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The Curious Adventures of Teaganella Presents:A Trip to Wal-MartHe’s over twice my age and he’s harder than he’s ever been before. He’s thinking about me and what is about to happen tonight. My name is Teagan and I’m only ** years old. We have never met, as we have only chatted through text. Pugs Jones: Its your birthday soon, isn’t it? One step closer to being a woman.Teaganella: Yeah. . . August 30th! I can’t believe you remembered!Pugs Jones: Why wouldn’t I? You only told me a few weeks ago when it was my birthday.Teaganella: kkPugs Jones: And you shared something with me and it was very special. It was a lovely way to start my birthday. :)Teaganella: Hehehehehehe :)Pugs Jones: Couldn’t believe you showed me your lil sweetness! It was amazing and I was super horny just before bed. :)Teaganella: And you got like super hard too? :)Pugs Jones: I did! It was a surprise. I was happy just seeing you in your cute panties and your lil butt. That was just next level naughtiness from you! ;)Teaganella: Hehe. . . .kinda like right now?Pugs Jones: This is just flirty. lolTeaganella: You mean you being an older man and flirting with me while i’m in the back seat of the car with my lil sister and my parents in the front driving to the store. . . .lolPugs Jones: It’s a 2 way street Teagan. You don’t have to reply. So maybe were just both being a little naughty. :)Teaganella: kk. Ummmmm. . . are you like hard right now?Pugs Jones: Maybe. Are you tingly?Teaganella: Maybe. In my lil girl panties. :)Pugs Jones: Warm?Teaganella: Maybe.Pugs Jones: Do you want to touch it? 🙂 But I know you can’t now. lolTeaganella: Yeah. . . .but I can’t now. Do you want me to touch you?Pugs Jones: Do you want to touch me?Teaganella: MaybePugs Jones: Then maybe canlı bahis siteleri I’ll let you.Teaganella: Hehe. . . .take my hand then. ;)Pugs Jones: HeheheheheheTeaganella: Hehehehehe :)Pugs Jones: I reckon I could fit your tiny butt into just this hand.Teaganella: Hehe. . .maybePugs Jones: Squeeze it and pull your lil body close to mine. Just hold your small naked body next to mine.Teaganella: While I put my lil hand on your older cock and your big hand over mine and guide it up and down. :)Pugs Jones: Only if that’s what you want.Teaganella: Uh huh. . . .will you teach me?Pugs Jones: This is what I want you to do Teagan. Long slow strokes to start, gently rubbing the shaft and as it grows in your lil hand, you can get a bit faster and harder. But what I want from you my lil Teagan, is for you to sit on my face and let me taste your sweetness.Teaganella: Hehe. . .kk. . . .and then pull the skin as I go down and back up with my lil hand?Pugs Jones: Eventually. . .yes. My tongue teasing your lil sweetness, slowly licking your sweet ** year old slit. My strong hand gently squeezing your lil ass. My other hand holding your tiny waist. Pulling you onto my face. My chin against your throbbing lil clit. Waiting for you to cum, so I can feel your lil pussy tighten on my tongue.Teaganella: Hehe. . . .I juicy juice in your mouth. :)~Pugs Jones: :)~ I wanna taste your juicy juice Teagan.Teaganella: Hehe. . . .kkPugs Jones: And once you’ve cum and you are all juicy and wet, I’d slowly and gently slip my smallest finger into your tiny, wet sweetness. Making sure you could take it, so it wouldn’t hurt.Teaganella: We’re walking into Wal-Mart now. I’m gonna let my parents know I need to go to bahis firmaları the bathroom and I will meet up with them when I get out.Pugs Jones: Ohhh. . . .She’s in the bathroom now, I think, and I lay here, wondering. I’ve always found myself to be pretty lucky, but this is ridiculous. In a few moments I will be able to do all of the nasty, dirty things that I’ve dreamed of to this young girl. The same girl I’ve been dreaming of doing all of this to. I panic a little, hoping that she hasn’t changed her mind in the last… well, thirty seconds that’s she’s been in there. God, it feels like it has been so much longer than that. My mind has been speeding through all of what had led us here. A mere pitcure of my hand, among other things, and a few great conversations. Admiration, respect, trust. . . .then I think on what is about to occur. Just thinking about her going to a public bathroom as I text naughty to her, drives me crazy. I haven’t even thought about what it would be like fucking her, or licking her, whichever works for her, works for me. I mean I have, but I haven’t. Some nights it would cross my mind, and I’d briefly envision me inside of her, but these thoughts would leave my mind swiftly, as they had come. Then covered by another vision. Another thought. Another dream. Scenes that my imagination brings forth and lets me build, with you.Teaganella: kk. . .i’m in the bathroom now! :)Pugs Jones: Mmmmmm. . . .slowly feeling your tight wet sweetness clench my finger while you stroke and lick my older cock. Are you a bit wet Teagan?Teaganella: Yes! You drive me crazy Liam!Pugs Jones: I just want to make you horny and happy, cuz it makes me horny too. :)Teaganella: You got me so wet and horny the whole car ride kaçak iddaa here! I think I;m gonna juicy juice soon. . . .please keep talking naughty to me Liam!Pugs Jones: With my finger in your tight sweetness, I use the hand thats on your waist to pull you further onto it. My tongue begins to lick your pussy as I slowly finger your lil sweetness. Feeling your tight wet pussy contract aganist my finger, slowly stretching your sweetness, as my other hand still on your lil butt.Teaganella: Ooomg! Ooooooooohh. . . .Pugs Jones: Squeezing your tiny butt cheek. I use my big hand to spread both lil cheecks apart, as my tongue licks your lil ass too.Teaganella: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh. . . .OMG!!!!!!Pugs Jones: From your clit with my finger, to your lil butthole and back down.Teaganella: Stop!Pugs Jones: Stop?Teaganella: Omg! Omg! I gotta get back!Pugs Jones: Are you still in the bathroom? Touching yourself???Teaganella: Yeah. I gotta wash my hands!Pugs Jones: And I didn’t get to see. 🙁 Did you cum and have fun? lolTeaganella: Yeah. I gotta get back before my parents notice anything! Omg! I never done that before!!!Pugs Jones: Naughty, naughty.Teaganella: Holy shit! Pug Jones: Did you cum?Teaganella: Let me find my parents. Yes. . . i did!!Pug Jones: Good! :)Teaganella: kk. . . .phewww. . . i found them! We’re going to the check out now.Pug Jones: Glad you found them. . . and you’ve just had your very first stranger danger wank. lol.Teaganella: Omg! I dunno what came over me!Pug Jones: I can’t believe you got that horny.Teaganella: I can’t believe I just did that! I haven’t touched myself in days.Pug Jones: Well now you have. ;)Teaganella: kk. . . .I better get off my phone for awhile. . . we still have to drive back home after we leave here.Pug Jones: Okay. I gotta sleep soon anyways.Teaganella: Omg. . . .i’m still wet down there!Pug Jones: If you want, maybe you could show me how wet you are when you get home. 😉 Enjoy our naughty secret on the way home Teagan. 🙂

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