couch and turned on the television. There was nothing good on at that time, as it was already past midnight and I began to feel restless. So I grabbed my laptop from the floor and started looking for some good porn to watch. I didn’t have to work the following day so I wasn’t casino oyna too concerned about staying up too late.So there I was, my cock out with my shorts pulled down below my hips with the blanket covering myself, as I was slowly stroking my cock through the blanket which always feels great. And then without warning or any type of sound of alert, I noticed Abby walking towards me, down the very small hallway. It’s a good thing that I had a quick reaction when seeing her from the corner of my eye, as I was still under the blanket. I quickly rearranged myself by sliding my shorts back on and discretely pushing my hard cock down through the blanket, as I quickly grabbed the remote and began changing the channels.”What’s the matter kitten?” I asked as she walked towards to me, dragging her floppy slippers over the carpet. I soon noticed, and feeling a little uncomfortably, that she was only wearing some very tiny and short baby blue pajama shorts, with the waistband rolled up, sitting low around her hips and a tiny white t-shirt that she’d clearly outgrown, exposing her little belly button. With her shirt being a cotton white and very thin from being worn for so many years, I could see hints of her tiny pink nipples pressed through the material. I may not have noticed any of this on any other day, but I could be wrong for sure, as my sex radar was on high alert while already having a throbbing hard on in my shorts, under the blanket. I than began to feel a little awkward, as I realized I was getting even harder as my eyes were glued to the curves of her tiny smooth hips and her milky white young thighs.Then the situation got heavy as she simply pulled the blanket back from me and gently climbed into my lap in one motion, a habit that she’d always had with me, as I used to run my fingers over her back for minutes on end, until she feel asleep in my arms. I guess she just felt so comfortable and really trusted me, like a father, as she then pulled the blanket over the both of us.”I can’t sleep. Can I watch tv with you Uncle Mike?” she asked in her cute little girl voice that she still had.”Of course kitten,” as if I could really say no to her.She quickly adjusted herself with her back against my chest as I was hoping she didn’t notice my rock hard cock pressing against her sweet little apple bottom teen ass. Thinking about anything else was going to be just about impossible for me, but I forced my eyes to the 55″ television screen over her small shoulder, as I wrapped one arm around her waist.I tried my very best to be on my best behavior and even harder to calm the storm that was brewing in my shorts, but this erection wasn’t about to go away any time soon with Abby’s warm soft young body curled up against me tightly. Or the fact that my hand was still displayed across her soft bare skin of her little girl tummy. A few minutes later she squirmed left to right, making herself comfortable once again, while rubbing her sweet f******n year old ass up against my 34 year old rock hard cock as she did for the second time now. Her small hand came to rest over mine, which was still around her waist, shifting it upwards a little over her ribcage, as the bottom of her young firm breast was now just barely brushing up against the edge of my hand.With the air conditioner still on full blast, I was not feeling the effects of it as I was now starting to sweat a little from all this friction and touching from this little girl on my lap. I tried to swallow, while trying to control my breathing, but it was hard.”Uncle Mike, do you think my mom is pretty?” she asked.Wow, I wasn’t expecting a question like that, as it came out from far left field. I really didn’t canlı casino siteleri know how much Abby knew about the history between myself and her mother, but I had to respond with some sort of answer.”Yeah, of course I do kitten, but I must be totally honest with you, I really like blondes much better,” I responded without thinking about my answer too much.”Like me?” she asked quickly, as if going for checkmate on the next move, with a cute self-conscious giggle.I couldn’t help but laugh, remembering how the girls her age were when I was her age, as I ran my left hand through her curls.”Yeah – – like you k**do. Just like you. You’re just so damn adorable Gabby.” as I continued to run my fingers through her hair while enjoying the scented smell of her hair that sme
lled like tropical paradise.”You still just think of me as a little k**, huh?” as she sighed, still facing the television.”Well, I – – I – – I, mean – – you’ve grown up into such a beautiful young girl now Abby. You must know that by now. I assuming by now, all the boys at school are after you” as I began to stutter myself, as if I was now f******n years old again.”Ummmm – – like not so much. Like they all think I’m weird or something” as she sighed again.It than occurred to me like an epiphany, as that she hardly ever wore makeup, at least when ever I saw her, and for the longest time she always wore dark clothing, and nothing to revealing that would expose the luscious curves of a beautiful f******n year old with a very cute angelic face. Also, she usually had her cute little button nose in a book, as she was a very straight-laced student that always did very well in school, and receiving very high grades.”Yeah – – well – – kitten, boys your age are both clueless and dumb. Believe me, I used to be a boy your age once, and ummm – – – if you don’t – – you know – – put certain things on display – -well – – then they’re pretty much clueless,” as I had to think about what I just said to her for the second time.She shifted against me again and I tried my best not to groan, but I failed.”I’m not gonna dress like a slut just to get some guy to notice me,” she said, in a very defensive tone.”Good, that’s what I lie to hear. Your so much better than that kitten,” as I replied back with a confident tone to support her opinion.We continued to watch tv in silence for awhile, with her occasionally squirming in my lap which kept my cock throbbing hard up against her plush little apple bottom. I knew there was a wet spot on the inside of my shorts by now, as I could feel my cock leaking precum. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t seep right through and onto her tiny shorts as well, and without even thinking about it I shifted my hand just slightly enough, as it slipped underneath her short shirt by accident to caress the bottom of her breast. At that moment, it felt like the both of us became frozen just then, as I held my breath as I waited for her to jump off my lap and flip out on me.But instead, she slipped down my body just slightly. . .until I could feel her little nipple become hard against the edge of my hand. I think I forgot how to breath right then, as I almost choked. After regaining my composure, I reached up a little further with my thumb and began to lightly rub small circles around and against her little pink nub.She made a tiny little moan as I did this and then, quite deliberately, rubbed her f******n year old ass up against my throbbing, rock hard, aching cock. I put my other arm around her waist and laid my hand on her soft tummy, as my fingertips began pressing against the waistband of her little shorts. I then rolled my thumb across her stiff little nipple casino şirketleri once again, over and over, in little circles, slowly, and soothingly.I knew this was all wrong. She trusted me. Her mother trusted me. What the fuck would she do if she ever found out what was going on right now at this moment. I mean, she’s been in my lap so many times that I lost count over years. She couldn’t really want. . .THIS. . .or could she?As I began to get lost in my thoughts of, what if. . .she then lifted up her hips, while laying her tiny hand over mine, and with a small gesture pushed my fingers past the rolled-up waistband of her shorts. At this point, all time became surreal and I knew I was entering the point of no return, as nothing could have kept me from slipping my hand down the rest of the way between her young smooth legs, and when her thighs opened slightly, I was pressing my fingertip of my index finger right up against her swollen and slippery little clit.It was her turn to catch her breath now, as she then pressed her hips upwards towards my chest, which now what seemed to be like a sweet little begging gesture. In return, I began rubbing little circles on her tiny clit, like I did with her nipple, pressing gently, as my other hand closed fully over her small ripe teenage breast, kneading it, rubbing it, squeezing it, as her hard nipple rolled under my fingers, like a card placed within the spokes of a bicycle tire.We kept on watching tv, though if you asked me what we were watching, I couldn’t give you an answer to save my life. But what I do know, and remember, is that we were both pretending that nothing was happening, sitting there in silence, as our bodies were so slightly moving in cadence, as I teased her little girl clit more and more, while enjoying both of her young teenage breasts, while she slowly twerked and rolled her hips and ass up and down against my throbbing cock, rubbing against the inner-material of my shorts.Soon enough, she began to whimper. I then slid my fingers down into her little girl sweetness, only to find it hot and wet, which had now soaked her shorts, with no panties. I then squeezed her tiny little girl clitty between my two fingers and she began to pump her hips in a frantic little rhythm, as I could hear her breaths getting heavier, mixed with the sweet innocent sounds of whimper. By now, this was just way too much for my poor aching, throbbing cock and as I tried so fucking hard to hold back from cumming, I came helplessly in my shorts, squirting and groaning in a low and long tone, with a surreal combination of embarrassment and ecstasy. I soon felt a slow moving flood of wet stickiness from her soft little girl pussy, as she too, whimpered, breaking the silence between us within her own release.”That’s it Abby, cum for me my little kitten – – be a good little babygirl and cum for your Uncle Mike. Mmmmmm. . . .you’re so sweet,” as I whispered to her in her ear, holding her with both arms now, tight up against me, as her little girl body trembled and shook uncontrollably and then finally went still, like the eye of a storm.We both sat there in silence for several minutes before I reluctantly removed my hand from her shorts and let the one that had been squeezing her breast slide down to rest against her waist. She then slowly got up and I waited for some sort of regret, or even tears of fear, not knowing what the hell I would do, or say. This wasn’t the case though, as she moved over to the arm of the couch and then leaned over to kiss me on my cheek, as she had done countless times before.”Good night Uncle Mike. I love you.” she softly said in my ear.”I love you too kitten,” I said, in a automatic response, just as I had a hundred times before.I sat there on the couch as I watched her walk away from me and down the small hall as she turned right into my office, which is currently her bedroom now, leaving me wondering – – – – -what the fuck just happened here!

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