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The Beginning- Part 15A black seed starts to grow in my wife.The 3 black young studs were all smiles with hard dicks as my wife opened her legs . It has been a good month since they fucked Karen. Every inch of my wife was covered in something black.After they were finish and left it was time for me to do something I been wanting to do for over a month. I got to get between my wife’s legs to smell and taste her pussy after some black meat. I almost forgot how good the smell and taste was. Karen had no problem cumming in my mouth despite the multi times she camed with her young black studs.I mounted her on top to fuck her. I rode her for about 15 minutes before I could not hold back any longer.You would think you would let your husband be first after you found out you were pregnant I said.“What did I tell you the first thing I was going to do. I had to take care of my 3 young black studs. Besides I know you love fucking me AFTER being unfaithful to you. Just think how many people will say how I am fucking around on you once they see our black c***d” Karen said. Here I am busting a nut thinking of how unfaithful she is.After resting Karen tells me her Mother will be dropping off our son in the morning. Now my dick just did an about face . When are you going to tell your mother she is going to be a grandmother. Better yet when will you tell her her grandc***d will be black I asked Karen.“It is not when I but when we will tell her. We will wait at least 2 months that I am carry and I am hoping to be showing by then. As far as the color of the c***d let’s just hold on that one little bit of information till after the baby is born.” Karen said.I called all of our black friends to let them know the good news. They congratulated me and wanted to know when Karen can be available again. I told them all she will continue as before taking black lovers as long as she can. Our sex life has been great. Karen is going on 6 weeks and she definitely is getting larger all the way around. She looks beautiful. I think Karen is fucking more on the side than what she is telling me. I think Bern is still fucking her. That is okay. I am getting more excited with the thought of my wife still fucking behind my back with the black guy who knocked her up. I was at work. Lunch time came and I met Bill for lunch. We were chewing the fat when I got a phone call. It was my MIL. I looked at Bill and turned paled. Bill can see something happened.“What is wrong?” Bill asked.Karen is in the hospital. She had a miscarriage.I rushed over to the hospital. I met MIL who informed me of the events. Not only did she have a miscarriage but the bleeding did not want to stop. The doctors had to do a partial hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. Not only did Karen lose the c***d, now she can’t get pregnant again.After 2 days Karen is released from the hospital. MIL will be staying at the house for a week to help Karen. Karen is staying depressed and I can understand why.I get home from work. MIL wants to talk to me. She tells me of how 3 young black men stopped by to drop off flowers. Then this guy named Bill also stopped by with flowers. What was strange is when Bernie stopped by to drop off flowers. Karen bursted in tears when he came in the room. I told her they are all good guys and we are all friends. “I just was checking. If I didn’t know any better I would be thinking my daughter sure has a lot of black male friends” MIL said.After a week MIL was ready to go home. She said to call her anytime if we needed help or a babysitter. I thanked her and said we will be in touch.A month goes by. Karen physically heals up but mentally she is still in the dumps. I need to get her out the house. I call MIL to see if she could babysit. She said sure. So I go drop our son off.I tell Karen let’s go out tonight and just relax at the black dance club. Karen said ok but she does not want to stay out late. I watch her get dress. She starting to grow a patch of hair on her pussy. She puts on full size underwear. Her bra is the full support one which is like bondage on her breast . She wears a pair of jeans and a fully button up dress shirt. Flats are on her feets.Once at the dance club I order a round of drinks. Everyone was happy to see Karen but Karen just gave a small smile and little wave. She barely touched her drink. A good looking young black man ask her to dance. Karen politely told him no. She was not in the mood. “Maybe you should go over there and see if you can get the black woman with the large breast to sleep with you. I know you are horny not getting any in over a month” Karen told me.I told her I bahis firmaları can wait for a very long time till she is ready.We left early like she wanted. We get home. Karen crawls into the bed with her pjs on. She then tells me if I want to I can pull her bottom down so I can have some sex with her. At first I was like hell yea but realized she was just going thru the motions. I need to come up with a plan to at least make her feel better about herself. I called MIL and asked if in a couple of weeks she could watch our son. I want to take Karen on a little trip, to a place we always wanted to go but never found the time. I will take her to Jamaica. I told Karen getting out in the sun on the beach would do us some good. She said ok but thought we should not waste money on a trip. She said she could just stay on a beach around here.I told her no. We need to get away from here.The trip to Jamaica was right on time with beautiful weather. We get to the hotel which was a 5 star place. Our room overlooked the ocean. People were suntanning on the beach. White wives had their tops off being rubbed down with suntan oil by the black locals. Their husband sat next to them drinking the local beer.After settling in our hotel room I asked Karen if she wanted to go out to the beach. At first she told me to go by myself but I was not having any of that. Karen put on a one piece bathing suit, Then she had a long sleeve cotton shirt rounding out the outfit with bermuda shorts,I can’t complain. I was just glad to get her out.Once on the beach she did remove her outer clothes and was in her one piece suit.A Jamaican man asked Karen if she needed some sun tan lotion. Karen told him no. She will get her husband to do it. I did apply the lotion. I told Karen it would have been ok if she let the guy do the lotion on her. She said maybe next time. I went to grab a beer. I did get to talk to the local who wanted to rub my wife down. I did explain how we had plan on having a black baby and the how she miscarriage. I told him how depress she was and I was hoping this trip will bring her back. Yea I know why would a complete stranger want to hear all this.But he did give me an answer to my problems I did not think about, I thanked him. His name was Jamel.For the rest of the day I saw other white women getting rub down and the Jamaican men running their black hands on the good spots. My dick did twitch but it is not the same unless I was watching my wife,I did see Jamel again while getting another beer. He gave me some good info on where the locals go for good food and a good time. I decided to hire him as a guide. We were to meet up with him the next day. I did take Karen to a restaurant for supper recommended by Jamel. It was a local hangout and the food was excellent. Fresh seafood and fresh tropical fruit. Karen really enjoyed it. This was the most relax I had seen in her in over a month. Karen and I had a mix drink also recommended by Jamel at this eatery. After ward Karen was in a more playful mood. We did end up back in our room where I open the curtains to see the view of the ocean, We made love looking at the ocean. It was the first time that Karen felt good enough to have sex. My love of my life is back.The next morning before we were to meet Jamel I asked Karen how she would feel about us adopting a black baby. Karen broke down in tears and said yes. We will now have a black c***d like she always wanted.We met Jamel on the beach. He took us to show us all the hidden jewels you can only see with the knowledge of a local. He passed by
a cover of trees next to the beach. At first I thought he would take us there.I asked him why we passed the place up.He told us he thought maybe that was not a good idea. It was a place white couples meet Jamaican men. He said a lot of sex between the white wife’s and Jamaican men happens there. Karen shocked me and said she would like to just look. So we did. There was about 8 white wives having sex with numerous Jamaican men. The husbands sat by a bar drinking the local beer. They had their choice of watching their wives or sports on the Television. Believe it or not a couple of the husbands were more interested in sports. Karen did make a joke about how I would rather watch sports.I just gave her a smile and kept it light hearted. I guess we just have to find out I told her. I am not pushing Karen into anything. I figure in a month or two nature will take its course as before.We went out to eat with another recommendation by Jamel. Again it was excellent. Jamel wanted us to meet him tonight at a local club. Karen wanted perabet to go.We get to this club. Music was playing. The locals and some of the tourist were dancing. Jamel had to chase away some of the locals who wanted to dance with Karen. Karen was not ready to dance with any locals. But we did have a good time. It was the most Karen and I danced in a long time.We get back to our room . Karen was in a very horny mood. I went for it. Life is good and I am perfectly happy with Karen and our new sex life. But deep down I wonder if she is happy with it.The next morning was our last full day in Jamaica. We decided to just take an easy day at the beach. Karen was all dress like she was the day before to go to the beach. I was roaring to go but Karen was not 100% ready. She told me she would meet me down at the beach. I was at the beach and met Jamel. I paid him for his services. He asked me how things are going. I told him Karen was doing much better and it was worth the trip.Karen met us down at the beach, I about to fall out my chair when I saw her. She had on a thin 2 piece bikini. She layed down on her back on a lounge chair. A couple of Jamaican black guys came over to apply suntan lotion on her. She sent them on their way. I grabbed the lotion to apply to her. She told me no because I was not good at applying the lotion. She then asked if Jamel could apply some on her. I told her sure why not.Jamel came over and started to rub her down. He took off his shirt where he only had on a bathing suit. Jamel was coal black thin but he had some muscular tone to his skinny body. His fingers were very long.He rubbed her back making sure to run his long black fingers between her legs. Karen rolled over to lay on her back. Jamal just took it upon himself to remove my wife’s top to fully expose her breast to him.Karen did not try to stop him but helped . This was okay to be topless on this beach. He rubbed lotion all over her fat sagging white breast. He lifted one at a time to make sure he massage every inch of her breast. He was pinching her nipples right in front of me. He ran his long black fingers under her bikini bottom just enough to get my wife all hot. I think a nice cold local beer would be nice right now.Karen whispered in my ear. She got up and handed me her bikini top. She grabbed Jamel hand and the too were walking down the beach together. I followed with her top and of course my beer. It looks like my wife will be cheating on me with a black man. Now I can really say my wife is back.Jamel leads my wife to the cove of trees we visited the other day. They both removed with little cloth they had on. The two embraced as Jamel’s long thin black cock was already rubbing up against my wife’s pussy. There was 3 other white couples with in the cove too. The mature white wives were being serviced by the local black men. Right out in the open on blankets. But I was not here to watch them. Karen and Jamel was kissing. It looked odd being my wife was so pale, short and round compared to Jamal who was dark, tall and lean. Jamel lifted Karen and placed her in a hammock. He climb in with her. I grabbed a beer and a chair sitting right next to the hammock.They were laying into each other. Jamel started to suck and play with my wife’s sagging breast. It has been a while since I saw a pair of black hands maul them. He started to suck hard on her nipples. Just a little milk came out as Karen was at one point was letting them go dry.I think after today her breast will go back to full milk production.It looked very erotic my wife naked in a hammock with a naked Jamacian. Seems like Jamal was in no rush to fuck her but was taking his time. I appreciate him being slow and gentle with my wife. They were in each others arms just swing in the hammock as his black cock just rub between her pussy lips. But my wife had other plans. She wanted to know if it was all right for her to spend the rest of the day with just her and Jamel fucking in our hotel room. I said sure go for it. I do like to watch my wife but I also love it when she acts like a true black cock slut with out me. They left and went to our hotel room. I stayed in the cove and ordered another beer. There was a football game on. About 3 hours later Karen called and said Jamal was finished fucking her. I paid my tab and went back to the room. I met Jamal in the hallway in the hotel. I asked him how was it. He told me I had one hot sexy wife, one of the best fucks he ever had in his life. He told me he won’t be able to meet us tonight but it looks like things should go good for us. I go into the room perabet giriş . Karen is naked on a very messed up bed. I removed all my clothes. I walked up to her and asked her if she was a good girl while Jamal was visiting. Karen grabbed my head and placed it between her legs. “A good girl does not have cum leaking out her pussy especially when it is not her husband’s cum” Karen said.I ate her out licking all her and Jamel’s sex juices till she cummed. I rolled her over and ass fucked her till I camed.We took our shower together and then a very long nap. We were going to party hard our last night here.We had a light supper at a local restaurant. Karen told me she can’t wait to taste some of the other local “cuisine” later on tonight. My dick was getting aroused.We ended up at a dance bar. A heck of lot more locals than tourist. We sat at the bar. Karen raised the back of her shirt and ask one of the locals if he can help her unsnap her bra.I never saw a pair of black hands unsnapped a bra that quick before. She had all the front of her shirt open. She handed me her bra and told me to hold on to it for her. She won’t need it tonight.My wife was breast were just barely covered by her shirt.Can’t wait till a local ask her to dance.Well that did not take long. Karen was on the dance floor with 2 locals. After the dance we all 4 of us sat together. I ordered a round of beer for us. Karen sat between the 2 black men with her arms around each one. They each had a hand inside her shirt playing with her breast.I told the the 2 black guys if you think her breast feel good wait till your hands get a hold of my wife’s ass. Karen jump up and her breast were hanging out her shirt. She leaned back down to where her breast were hanging in the 2 locals face. Each one of her nipples ended up being chewed on.“I can go dancing anytime but It is not every night I get to be fucked by young slender Jamaican men.” Karen said.Karen popped her breast back into her shirt. All 4 of us left to go back to the hotel.One of the Jamaicans was sitting in a chair. Karen removed her shirt and pants, She was completely naked in front of him She leaned over to him in his chair. They started to kiss while has black hands roamed over my wife’s white breast. The second Jamaican was behind Karen running his long black fingers into her pussy. He had all his clothes off and his black dick was ready to do some serious pussy wrecking.From behind he pulled Karen backwards as he felled on the bed. His black dick buried into Karen. She was reverse cowgirl on him. They started to fuck. The Jamaican in the chair remo
ved his clothes and stood up on the bed to feed Karen his black dick.This was a Jamaican postcard in the making. Your wife having a Jamaican black dick in her mouth and pussy at the same time. I was still holding on to the bra. I was masturbating over my dick with my wife’s bra as I watched her getting fucked. When they started to abuse her breast I started to cum thinking how they once were in this bra I was rubbing myself with. Karen was doubled teamed for a little while longer.I have to say our room was very nice to have such a large bed and then a small bed next to it. It was like they planned on for you to be in the small bed watching your wife fuck 2 JamaicansAs I was getting comfortable in my small be after cumming in my wife’s bra one of the Jamaicans was telling me exactly what I was thinking about the bed situation. He then went on to tell me how they like to double team the wife because it helps gets the husband off quicker seeing 2 black dicks in their wife. He was right.Then he said what they planning on doing for the rest of the night is take turns on top of my wife. One guy will sleep in the bed while the other fucks the wife. Then about an hour later we switch. We do this all night long till the sun comes up. Sure enough that is what they did. I fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of my wife with a black dick in her. I jerked off again and fell asleep. The sun was coming up and I awoke to the sounds of my wife with a black dick in her pussy and one in her ass. They both shot Jamaican dick juice in her for the last time. I got up and gave them a big tip for giving my wife a good fuck all night long with no breaks. She did get a good taste of the local cuisine for sure.Karen waited for me to eat her then jumped into the shower. I asked her what the rush was for. She told me for some reason her bra was all sticky and gooey. She has to go out and buy another one. Karen finally gets back after 3 hours. She whispered in my ear she was a naughty girl. I started to jerk off as she told me about how she ended up in one of the locals house. She said she did not even know his name but her pussy knew his black cock. I camed. My wife is back more hot and a bigger cheater with black cock than before. I am one lucky man.

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