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Taking a chance.“Man, I’d love to suck his cock” I thought to myself as I looked over the personal ads on a gay dating site. I had just started college, and was away from home for the first time. I had never dared to experiment with another guy before, but always found myself secretly fantasizing about being the girl when I watched porn. Imagining I was I one sucking cock. When I came across Andres ad, I was immediately attracted to him. Tan skin, fit and hung, his photos had me contacting him before I had a chance to change my mind. Nervous, but excited at the possibilities, I invited him to my dorm room and expressed how I would love to see him in my bed, just like in his picture. Nude, lying back and legs spread open. Andres balls looked huge in the photos, so sexy. I can only describe them as two plump limes, each one well defined and beautiful. His hairy chest, flat stomach and thick semi erect cock had my heart racing. I knew that he he looked as good in person as his photos, I would swallow his cum. A first for me, but a long time fantasy.Waiting for him, nervous excitement had my heart and mind racing. I imagined acting out some of my favorite porn scenes, having him lay back while I worshiped his cock and balls with my mouth and tongue. Feeling the bahis firmaları weight of his dick, the girth of it inside my eager mouth. Teasing it, loving it until it spurt out its creamy, white load. When Andre arrived, beautiful and fit, just like his pictures, I felt so attracted and drawn to him. This felt like way more than a passing curiosity and I couldn’t wait to see his naked body, to touch him, to pleasure him. Sensing my nervousness and taking clues from my messages, he stripped down. I took my clothes off also and tried to steal glances at him, without being obvious. Andre moved to the bed, I watched his beautiful hanging dick swing as he layed back on the bed, exactly like he had in his ads photos. My cock was already hard just at the site of him and the thoughts of what was to come. I sat down on the bed next to him and heart pounding, reached out and ran my hand up his leg. It was the first time I had ever touched a man and it sent jolts of electricity through me. For some reason, I could not take my eyes off his cock and balls, alittle embarrassed to look him in the face i guess. A little embarrassed about the lust and desire I was feeling for him. I leaned towards him and caught his light musky scent, not over powering, but very perabet manly and sexual. Andre’s cock began to swell as it rested on his stomach and his balls, each one big, beautiful and well defined, moved and tightened up against his dicks base. I watched as his cock twiched, his egg sized balls would move also. I could not contain my lust any longer, nerves replaced by desire, I ran my finger tips from the bottoms of his tight balls to the tip of his cock and it jumped and throbbed, urging me on. Now rock hard and almost standing up, I stared at and licked his thick gorgeous dick. My first taste of cock, sending tingles through my whole body. His warm, smooth shaft felt so wonderful on my lips and tongue, I knew I loved cock in an instant. I wrapped my lips around his cocks head and slowly slid them down over it, then down his shaft. My mouth felt full and content, natural and wonderful. My hands explored Andres thighs and chest before craddlng and caressing his ample balls. My mouth longed for them, taking his cock from between my lips, I moved down and softly licked and sucked each delicate one, tracing circles with my tongue before taking each one in turn into my wet, hungry mouth. Andre moaned softly, and his sounds made my cock throb perabet giriş and leak pre cum, as if on the edge of orgasm. I was so turned on. I wanted nothing ching more than to taste Andres cum. To make his body shake and his cock spurt was all I could think about. I did want I knew I liked done to me and grabbed his thick, beautiful dick at the base and began to stroke him at the same time as I sucked his cocks head in and out of my mouth. Andre began to move on the bed, twisting and tightening his legs muscles, clearly nearing orgasm. I wanted him, I wanted all of him and forced my mouth further down his cock making it hit the back of my throat and making me gag. The feeling was incredible! Down again, over and over feeling his thick cock gag me, waiting for his glorious cum to shoot down my throat. Not knowing what to expect but wanting every bit of him, I held his cock deep in my mouth when I heard him moan and sensed his orgasm. Andres beautiful body shook as he released his load into my mouth and down my throat. I had to pull off him and swallow as wave after wave of warm semen flooded in. Never taking my lips off of him though, I tasted and swallowed all he could give me. After his orgasm subsided, I felt spent and exhausted. I didn’t know sex could be so amazing, so satisfying, just pleasuring another man.Andre moved towards me and I layed back as he gave me the best blowjob and orgasm of my life. Afterwards, he dressed and left. To be honest, missed him the second he walked out.

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