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The answer to my question part 1When is **** not ****?, was the question I asked my online friend, who just happened to be a very sexy Puerto Rican, with a very pert body and well proportioned for her size, 4 foot 9 inches size 8 dress which is usually off more than its on. This had been debated on and off for a long while and Lucy was always dreaming of being ****d and she wanted more than anything to be suddenly taken from behind and have her pussy forced open and a huge member shove unceremoniously up between her thighs and its to ever open cunt , whereas to my view this was a total waste whereas taking and k**napping for pleasure and further enjoyment made more sense.I made a decision that one day we would try out both options and afterwards discuss again, however for this to work it was essential that Lucy had no advance warning on the plans. We continued to discuss sexual exploits and her insatiable desire for more and more cock and even the off pussy thrown in for good measure. Even this morning whilst at work she had entered a clients room ready to tidy up and she was aware he had already checked out, so she was taken totally by surprise when as she was leaning over the bed removing the sheets she suddenly found a huge weight on top of her slim frame and she toppled face down kayseri escort onto the mattress. She felt a couple of fingers sliding under her skimpy knickers and entering her always wet pussy, within a few strokes she was responding to the invasion and her cunt muscles had clamped well onto the fingers ensuring each movement was felt throughout her body. Her tight uniform skirt was now well above her arse and she had little protection, not that she wanted or needed any, from the throbbing piece of meat that suddenly went into her arse rather than her cunt, anyway it made no difference to Lucy no matter which hole, she just craved sex. Using her skills she was soon able to drain the balls fully and ensure her anus was well and truly dripping by the time his now limp cock slipped out with a huge plop.The whole incident had lasted no longer than say 5 to 6 minutes, and one satisfied guest, who Lucy had no idea of who he was or what he looked like, left the room. Lucy took a tissue and wiped herself and continued to make the bed as thought nothing had happened.That was the final straw so I booked a room at the hotel for the following weekend after ensuring Lucy would be working, and proceeded to anticipate something similar occurring then. Lucy had also never seen or kayseri escort bayan met me therefore had no idea what I looked like so it would be easy to manipulate myself into a position where taking her pleasure should be very easy. The following weekend soon arrived and I duly booked in, and as I anticipated Lucy was working nights so I booked a sandwich for delivery to my room about midnight the sat back and dosed for a few hours. Sure enough exactly at 12 the knock occurred and this gorgeous figure dressed in a black blouse and skirt with a pair of nipples very much evident was stood outside with a tray. I told her to put the tray on the far table and whilst she was sorting it out I removed my bathrobe and totally naked went towards her. She was deliberately taking her time clearing the table to put the plate down, but had not signalled any sexual intent, so technically what was about to happen could be called ****. Anyway I just pulled her away and thrust her onto the bed in doing so her blouse ripped and the buttons flew away exposing two wonderful tits with a very hard nipple at the end of each. Without even saying a word I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and slowly ran the tip of my cock up and down her crack before thrusting it deep inside her. Just escort kayseri like the previous week I was to feel her muscles clamp and she clearly enjoyed the thought of **** but it would be impossible to actually **** such a willing participant. Sure enough after about 10 minutes she managed to suck the juices out of my cock and I could feel my flesh swell as it rose ready to squirt directly up her love tube. This caused mixed feelings as it was the best fuck I could recall and yet it was over far too quickly. Lucy told me I was a naughty man and she would return later for an apology. Sure enough around 3am I felt a draught on my back as the duvet was pulled back and to my amazement Lucy had let herself into the room and was now getting undressed and entered the bed totally naked. She took hold of my cock and started to stroke it in anticipation as we kissed and my fingers found her welcoming snatch ready and willing to satisfy almost anything. I very soon found a lovely labia and swollen clit inside my mouth as my cock we delving deep into her throat. God was there nothing this lady could not or would not do to satisfy her needs.It was well after 4.30 when eventually my cock was given some rest, and it was covered in her juices as was my mouth and chin, she was leaving with cum well rubbed into her tits and cunt and a big smile on her face. Just before she left I told her who I was and she returned a knowing smile which was rather disturbing.That was half the question answered and now I had the second half to plan and look forward to.

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