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The Couple; Part 2Tammy lay on the bed, fingers playing with her pussy, watching as Jake pounded my ass. His hands on my hips, pulling me into him, his cock deep in my ass. He surprised me, and excited me, when he pulled my hair, pulling my head back, and said “are you our little fuck toy slut?” “yes” I moaned.He put his other hand on my throat, squeezing slightly. “I liked fucking your throat, slut! You will do that again! You want it, don’t you?” His thrusts growing more violent as he spoke. “Yes, I do” I managed to squeak out. Tammy watched as my cock swung under me, Jake’s forceful thrusts causing it to swing wildly. He put his other hand at the back of my neck, and chocked me hard as he pounded my ass for all he was worth. “and we can do anything to you we want?” “Anything” I rasped.Tammy moved up to my face, looking me in the eyes, “you filthy slut! You like my man tearing up your little man pussy, don’t you?” tipobet “Yes” gasping now. She slapped my face, hard. twice! “You call me Mistress, Slut!” “Yes, Mistress” Jake was still choking me, my voice barely a rasp. “I couldn’t hear you” she yelled, punctuating each of her words with as hard slap to my face. Jake took his hand off the front of my neck, and forced my head down to the bed, pulling out of my ass, and spanking my ass hard “Answer your mistress, slut!” Panting for breath, I managed to say out loud “YES, Mistress” Jake climbed on top of my ass, raised in the air, put his foot on my face, holding my head down on the bed, and began thrusting hard again. “Tell me slut, say the words, we can do anything we want to to you” Tammy had begun pulling on my cock, pulling it hard, stretching it, and flicking the head with her finger. “You can do anything you want to me, I am your slut” I spoke. tipobet güvenilir mi With this, Jake pulled out of my ass, grabbed my arms, and spun me around, tuned me over, and forced my head over the edge of the bed. “I want to fuck your throat, Would you like that slut?” “Yes, please fuck my throat” He obliged instantly. In one thrust his rock hard cock was all the way inside my mouth and throat, I gagged a bit, but managed to swallow it down. Tasting my ass on his cock. Tammy had moved to where she could pull on my cock some more, and inserted 3 fingers inside my ass. The feeling of Jake fucking my throat, and Tammy’s fingers inside my ass was immense, I indeed felt like a total slut sex toy. I liked it. I moaned, and my cock spazzumed. “Oh, you like it in both ends, there, slut?” Asked Tammy. With Jake’s cock fucking my throat, I could hardly respond properly, a gabled “mm-mm” was the tipobet giriş best I could do. Tammy instantly slapped my inner thighs, making red marks I saw later, and demanding an answer. I tried, saying the words “yes mistress” even with Jake thrusting in my mouth. Tammy rewarded me with a 4th finger. As Jake face fucked me, my slobber now flowing, getting stuck in my nostrils, Tammy shoved her thumb in my ass as well. My anus was stretched farther than it had ever been! My throat sore from the fucking it was taking, this couple was using me like a sex slave pain slut. While it wasn’t what I had expected, I was loving it! Jake tensed up, his cock in my throat feeling impossibly larger. He was going to cum. I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly, I tried to suck his cock in deeper, tears dripping from my eyes, but it was Tammy who would get the cum. Jake pulled out of my mouth, sat his balls and ass on my face, and shot his load on my stomach. While Tammy all but fisted my ass, and jerked my cock until I came. Jake still smothering me with his ass and balls, very short of breath now, I could feel Tammy licking all the cum off my stomach, his and mine, mixed together.

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