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My Thai girlfriend is Ping, and on one evening she had taken me to a bar area called the Nana Plaza in the steamy hot city of Bangkok. This is the largest red light area in Bangkok, and was very lively with many young ladies working the bars and the clubs.

We sat outside one bar which had a dozen working girls and sipped our drinks. We liked to people watch. There were guys from all over the world, mainly from Europe, Japan and Australia strolling around the Plaza, many just here to gaze at the beautiful girls, some more sober and ready to pick up a bar girl. As the men walked around the Plaza working girls and Ladyboys from each and every bar would call out to the guys, brush up to them, beckoning them into their bar, showing them a glimpse of the dancers inside and many succumbed to an experience they will never forget.

The girls would leave me alone as I was with a Thai girl, nobody spoke to us only to serve more drinks.

I started to get horny, not for my girlfriend, but for the many young glamourous girls who were all available for an evening of undiluted no holds barred sex.

While Ping was cute, young looking and slim, and had given me sex on our first night, and anal sex a week later, watching a hundred girls at work was fascinating and I wanted one, but how?

Ping was sat next to me, quietly watching and sympathising at how bad the many drunk men would treat the girls once they got them home to bed. I was jealous of those guys, many here on a guys only holiday or on a business trip away from the prying eyes of their wives and girlfriends.

I had noticed a medium height Thai girl, with gorgeous long black hair down to her short pink and patterned mini skirt, white hold ups above the knee and showing her white panties on every movement.

Then Ping said “Which girl do you like best?” this surprised and I quickly responded “that lady with a short pink tartan skirt, white knickers and white hold ups.”

“So predictable, you always fancy the one in the nylons,” Ping said.

I tried my luck “OK your right, so can I bring her back to our room tonight then my love?”

And she replied immediately “Really, I suck your cock and you cum in my asshole, but you want more?”

Putting it like that I felt a little mean and replied “it’s only you I love, your the one for me.”

I watched as my favourite bar girl was followed by a tall overweight Australian man into the go go bar, then 30 minutes later she returned outside. Now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and clutching a small bag she looked slim and sexy, but now a little nervous too and then the Aussie appeared, grabbed her arm forcefully and we heard him order her to come back to his hotel for a long time session.

He marched her off, holding her firmly by the arm, “your ass will be bloody and sore in the morning you whore” he boasted.

The startled girl looked back towards the bar, hoping to see her mama-san boss, hoping canlı bahis to be rescued, but nobody saw her, only Ping and myself.

Ping was disgusted, she wanted to leave and go and rescue her, but I said “no, this is her job, sit back down please.”

“OK then lets go back to our hotel room,” and we did.

In bed I was hard as nails, imagining the heavy man squashing the girl of my dreams. Imagining his large cock filing her small mouth, choking her throat, her gulping for air. Next he was pumping away inside her pussy, her moans turning to tears as he moved to her ass and stretched her ring until he cum, shooting his load deep inside her, withdrawing from her, moving up to her pretty face move his cock into her mouth, she was made to lick him, clean him, tasting her own ass musk with the taste of his cum.

How lucky was he I thought.

Ping and I were spooning together, she was now asleep, my cock nudged up into Pings pussy, entering her easily, her pussy was wet, she must have enjoyed the sexually charged atmosphere too.

As she slept and I lay there next to her, moving gently at first, not wanting to wake her I cum inside her within 5 minutes, and then rested my cock inside her pussy until we were both asleep.

In the morning at breakfast, we chatted about the previous night and about the Aussie and the bar girl. “I hope she’s ok?” said Ping, “I wonder which hotel they stayed in last night?”

But just then they both walked into the breakfast area and sat down on the only free table right next to us.

“Look hun, these are the two from last night” said Ping. The Thai girl looked embarrassed, like everyone was watching them. They were. I wondered if they had been up all night having dirty sex, just as I fantasised last night.

As the Aussie got up to gather his buffet breakfast, Ping speaking in Thai, chatted to the girl for several minutes and they giggled together.

I asked what they had been speaking about for such a long time and Ping said “no can do, but I will tell you that he was drunk and fell asleep before they could have sex,” my heart skipped a beat and I was relieved. “What else did you chat about?” I desperately wanted to know more.

“Oh not much, but she likes you, she said how handsome you are and she remembers you from the bar last night,” now I was excited beyond belief, this gorgeous sexy lady was sat on the table next next to me, chatting to my girlfriend and fancies me too.

As she got up from her chair she edged past very close to me, her ass brushing my side as she passed and then walked away wiggling her ass. She then looked over to me, I am sure she was giving me the eye.

Later that same day and after our evening dinner myself and Ping were walking along Soi 4 when Ping said “hunny please can we go back to the Nana Plaza?”

“Yes my love, if you would like to I will go too,” I said trying to hide that I was desperate to see the bar girl bahis siteleri again.

As we sat drinking, a Prosecco for Ping and a Thai lager for me, our beautiful bar girl came up to Ping and they whispered to each other.

Later that night Ping asked me “which girl do you like best tonight?”

“I like the same girl, do you know her name,” I enquired.

“yes her name is Pornjay.” I nearly fell off my bar stall, and commented “very appropriate this name.”

By now it was midnight and Pornjay was still working, whilst other less sexy girls had been picked up and taken back to hotels to be fucked, but for the last ten minutes Pornjay was nowhere to be seen.

It was late now and we finished our drinks, Ping got up first and went to the bar, spoke to the Mama-san, the bar owner and paid the bar bill. It looked like she gave over a rather large tip but it was difficult to see with the dim lighting.

Just then Pornjay, dressed in a black skirt, black stockings and high heels, clutching her small bag came out from behind the bar, walked up to me and held my hand, kissed my cheek and said “I am your present for the night.”

My heart was racing, I looked back and Ping followed, we all went back to our hotel.

I now realised that when settling the drinks tab, Ping has paid the bar fine to take the bar girl home.

Inside our room Ping went to shower leaving us two behind in the bedroom.

We kissed on the King size bed and Pornjay removed my clothes, she removed her top and skirt too, leaving on her stockings, suspenders and panties.

She spoke first, ” lay down on your front Sir” and I did, ” I will massage you,” and she sat over my legs peering at my ass and back as she applied oil and massaged me gently all over.

My cock was hard under my belly and I was feeling relaxed. I heard her open her bag.

She then leaned forward and licked my ass, it felt like no other feeling, soft and gentle, she was licking and kissing my ring like never before, then her tongue entered me and probed into my ass, I moaned in delight. Then Pornjay oiled the crack between my ass cheeks and I felt something as long as a cock glide slowly along my back and crack and then stop at my star. She then pushed her dildo into the first two centimetres of my ass, then further, I resisted having never felt this feeling before, “what are you doing?”

I said “I am straight hun.”

Pornjay whispered in my ear “relax and I will take your anal cherry, just relax and enjoy your first cock, I know your not gay, but you can still be pleasured in this way.”

Then with one more push my sphincter dilated then relaxed and the huge cock entered my ass, It was so painfull, “your doing well babe, now relax as I vibrate your ass, we will see if you can you cum like the good slut you are.”

I felt the bed move and Ping layed down next to me, she held my hand and said “babe i’m proud of you.”

By now bahis şirketleri I was still in pain, but it was not so bad and the pain was turning to pleasure, I was now pushing my ass back to meet Pornjays strokes.

A hand reached around and milked my cock, I felt a wave of pleasure starting inside of my rectum and moving to my cock, then I cum all over the sheets. My ass griping and tightening around her dildo, as my cum shot onto the bed sheets.

Pornjay and Ping were happy, I was bewildered at how good that was.

Pornjay finished fucking me and we all layed together and smiled at each other. The two girls talking and giggling in Thai so I did not know what they were saying.

We all had a drink and Ping washed the dildo then re-joined us on the bed, sitting on my face. I licked her clit, her pussy and she loved it. At the same time I felt my cock slide inside Pornjays pussy, her stockinged legs clamped around my legs, I felt really wonderful.

The next few minutes were highly pleasurable. Pornjay then sat up and lay down on her back with her knees up in the air. I positioned myself between her legs, she put her legs over my shoulders as she applied baby oil to her ass and onto my cock. I pushed forward and entered her. Now her ass clenched around my cock and pulled me in. I thrusted my cock gently at first into her tight hole enjoying her Asian sex moan. I grabbed the dildo, placed it over her pussy and slowly entered her, now double penetrating her ass and pussy at the same time, something I have fantasised about so many times.

Ping was amazed, “wow! darling you are a wonderful lover for her, can we do this one day too?”

“yes we can my love, any and every night you like.”

Ping was amazed how one girl can take two cocks at the same time. Pornjay was moaning, crying, cumming, everything at once, she absolutely loved it all.

Ping was holding her hand at first but now she was sucking her nipples.

I withdrew my cock from her ass and then gently with some difficulty entered her pussy, with the dildo still inside. My 6 inch cock moved in time with the 7 inch dildo, stretching her pussy to the max.

Ping was astonished “wow babe she can take two in the pussy at once.”

Pornjays moan was now a scream and she was loud, panting and moaning like I have never heard anyone before. She was cumming, and cumming hard and now squirting everywhere. I tuned off the vibrations, we lay in each others arms, sated and pleasured, still with two cocks in her stretched vagina. The vibrations being controlled by Ping.

I finished up by cumming in between her breasts, Ping holding them together for me to fuck, spraying my cum over Pornjays mouth, cheeks and eyes.

We all showered and went to bed together, myself in the middle, my cock spooning into Pings pussy as before and then I felt my ass being stretched by the dildo. It entered much more easily this time going deep into my ass. I loved this new sensation. We all slowed down to a rest and this is how we slept until the morning, my cock in her pussy and a dildo in my ass.

This was the most amazing night of my life, thank you to Pornjay and Ping.

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