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The BossMae had worked for Mr. Sen for 3 years. She was a very good assistant and did her job well. Today Mr. Sen asked her if she could stay tonight and work for a few hours on a special project. Mae replied “Yes, Mr. Sen., you are the boss.” As they were working that night Mae leaned over the desk to reach for a report and Mr. Sen could see down her blouse. He noticed she was not wearing a bra and she had great full breasts. He replied “Mae, are you not wearing a bra tonight?” She answered “NO sir, I never wear a bra. They are so uncomfortable.” He looked at her and asked “May I unbutton your shirt and look at your tits? You seem to be lucky and have nice big firm globes. I do love big tits.” Mae answered “If you would like after all you are the boss.” He unbuttoned her shirt and was amazed at her nice set of big firm tits. He asked her, “May I touch your tits and feel how good they will be in my hands?” “Yes, Mr. Sen, you are the boss.” He then cupped her tits in his hands and rubbed them and pushed them together. He took a nipple between his finger and thumb and rubbed it watching it get hard and double in size. He kissed each nipple.Her boss then asked her “Do you wear panties, Mae?” She laughed and told him “I wear a skimpy thong.” He then told her “Raise your skirt and show me your thong too.” “Of course Mr. Sen, you are the boss.” She raised her skirt and she was right. Her thong was skimpy barely covering her bald pussy. He let go of her full tits and turned her to see her ass. He knew her ass would be awesome as it was. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them. He dug his fingers in her sexy ass as he turned her back to him and stood her between his legs. He quietly said “Let’s get you naked. I love your body and want to see more of it and explore every inch. He pulled her shirt off and then lowered her skirt. She was now standing before him in just her thong.His mouth came to her nipple and began to suck it as his hands kıbrıs escort grasped her ass. He sucked the nipple deep in his mouth then began to lightly bite down the side of the big globe. He put his knee between her legs so she was stradling him and he spread her ass cheeks and rubbed down the crack in her ass. As he sucked and bit her tits his one hand went to the front of her pussy as the other hand stayed rubbing her ass. “Mae, do you like me touching you all over your body? Do you want me to continue?” She replied “Yes, Mr Sen. It feels wonderful and you are the boss.” He laughed and continued to suck and bite her tits as his hands explored every inch between her legs. His fingers played with her clit and then entered her fuck hole as his other hand found her ass pucker and pressed inside her ass. He was now finger fucking both her holes as his teeth pulled on her swollen nipples. He heard her moan and felt her cum. His cock was hard and his pants could barely contain it.”Mae, do you like me finger fucking your holes?” He told her as he then doubled the finger in her ass and cunt. She moaned “Yes, you are the best boss. I love to be finger fucked.” He answered, “Mae, unzip my pants and pull my throbbing cock out. I do not want to take my hands out of you to do it myself. My cock is so hard and needs to be released.” She unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his hard cock free of the tight material. He told her “Now stroke my cock while I finger your ass and cunt. Spread your legs further apart. I love finger fucking you.” Mae grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke it and rub the tip. Mr. Sen almost screamed as she grabbed his balls and pulled on them. She knew how to make a man beg for pussy. He now had three fingers in her cunt fucking her hard and feeling her cum and soaking his fingers.Mr. Sen then told her “Straddle my lap and put my cock in your wet cunt. I am going to fuck you till you scream for me. My big cock will escort kıbrıs fill that tight cunt hole as I finger fuck your ass. I want you to push a tit in my mouth as we fuck and switch each tit so I can taste both of them. You have a body I can fuck all night.” She replied “Yes, fuck me hard Mr. Sen. I want that monster cock deep in my tight wet cunt. I love rough sex and keep sucking and biting my tits. Fuck me like the boss you are.” As she straddle4d his cock, she slipped down so he was in her deep and his fingers stayed in her ass as he humped her fast and hard. She pushed a tit in his mouth as he sucked like a starving c***d. He bit and sucked as she switched the tits back and forth. She knew her tits would be covered with bruises and bite marks just how she liked her sex. She was bouncing up and down on his big hard cock loving that it could go in very deep. She loved fucking huge cocks. She loved the sex deep and rough. Only a monster cock could fuck her that way. As his fingers fucked her ass she came too many times to count. She had been wanting to fuck this boss for several months now. He was a big man and she knew he would have a huge cock. She loved sex ever since her brother fucked her when she was just twelve years old. He was sixteen and taught her how to please a man and his big cock made her crave the monster cocks. It was easy to get a man’s attention when she wore no bra over her big tits. She loved that her boss had so much stamina and he loved her body.She then screamed “Fuck me harder. Ram me, fuck me. Bite my tits. Leave your mark. More fingers in my ass. Make me your fuck slave. Show me what a big strong boss you are.” As she screamed Mr. Sen fucked her cunt and ass harder and rougher as he bit those big globes. She had several teeth marks and bruises on each tit. After a long fuck session he finally filled her with a huge load of cum. It was warm and thick and felt good deep in her tight cunt. He then pushed kıbrıs escort bayan her from his cock and said “Get on your knees and lick my cock. Lick it clean. I want to see how good you can suck my big cock. I love to see a girl deep throat this monster shaft. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head to his throbbing cock. She licked and cleaned him up before he told her “Open wide. My cock wants down your throat. Now suck me like a pro. Take every inch till you gag. I am going to fuck your mouth then fuck that sexy ass of yours.” He then pushed his cock in her mouth as he felt the suction from her surround his big cock. He moaned “Yes, suck that cock baby. Deeper and harder. Take every inch.” He was surprised she could take his cock down her throat and not gag. Little did he know she had been sucking her brothers cock for years and he taught her well. She was an expert. He then pulled his cock amost out then rammed it back in deep. “Suck me, make me cum. Then suck me dry. You are the best cocksucker and I love to be sucked. Now look up at me with your eyes and finger fuck my ass as I fuck your mouth deep.”She sucked his cock and fingered his ass and soon he was ready to cum down her throat. “Now swallow my cum as you look at me. I want to see you swallow every drop like my best cum slut. Keep those fingers in my ass. Yes, I am ready.” He filled her with cum as he watched her swallow every drop. Then she licked the tip of that big cock. He pulled her to him and kissed her tasting his cum on her tongue. He said “You are the best fucking assistant I have ever had. You suck cock like no other. I am going to fuck you every night after work. Now lean over my desk with that sweet ass in the air and your legs spread wide as I fuck that ass. Then you can suck my cock again before I fuck your cunt. Tomorrow is Saturday and you will be putting in a lot of overtime this week end. I can fuck non-stop and I promise you will be sore when I am done. Now get that ass ready so I can lick and bite it before I sink my cock in all the way.” She leaned over the desk with her ass in the air and her legs spread wide as she looked at him over her shoulder and said, “Yes, you are the boss.”

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