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The Club (Part 1)The Club A FantasyThe Gentleman’s Club, or just The Club for short is a rather secretive club, open by invitation only to men of a certain standing, and a certain proclivity. Following this description you will understand why the club is rather secretive about its activities and membership.The Club is run from Sir Richard D******* country house on certain weekends in the year. Sir Richard is wealthy and his house is as well appointed as any boutique hotel. There are tennis courts, riding stables and a large outdoor pool. The male members of the club arrive ona Friday by car, and are allocated rather nice single bedrooms.The young ladies arrive during the day also. They are chosen for their outstanding qualities. Not only beauty, but intelligence, with and personality. The young ladies are found by discreet enquiries by the members. However there are “second generation” female members – indeed I saw one young lady last weekend arriving at the Club location in a car driven by her mother – a lady who I used to know as a club member! The young ladies have a variety of reasons for joining the club. Usually they wish to gather some funds for University or College. Or perhaps they plan a gap year and need funds for travelling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the world. Some come along as their parents recommend the experience of the club as being good for the development of the girls personality. I am also sure that many girls come along with an eye on meeting a rich businessman for a longer term relationship.On a typical summer weekend we therefore see a British Country House weekend scene on the Friday afternoon. Expensive cars in the car park, gentlemen in shirt sleeves havign a chat on the terrace while having tea or perhaps a G&T. Down by the pool the ladies are taking exercise – perhaps a hack around the countryside courtesy of the stables. Or having a swim. It is certainly pleasing to the eye to see fine figured ladies sunning themselves after a swim. the dress code is generally demure, with a distinct 1950’s vibe. Period clothing is encouraged. Skimpy bikinis are tolerated, and a rather blind eye is turned to them. I myself enjoy watching the tennis courts. Nothing better than watching four ladies in a doubles match, watching their lithe bodies and hearing their laughter. Of course, all the time with an eye to choosing a filly for later….At sundown, the gentlemen and mobilbahis ladies gathr on the terrace for a drink. The ladies have to “sing for their supper” durign the weekend, so some of them spend time tending the horses etc. At this point a few of the girls slip away and change into maids uniforms and proceed to serve the drinks. I find that many women secretly want to do this, and have a ‘thing’ about acting as a Maid. We int he club of course can accomodate this. To be honest it is a perfect end to an afternoon to be served your perfect G&T by a pretty main with a perfect rear.Dinner usually is a simple affair, consisting of dishes prepared by Sir Richards cook and assistants. However all of Sir Richards staff are given a weekend off, save some discreet secirity. The dinner is cooked by girls who are doing Cordon Bleu courses, or are chalet girls during the winter. The dishes are served by the girls dressed as maids. As dinner continues, I am afrid to say there are usually hands wndering up the maids skirts. But who can blame a red blooded man when confronted by a fine pair of legs encased in stockings and disappearing up into a smart black skirt?Following dinner, the girls retire to their rooms, where they are mobilbahis giriş normally housed in two bed rooms. The gentlemen have a chat, then congregate in one of the ‘playrooms’ which are laid out for the weekend. I normally attend the room nicknamed The Classroom. This is laid out as a 1950s period classroom, complete with school desks, a larger desk for the schoolteacher, a blackboard etc. Given pride of place in the centre is a leather covered bench. Well worn high quality leather looks innocent, but it is clear what the function of the bench is.For the young ladies in the club are subject to chastisement. High powered business men need release, and the sight of a young lady being disciplined is what many of us need. the young ladies in turn lern discipline and how to control themselves. Of course secretly I relish the ones who are just beginning, and cannot control themselves. The ones who scream t the tops of their voices. the ones who swear like sailors and grunt like cows. The ones who indeed leap up and prance about the room to try to escape. Even the ones who cannot control their baldders, and shame themselves by wetting themselves in front of wht must be said is an appreciative audience.The girls are not formally ordered to present themselves to the Classroom or to the other playrooms. However during the day Club Committee members will have had a quiet word with the girls, and a rota is worked out.Later episodes of this story will describe an evening in the Classroom and perhaps the other rooms.

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