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Teagan the Trap Gurl from GastownA few years back during the summer months while I was living in Vancouver I found myself spending a lot of time on squirt. I loved the chat rooms. Camming with other members was a huge turn on for me. I loved to jerk off for other men and to watch them do all sorts of nasty sexy things.One afternoon I was browsing profiles when I decided to check out the the CD/TV category. Vancouver being the liberal city that it is, had lots of profiles in this category. Some were just guys wearing panties, others were really sexy gurls who were so striking and so beautiful that they could have been professional models.A profile with the name Teagan caught my eye. She was wearing a short skirt with knee high boots and a black see through blouse that was tied in a knot. She had long hair that was in pig tails and a white complexion.I clicked through the rest of her pictures and started to become aroused. She was dressed in all the pictures, no fully naked shots or anything that would be hardcore sexual stuff (like many of the profiles on squirt have). Just her wearing various outfits and she looked really hot in all of them. Hair, makeup, clothes, boots – she was the full package.I sent a brief message saying how attractive I thought she was and would she be interested in chatting.After a few minutes I got a reply. She said she liked my cock pics and that uncut guys were a turn on, then she asked me to unlock my face pics.Within a minute of me allowing her to see my face pics, a private chat window popped up.”Hey, you’re cute” she said.We began to chat and we talked about a few things, but after a while it became sexual.I told her that I wasn’t too experienced with guys, and that I was mostly dating girls but had recently joined squirt. She explained that she’d been in a long term relationship until recently and had just joined the site herself to try and meet some new people.Constantly typing back and forth was getting a little bit frustrating so I asked if she’d like to talk on the phone. She sent back her phone number and I instantly grabbed my cell and gave her a call.When she answered the phone, the sound of her voice was so soft and delicate. I love feminine sounding guys, and she had this breathy, flirty tone that started to drive me wild.It was a Friday evening and she asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie or something.”What part of town do you live in?” I asked”Gastown” She replied.”I can be there in about 20 minutes” I said.”Great, I’ll just jump in the shower” was her response.At the time I was living in North Vancouver right near the sea bus, so Gastown was only a few minutes away. She gave me the address and some quick directions to her building and I got up and headed out the door.I arrived at Lonsdale Quay just in time and hopped on the waiting sea bus. It had only been about 5 minutes since I left my place and the anticipation was growing. I had some time to think about things on the ride over. I kept thinking about her pictures and wondering wich of those sexy outfits she’d be wearing.I could feel myself getting turned on and I was gently stroking myself with my finger through my jeans as I sat there fantasizing about her.Once I got off the Sea Bus I made my way down to her building. I got to the front entrance and buzzed her apartment number.”Hello?” said the soft and sexy voice through the intercom.”Hey, casino oyna it’s me” I saidThe door made a buzzing sound and I walked into the building.It was a very nice and well kept building with white flooring and furniture in the lobby. I pressed the elevator button and waited for it to arrive. Now my heart started beating a little quicker. I’d met people online before, but I always got a little nervous at the first meeting in person. Anticipation mixed with arousal, becoming more and more horny and excited as I got closer and closer.Before I knew it I was up on the 5th floor walking down the hallway to her apartment. It was a short hallway and it didn’t take long for me to be standing in front of the door.One last deep breath, then I knocked. When the door opened, there she was. Looking even more sexy than in the pictures. She was 24, slim, with milky white skin and blonde hair and stood about 5’7. She wore big looping ear rings and a nose piercing (a stud) and had really pretty brown eyes. She was wearing a small tank top that didn’t cover her belly button and showed off her flat stomach along with her shoulders and arms. She had on tight black pants that were short on her legs, exposing her ankles. Tiny pink socks on her feet completed the outfit.She greeted me with an excited smile. As she opened the door, she leaned in and gave me a hug. There was a fruity perfume smell. I could tell she had just stepped out of the shower.”Come in” she said… “Take off your shoes and jacket”.We exchanged pleasantries and then walked into the living room. Her apartment was really trendy. Leather couch, hardwood floor with an expensive looking rug. Glass coffee table and computer desk with an iMac. Everything was really clean and organized, but she still apologized for the mess as she folded a blanket that was on the couch. It was a very large bachelor style apartment. The bedrooom area was in a large opening just off the living roomI sat down on the couch as she put the blanket away. There were pink curtains tied back that looked like they could separate the bedroom from the living room. Large windows looked out onto the streets of Gastown below.She came over and sat next to me. We made small talk for a few minutes before she asked what movie to watch. There was a large collection of DVD’s below the TV. She dropped onto the floor, got down on all fours and crawled up to the DVD’s. Then she dipped down on her elbows and began to read off a few titles.This was really hot because now her ass was up in the air. She did this on purpose to give me a good look, and I was instantly hard with anticipation. After she said a few names I heard one that I was familiar with. She looked back over her shoulder at me, and with a slight grin said:”So you want to watch this one?”I just nodded and held eye contact with her. Her grin got bigger and so did mine. She stayed down on her elbows while she put the DVD into the player. I shifted in my seat to allow my now hard dick to move into a comfortable position in my pants. I could feel myself starting to get wet.When she got back up on the couch, she sat down very close to me. Our arms were touching and I could feel the warmth of her skin. We made small talk again as the movie started. After a few minutes she brought up the topic of Squirt. She said that some of the messages she got were really raunchy and sexual. She liked chatting canlı casino siteleri with me because I wasn’t too sexual right off the get go and that I treated her respectfully.We exchanged a few stories about some of the messages we’d received. Then she started talking about cock pics and how she liked uncut dicks. She said that she liked mine and was hoping to see it in person.I took that as an invitation and slowly moved my hand down and unzipped my fly. She shifted in her seat and put a hand on my leg. Before I could reach inside myself, her hand moved and she was starting to unbutton my boxer shorts trying to expose me. I was already wet with pre cum when she got her hand inside and I felt her delicate fingers grab ahold of me. She took her thumb and rubbed it around the tip, it was wet and slippery.She removed her hand and held it up to her face and took a deep breath in.”Mmmmm… you smell really good” She said.That took me a little by surprise, but it was a huge turn on.She put her hand back in my pants and once again held my cock. This time she squeezed it a few times and pre cum dripped out onto her hand.She was focused on my cock, looking down at what she was doing. I could see her biting her lower lip and I knew she was thinking about putting it in her mouth. Before I could say anything she started to move off the couch and knelt between my legs. She didn’t start s
ucking right away, she just stroked m with one hand and kept staring at my dick while she played.She moved her face in close and took another deep breath through her nose. Looking up at me I could tell she was enjoying herself.Her hands moved to my waist and began to tug at my pants, I could tell they were in the way and she just wanted them off. I raised my hips and allowed her to pull them down and discard them off to the far end of the couch. She re positioned herself a bit and brushed her hair away from her face.She moved in slowly and kissed the tip of my cock a few times before taking it into her mouth. Moving up and down and gently holding the base with one hand she began sucking me very hard. Each time she came up there was a loud suction noise and saliva and pre cum dripped down her chin and my cock. Playfully slapping herself in the face with my dick, I could tell she was having fun.She massaged the tip between her thumb and fore finger and played with my foreskin. This sensation drove me crazy, it was almost too much. I gasped and she smiled at me, but didn’t say anything.After a few minutes she stopped and looked up. She moved back and then began to crawl away from me like a cat. Her ass looked so good in those tight black pants. She crawled over to her bed and climbed in, still with her ass in the air. I got up and followed her to the bedroom area.She unzipped her pants and slid out of them, exposing her milky white ass while she lay face down on the bed. The tiniest little g-string panties kept her cock hidden from sight, but did little to conceal her sweet little asshole. I lay down next to her and just admired her body.She reached over into the night stand and opened the drawer and removed something. The familiar logo of KY jelly was on the bottle that she handed to me. Without saying a word I opened it and let a few drops fall onto my hand.It was cold, so I held it for a few seconds before gently applying it into the crack of her ass. She jumped casino şirketleri a little as it was still quite cool. I started sliding my fingers up and down gently. After a few moments I began to lightly tap her asshole with my middle finger. She moaned softly.After a moment or two I let my finger press firmly and slowly into her ass. At first it was just a little bit, then deeper and deeper. Sliding in and out very slowly, her hips started to move up and down. She turned her head to face me, but her hair was covering most of her face.I picked up the pace a little bit and began to gently fuck her ass with my middle finger. Now she was moaning more and more and breathing heavily. We kissed and she bit my bottom lip as she pulled away.As the pace quickened, I slowed it down again. I pulled my finger out slowly and applied more KY. Instead of putting my finger back inside her, I decided to just lay ontop of her and press my cock into the crack of her ass. The G-string had been pushed aside, but now I removed it completely and she spread her legs wider.I lay ontop and just led my cock fall into the crack of her ass. I could feel the lube and was sliding up and down grinding against her body. The tip of my cock came close to going inside her a few times, but each time I let it slide up. Finally she became frustrated and forced herself into position to take it.The tip inched inside her slowly. I moved in a bit, then stopped. Then a little more. Once the large tip of me was inside her, the rest slid in with no resistance. She let out a loud moan of pleasure. I also started to moan as I felt her squeeze tightly around me. Each thrust made her squeal more and more. She grabbed at the pillow and the covers, clenching them tightly between her fingers.The gasping grew louder and louder. The pace quickened and everything started to feel really good. I didn’t want to cum too soon, but it was difficult to hold out. We started going really fast, my body slamming into her repeatedly.”you’re gonna make me cum!” she said over and over again.”Oh my god, you’re gonna make me cum!!”Finally, she shook violently and gasped loudly into the pillow. Moans of pleasure erupted from both of us. Seeing her orgasm like that caused me to lose control and I came inside her tight little ass. It was a huge load, and I could feel myself filling her up.The thrusting stopped, but I stayed inside her as we both lay there exhausted. Slowly I pulled my cock out of her ass and she squealed as the tip slid out of her.I could see cum starting to leak out of her ass and there was a little wet spot on the bed covers between her legs from where she came. I just stared at everything that was infront of me. The smell of sweat and sex and cum filled the room. I could only see part of her face, but I could see she was smiling as I crashed down next to her.We lay there in silence for a few minutes before she spoke.”I can feel you leaking out of me” she said softly.I just smiled and brushed the hair from her face. Her cheeks were red, and some hairs clung to her forehead stuck there by sweat.”That was a huge load” she added.After a couple more minutes she grabbed the g-string and slid it back up her legs, then put her pants back on without cleaning herself up.As she was zipping up her pants she looked at me and said”I love the feeling of cum leaking out of my ass.”She tossed my pants over to me and I got dressed. We sat back down on the couch and continued to watch the movie for a while.We talked more about squirt and exchanged stories about our various hook-ups. She had some really great ones that are worthy of being written and posted to this site…

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