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The Coffee ShopI had heard the stories but never actually experienced anything like it until i did. Stories about teen girls prostituting themselves at local coffee shops for cheap prices. I had first heard about this from an ex who knew i was a horny guy and enjoyed dating girls 15 to 20 years younger than me. They just seem to have that body style that hasn’t been hit by gravity or the attitude that life hasn’t gotten the best of them yet. Now back to the story. I am a fairly attractive guy, 38, workout a lot, and keep my dress code up to date. I hangout a lot at my local coffee shop but had never been approached by any of the girls until that one fateful day.I had been sitting around drinking my coffee and surfing on my phone when i decided to go out for a cigarette. I never saw her get up and follow me but as i turned around there she was. “Can i get a smoke from you?” was her first words to me. “i don’t know” i said “whats in it for me?” As i waited for a reply i took the time to check this girl out. She was a teenage girl, pretty bayraklı escort face, long brown hair, tight body with b cup tits and a tight round ass. Her response hit me like a ton of bricks. “well for one smoke not too much, but for a pack i can suck your cock.” I just stood there like a moron for a minute and then asked her what type she wanted. She told me the brand and off to the store i started walking.Minutes later i came back and she was still waiting for me. “How do i know you’re actually going to blow me after i give these to you?” i asked. “Well” she said. “Do you have a car or did you want me to suck your cock around the back of the shop?”I pointed to my car which i had parked at the back of the parking lot and off she started to walk. I quickly followed her still not believing this was going to happen. As we arrived at my car she got into the drivers seat and sat there with her legs on the outside of the car and the door half open.”Um, did you think you were going to drive me somewhere?” i asked. “No silly but if you escort bayraklı stand in the opening of the door none can see whats going on and its less obvious than my head going up and down in the window.”She reached out and started to rub my cock through my workout pants, my cock responded by going to full mast instantly. “Cigarettes please” she said as she continued to rub my crotch. I handed her the pack as she pulled the front of my workout pants down releasing my thick, 10″, super hard cock.”Wow, this is going to be a big challenge” she said while licking her lips. I watched as her pretty face and full lips came closer to my cock. Oh God it looked so good watching my massive man meat starting to go into her mouth. The feeling was of velvet as the head of my cock slowly disappeared between her lips and into her mouth with my hard shaft following. She started by sucking in hard so i could feel the inside of her cheeks surrounding my cock and then started to slowly move her mouth back and forth over the first half of my cock.As bayraklı escort bayan her saliva started to slick up my cock she decided to give me a real treat and take my whole cock deep into her throat. It was amazing as her throat started contracting each time my thick cock went deep into it. I knew i wasn’t going to last long with her doing this so i braced myself and warned her that i was going to cum soon.She paused long enough to tell me to cum in her mouth and then went back to forcing my cock in and out of her throat. I felt my legs start to shake and suddenly I starting shooting thick heavy loads of cum deep into her throat. She just held my cock in her throat and allowed me to finish emptying my balls.After i was done she pulled the front of my pants back up covering my cock and gave me a smile. “I guess you already figured out that for more money i can let you put that monster in other parts of my body” she said.”Well how much would it take to let me fuck that tight pussy and hot ass of yours?” i asked not really expecting her to let me fuck her tight ass.”Fifty for my tight shaved kitty and a hundred for a full trip in every hole or twenty for a quick hand and blowjob whenever you’re horny.”Thank God i live close since i think i’ll be taking her up on her offers.

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