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TASTING BEVERLYIt was love at first sight she was sixteen years old and was sitting on my brothers bed she had on a red bandanna and had the prettiest eyes I had ever seen bluish green and they sparkled when she laughed which she did a lot! I was nineteen a horny teenager myself but when I saw Beverly I was a goner she saw me staring at her but did not seem to mind in fact she seemed to like the attention so after a bit I asked her if she would like to come over and sit on my bed with me I knew she would come she had this look in her eye and when we made eye contact we both knew what we wanted! So she came over and plopped her pretty self down next to me there was other conversation going on in the room my brother and this other cute girl Debbie were chatting on the his bed but I heard none of it I only heard her voice and what a voice she had sultry and sexy it purred from her throat and flowed into my ears like rain to a parched garden I drank it in then I touched her hair playing with her bandanna she turned to me and looked me right in the eyes and I just kissed her I knew she would not shy away that was not her style she moved towards me and let me kiss her properly her lovely mouth opened and her sweet tongue came out and licked the inside of my mouth suddenly the lights went out in the room I could hear clothes being removed from the other side of the room and horny panting noises as bodies joined holy shit my brother was fucking that sweet little number and Debbie was all about it I could hear her moaning and hot sexy squishy noises as her pussy got juiced up good Beverly got aroused and grabbed my cock through my pants “Are you sure?” I asked “Shut up and take your clothes off!” She replied she knew what she wanted this girl and always asked for it I was to find out!.I ripped off my clothes as fast as I could somehow she beat me to naked and was reaching for me in the darkness even as my underwear hit the floor Holy Shit I was going to have sex with this hot girl and while my brother was fucking the other one in the same room I was rock hard and ready Bev as I would call her later until it became just “Baby” I would call her that the rest of our lives but right now her pussy was calling to me loudly and I did as it wanted I slid on top of her and her legs wrapped around the small of my back she took my hard teenage cock çanakkale escort and guided it into her sweet very young pussy she whispered “Don’t cum in me okay!” I said I wouldn’t hell I did not want to have a baby either right now but that would come later too to my surprise but then her hand closed around my cock her lovely sweet hand so small but strong and she guided me to her wet ready pussy I knew she was no virgin no virgin would fuck a guy like this Bev knew what she was doing all right she had been broken in long before me I knew and right now did not care not even a little bit! I entered her and her pussy was like liquid velvet it was the best pussy I had ever had but seeing as I had only fucked one girl before this I did not have a lot to compare it to but Patti the girl I had broken up with a few months ago had a great pussy she was a natural red head and horny as hell she was sixteen too when I first fucked her guess that was a magic number for me at the time because here was another one under me with her hot pussy wrapped around my cock no I did not think she was a slut she was not she was just a girl that knew what she wanted and went for it and so I slowly fucked her we kissed and explored each others bodies while listening to the music of sex coming from the other side of the room Debbie just came and her cries of horny girl passion got my juices and hers flowing too I began to bang Bev real good then using every technique I had learned while fucking Patti who incidentally she was no virgin either but you know what I like a girl that has been broken in already and is ready for sex not one who is scared of cock and needs to be coached and stuff no way give me a girl with cock knowledge baby every time! Bev had cock knowledge all right and she used it too she made me roll over on my back and she rode my cock like a bucking bronco cumming as she rode I was going to blast off and I told her so she popped off me and took my cock and stroked it once or twice with that lovely hand of hers and I shot my load I shot it all over us it hit her tits I found out later in the shower it hit her chin and was dribbling down her lip even it also rained down on me I got a cum shower too and we giggled and laughed and she said “Lets take a shower!”.We left John and Debbie still fucking in our bedroom yeah we shared a çanakkale escort bayan room the apartment was small and did not have enough rooms for all four of us k**s so we had to team up it was okay John was cool for a younger brother and all we got along okay and now that his girlfriend had introduced me to sweet Beverly he was my new best friend! Mom was out with her live in boyfriend Harry and everyone else was out and about so we had the place to ourselves Bev and I got into the shower and I exclaimed at the amount of cum she had on her she smiled and kissed me :I like a man with full balls!” she said looking so sweet when she said it I just laughed and laughed she was my girl from that moment on and even though she was seeing about five other guys yeah I know fuck you I was in love and made it my mission to get rid of the rest of her beau’s and I did a short while later Bev was mine alone and then she became “Baby” and “Baby” she stayed…We eventually shared a room together before getting an apartment with Debbie and Ira John was out of the picture Ira was a jewish guy smart and knew how to make money Debbie was smart too and latched onto him like a horny leach LOL she was hot though cute and sweet with chestnut brown hair she had these cute sexy freckles all over her pretty face and I have to admit more than a few times I imagined fucking her oh hell yeah I did you would have too! We lived together for a while and it was great fucking Baby every night was the best time of my life until Sharon came into the picture that is Sharon was this hot looking blonde with big tits and blue eyes she was a friend of someone and we all met at a party at the house well a couple of months later I saw Baby’s fingernails were all chewed off on her right hand I am no fool and I had seen the way Sharon had looked at Baby sometimes when she thought I was not looking something was going on all right! I broached the subject about her nails and she knew she was busted she confessed to me everything about how they were drinking together and one thing led to another and then suddenly they were kissing and then in bed having sex I admit I was a little hurt but I was also turned on you know hey I’m a guy I had a reputation too you know “Wild Bill” they called me and for good reason too I was up for anything so I asked her how serious escort çanakkale they were and she said it was just fun sex and stuff so I asked her if Sharon liked cock too Baby stared for a moment then smiled “Yeah she likes dick too you interested?” I said hell yeah thinking about fucking the both of them was a huge turn on I got hard just thinking about it and Baby saw my boner she grabbed it and led me to the bedroom where she fucked my brains out and we planned on seducing Sharon how we were going to do it but as it turned out I got to fuck Sharon alone before we did a threesome she came over one night when Baby happened to be out doing something I don’t know if she already knew this but anyway I didn’t care she had a couple of six packs and we began to drink a few we got friendly and before I knew it we were in bed together Sharon was sucking my cock and I was playing with her big tits it was great I ate her pussy and it was sweet not as sweet as Baby’s but real good and when I fucked her she got off big time I came all over those big tits and we just had enough time to clean up before Baby came home…whew! That was close!.We wound up seducing Sharon wink wink yeah I know fuck you and the sex was amazing
fucking them both while they ate each others pussies was incredible I loved watching Baby eat her pussy and finger fucking her and stuff it was so fucking hot man I was in pussy heaven but a while later things got shitty Baby began to ignore my needs and I knew she was getting her sex elsewhere it got to the point where I was like a third wheel and it was time for Bill to split I packed and left one day but I missed Baby terribly and even after I hooked up with this amazing black girl Baby stayed on my mind we get together from time to time and I fuck her and it’s good but it’s not the same though I still love her and always will I know my life’s journey is not over there are more pussies out there to taste oh yeah I forgot to mention her ass I loved to eat her asshole out sticking my tongue up there to the root and she loved it she asks me to do that to her from time to time Sharon does not like the taste of asshole but I sure do Baby’s ass was delicious and still is! Ate it yesterday and early in the morning before she hit the bathroom I could feel her stool with the end of my tongue she knew and I knew that if she shit in my mouth I would let her but she didn’t though I kind of wished she had I have never done that before and am kind of curious though she is the only one who I would even think about doing that with…maybe someday I’ll talk her into it…maybe!.Never THE END!

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