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The Dating Game – introductionHey to you all, what’s up? :)First of all, since this is the introduction of some incredible stuff I want to share to you…let me introduce myself:- I am 33 years old;- I live in Europe;- I am really into my job;- I love sports;- I LOVE women. 🙂 I was thinking these days…which would be the secret of happiness for a man? That question, whose answer would REALLY make a guy happy?…Would that be…How can I be rich? How can I get a nice car? How can I eat without getting fat? – this just might be the 1 billion dollars question for a woman…:)) but, although I know the answer for that too, I am not going to talk about it, so sorry for you all girls here 🙂 :PNo… I personally think that, when it comes to men, these are not really the “magic” things wanted to be known. I think that, in fact, for a guy, the secret of happiness consists in the answer to the following question:HOW CAN I HAVE ALL THE WOMEN I WANT?The good news is that:-I have got the answer for that too;-I am going to talk about it, with many, many details in my next blog posts.The very good news is that I won’t charge you dollars for giving you the answer to that question :)) (although, it looks very tempting to me). But…no, these are just some crazy valuable things which I will share to you absolutely free of charge. ;)More exactly, I will get you in canlı bahis siteleri some kind of a… program, in which I will share to you some things, and the rest of it will depend on you, who was, is and will always be the only person on the planet who can decide if you will let the things the way they are now, or if you will make a tremendous improvement in your life.So… are you ready to begin? :)Alrighty then! But first, let me tell you a little bit more about me and about the…goodies I will share to you.Although I’m going to write you things about how to date and have women, do not get me wrong, I do not want you to think I am a sex symbol or something. I look like one… 🙂 but I am not. In fact, I know how it is like to be a high school and college student who sees other guys getting all the hot girls, and he gets none…I know how it is like to stay home alone, while your friends are all out at dates…how it is like to see the girl you like most having as boyfriend another guy who seems like 100 times under your level, but despite that, she prefers him instead of you…how it is like to ask a girl out or just her contact details, and you hear that “I have a boyfriend”, or “sorry, I will be busy that night”… – and all the nights before and after type of lines, or just see that obvious “I am not interested”, “beat it!” type of look in her eyes…and all that lame bahis firmaları stuff; please trust me, I have been there, for about…21 years of my life.But, fortunately for me, I am a curious guy, who is also gifted with some logic and imagination so, slowly but surely, I started to figure things out about women, the dating and having women game and how it really works. And although I’m sure I have not figured it out all yet, what I have figured out so far about women and what it really takes to date them and have them…really blew my mind.So…to be more specific, I will share to you:- how can you date and have women like you were a sex symbol or a rock star, without necessarily having to be one;- the right way to approach women both online and in real life situations (and not just approaching them, but doing it with incredible success, by the way);- why it is not good to impress a woman with what you have, I mean, with the things you own (in fact, I will tell you why it is not good at all to try to impress a woman in the first place);- how the attraction between men and women really works, how to spark it, increase it and reach with it that level when a woman does not want anything else in the world but to be with you 24/7;- the most important thing, how can you make a tremendous life improvement for yourself, without necessarily having to be a multi-billionaire for achieving kaçak iddaa it.Sounds incredible, I know…but so good in the same time, isn’t it? :)Since us, human beings, are generally known as logical beings, I thought it would be better to structure my stuff about the dating game in a logical way. So, I will structure my stuff in multiple parts, each part with one or more phases in it. Like I said, something like a life improvement program for you. ;)First, I will write about “the inner game”, which is a VERY…in fact, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the dating game. A wise martial arts practitioner in the Far East once said that the fight is never with the opponent, in fact, the fight is always with yourself. And I think that this fight with your own self does not apply only in the martial arts, but in all aspects of our lives. For example, in the dating game, I think that about 90% of the men in the world are terrified about approaching or even talking to a woman, worrying so much about what would she think, what if it would be embarrassing, what if she will say “no” and all that garbage in your masculine mind and soul, of which you MUST get rid of IMMEDIATELY.Second, I will write to you about how to approach women, but IN THE RIGHT WAY. I will tell you why it is far better for you to start with the online part, instead of starting with the real life situations stuff.Then we will deal with the real life situations. This is the best part, it would be so fun, and I can’t wait to reach with you all to that point. :)But until then, we have got lots of other things to do, so enough with the introduction, and let’s get down to business. 😉

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