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The cleaning lady (Maid)The cleaning lady (Maid)My Name is Anne, a college girl at the time of the story events, a very good looking young girl, with a very curvy body, tits larger than average size with nice cleavage, fully round, nicely shaped ass, bright white, silky soft skin all over, I was going to college when I needed some extra money for my expenses, a little over what my family were sending me, I just needed to keep up with my friends.I was told about a part time job that would pay well and it would help me out financially, it is simply working in private houses as a cleaning lady, or as part time maid, it was an easy job that did not require any skills or commitment, time wise.A few girls would register in a specialized office which would provide cleaning girls to needed customers, this office happen to be a good one, only dealing with high class customers, very rich people living in huge houses or villas, all they needed is a cleaning woman to do a specific job for a few hours once in a while and they pay by the hour, a good pay too, although the office deducts a certain percentage of the pay for their provided services, but it was worth it, the pay was good over and above very nice tips paid directly by customers when the girl does a good job and cooperates with the house tenants.I wasn’t actually told about some monkey business that happens once in a while, when the house tenant or owner is a single man who happens to see a great looking girl doing his house cleaning job, but I learned that myself out of personal, site experiences on this job, especially if the girl cooperates with him, he would pay her more than the original deal.I cannot deny coming across some cases of harassments, or should I call it flirting by some clients, may be looking at my body closely, or even grubbing, touching or feeling my legs, ass or even further, it is true that, when I did not reject, I got higher pay at some points, but only to an extent, nothing was serious at all till I faced this event, that I am going to talk about thoroughly in this part of the story. One day I was in a real good mood when I called the office telling them I am available for any job they would give me, usually we just call the office to tell them we are available and they would offer us the first job to come which usually is so fast, because they had lots of customers and the demand on house cleaners was going on, around the clock.A little while later, the office girl called me, gave me the address of a nice villa, she asked me to go to the owner and tell him I am the cleaning lady he asked for, she also told me, he was a nice regular customer and the boss tells me to be nice and take a good care of him.No special uniforms were officially required for that job, we were allowed to wear any comfortable clothes that would let us do the job comfortably, only some clients would require a maid uniform, either the client would supply it to us to wear during the job, or else, the office had some different uniforms as per the client’s requests, some were French maid uniforms, some were of other types or materials, my clothes were usually my Jeans and T-shirts, or sometimes I would wear some tights or light material training suits.I went over to the given address, rang the doorbell, a very nice looking, middle aged man opened the door with a wide smile, I introduced myself as the cleaning girl, he smiled saying his name was Jeff, and let me in, he explained kaçak bahis to me what was needed and I started working right away.Jeff was there all the time, I also noticed him looking at me, inspecting my body with the corner of his eyes once in a while, especially when I bent over or so, he also kept telling me how good looking I was, mentioning a couple of times how much he envied girls with sexy, curvy bodies, and how sexy my body was.Jeff had started a nice, social chatting conversation with me while I was doing my usual job, asking me a few questions here and there, nothing was too personal, except that he was brave enough to ask, why was I doing such job, I told him all about it, he said he respected me more for such a decision to depend on myself at such early age.As of a sudden, after a few moments of total silence, Jeff said “Anne, please do not get offended by what I am going to say, it has a simple yes/no answer?” I nodded smiling and saying “I do not get offended easily, go ahead sir and ask whatever you want” He said “would you like to make some extra money today?”I answered “well, sure, we all do, don’t we, but how?”He said “well….how much do you usually make an hour?” I told himHe said “I would add 20% to it if you do me a favor and…take your top off while working?”My lower Jaw dropped almost to the floor, but I did not lose my smile saying “what? What do you mean?”He smiled looking away from me and whispering “you can say no, but I felt I needed to enjoy looking at your gorgeous body or parts of it at least”I said “but…actually, I have never done that before and…” I was so hesitant in my answering, I did not want to block him or say no right away, neither wanted to approve of it so fast, true I needed the money, it would have been easy money for sure, but I was sure it had some strings attached if I did it, but he sounded very convincing at that point.He said “I meant, you could work with only your bra, on the top parts of your body” Without thinking twice about it, I smiled saying “but I do not have a bra on” not even counting for any outcomes and hints such phrase would mean.He laughed saying “wow, that would be much better allowing me to enjoy the sight of your gorgeous pair of tits, and for that I would raise it up to 50% instead”Wow, sounded like a real easy money for me, making extra fifty percent an hour, just for working with my tits showing, I was looking at him, as if I was thinking about it, but he took it as a hint of approval, that was why he was trying to convince me so fast, it did not take me long to approve of it.I was embarrassed somehow, but I managed to take my top off slowly, while having my tits covered by my arm, then I was taking my hand off slowly revealing them, and I went back to work as if nothing happened, but the man was going crazy, his eyes mesmerized on my bare tits all the time, he did not leave me alone for a single moment.The next step came a little faster than I have expected, he offered me another 25% extra per hour for taking my pants off and work with only my panties on, to make it short, he was convincing and so nice in asking me to do sexual favors like that for him, and Guess what? I approved of it so fast, ended up working with only my panties on.I knew I had a very sexy, curvy body, it was making him wild and crazy, I have even noticed a limp growing so fast at his crotch area, making a tent under his pants, but he did not come anywhere güvenilir bahis near me, he was only looking and enjoying the scene from far away.Jeff was a big flirt, somehow I was flirting back with him, one way or another, this kind of conversation and atmosphere was encouraging him to go further and further with his naughty odd requests, finally he was brave enough to make an offer of going up to 200 % of my pay, if I took my panties off.In fact it would not be easy working fully naked in front of a totally strange man, but he seemed very nice & sincere, for one, and secondly, I had already taken most of my clothes off by then, my panties were made of very light, semitransparent material, and they were so tiny, barely covering a small percentage of my pussy, exposing parts of my outer pussy lips and my ass was totally exposed to him as the panties back strings disappeared between my ass cheeks. It did not take me much thinking to go for the perfect deal for me, I ended up taking my panties off and working fully naked exposing my tits, ass, pussy and all the rest of my body to this middle aged, sex hungry man, who was following me wherever I went, watching my naked body closely, he even would rub his dick over his pants once in a while, he thought I did not notice him, but I sure d
id, and that was making me horny as hell in fact, was even embarrassed a little for having my pussy shining more and more each time his eyes were staring at it.Finally he broke the silence by coming closer to me and whispering in my ear “if I added another 25%, can I touch your body please?” He was almost behind me while I was working on the sink when he said that.I looked at him over my shoulders with a huge smile saying sarcastically “only touching?”He smiled back saying “well, I will make it 50% extra for a little more than just touching, I mean, feeling, rubbing and may be kissing?” by then I was horny as hell, my pussy was so wet, almost dripping juices to the floor, so I had no other choice but nodding with a wide smile. Saying “Yes”As if Jeff was waiting for my approval, he backed me up totally, getting closer and closer till he glued his hard dick under his pants to my bare ass, wrapped his arms around me, cubed both of my tits with his hands and started rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, I was moaning louder and louder by then.He started passing his hands softly all over my body, top to toe, he sucked my nipples a little, then he cubed my pussy with his palm, that was the electric current that made me close my eyes and moan so loud, my pussy was leaking wet by then, and I am sure he felt it too.A few minutes passed while he was all over my body, then he let go, walked away, sat on a love seat of his living room, I wasn’t watching him exactly, but a minute later he said “Anne, come over here please”I walked to his direction, found his dick out of his zipper, it was a giant cock which was over Ten inches long and so thick, it was the hardest any cock could ever be, and was the biggest cock, I had ever seen till that moment, he hugged me, gave me a light passionate kiss on the lips, then he pointed at the couch next to him, I saw a big pile of money spread over the couch.He looked back at me saying “Anne, this is all yours now” I said “what for?”He whispered softly “I want to fuck you baby” I was silent for a moment, he was standing there, waiting for my decision, I was thinking, true I needed the money, but if türkçe bahis I wanted to be honest with myself, I needed the fuck as much as I needed the money, at that moment, refusing his offer was not even on my schedule at all.As of a sudden, I looked directly at his cock which was pointing at my pussy, I held it, wrapped my fingers around it, rubbed a little, then looked up into his eyes with a wide smile, I just nodded, and that was it, I was in between his arms in a split of a second, he was hugging me, kissing me, and feeling each and every inch of my body.He held my hand, lead me to his bedroom, he helped me lay on my back, and he used his tongue and the tips of his fingers to pass all over my body, he licked, touched and felt each and every single inch of my body, except my pussy, I guess he left it to the end.Then he went back to my pussy and gave me one of the best pussy eating processes I had ever felt to that point of time, he literally made me cum twice during that pussy licking process, he got on top of me, spread my legs wide open, lifting them up over his shoulders and I felt his shiny, thick cock head rubbed to my outer pussy lips.He gave a few light pushes to his cock, it wasn’t the first time I got fucked of course, true I did not have a steady boyfriend by then, but I sure had been fucked a few times by some of my colleagues and friends here and there. At that point I was so horny, so wet, my pussy was fully lubed and ready to accept the biggest cock ever; his cock was sliding into my pussy effortless. I felt as if my pussy lips were sucking his dick into me, inch after another and finally, he was balls deep inside my pussy, he froze and I felt as if he was tearing my pussy inner walls into pieces, they were stretched to the furthest point ever, but it sure felt great, no pain whatsoever, it only took my pussy a few moments to adopt to his cock size.He started pulling his cock out of my pussy slowly almost half way out, then back in me, than out again, but faster this time and all the way out, he kept repeating the process till he was slamming it into my cunt and out, I was screaming so loud by then, out of joy of course, not pain, I would say my body shocked me by adopting to such a monstrous cock so fast.When I had my orgasm, he changed position and fucked me doggy while I was on all fours and he was behind me slamming his dick in and out of my cunt, then he switched to fucking me sideways, till he came all over me, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked it dry.We were still next to each other on his bed, relaxing and trying to gain our breaths back, finally, I went to the bathroom attached to his bedroom, I took a shower, came back got dressed and was ready to leave without a single word, he pushed his hand into my purse placing some money in, I thanked him, he kissed me good bye and I left.The first chance I got when I was home, I checked the money, it was exactly according to my pay money with the added value of deals he was giving me to strip my body out of my clothes, that was over and above the pile of money he gave me to allow him to fuck me at the end.I found a business card in between the money bills, it had his address and phone numbers on it, also attached by stable to a little paper note with some words on it, “I did not want to embarrass you at all, that Is why I did not ask for your number or so, but here is mine, it is totally up to you to call me back any time you want, if you need to work again? You can skip the office this time, and come back direct to me…, Sweet Anne, I want you to know that you are the best ever and calling me any time would be the utmost pleasure, Jeff”Wishing you all the bestDina Petro

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