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TAKE ME HIKING (A gay tale)TAKE ME HIKING (A gay tale)Danny had been bugging his uncle Jamie to take him along his hiking trips for years. Now that Danny was in his early twenties, Jamie had finally agreed. Jamie had taken care of Danny since his parents died in a car crash five years ago. He was single but traveled a lot so Danny was by himself a lot. “Those trips are pretty special”, Jamie had warned his nephew“I bet they are..that’s why I’d like to go with you”, answered a persisted DannyThey were not trips that took Jamie very far since the wooded areas, unoccupied since the lumber company had gone belly up, were just outside town. Jamie also suspected Danny knew all along what went on during those hikes. The nephew was not stupid and he, of course, knew the purpose of the hikes and he thought he was ready for it. Both men knew the other knew but nobody said anything. “You’ll have to dress for them”, warned Jamie.“T-shirt and shorts ?”, suggested Danny“Yep..and commando…”, spurted Jamie blushing“Ok…just shirt and shorts”, acknowledged the nephew blushing also slightlyThe two men got into Jamie’s car and drove off. Jamie couldn’t help noticing how handsome his nephew was now. He was nearly as tall as he was, slim more than skinny, and had a beautiful face with a thin moustache and longish hair. He was delicate rather than effeminate, soft-spoken and very gentle. Jamie had put on weight as he reached his fifties but he was finely built without being athletic. He had a bit of a pouch and his buttocks filled his shorts. His hair was trimmed down to a few inches of blonde fuzz which was beginning to show a few grey areas.Fifteen minutes into the ride out, Jamie made sure of one thing.“Commando ?”, he asked his nephew.“ worry”, answered Danny as he slid his shorts down enough to show his pubic hair and the top of his cock. “Good boy”, said Jamie, relieved at not having to explain more.The atmosphere was relaxed and the two men joked since they had broken the ice without actually getting into an emotional discussion. They finally reached their destination and turned off two-lane highway. They followed a country road for a few minutes and turned off again but this time into a narrow dirt road. Jamie parked beside a few other cars under the trees. “Looks busy”, said Danny“Naw…a few regulars, but there is another road in from Vale which is usually more crowded”, answered Jamie knowledgeably.Both dressed in running shoes, tight shorts and t-shirts, Jamie and Danny got out of the car.“Don’t get out of my sight…you can get lost here”, advised Jamie.The two men walked for about five minutes without stopping, then they got to a small clearing. Jamie stopped and looked around. He pointed to some bushes some 50 yards away. Both men could see some naked flesh and movement. “Do you like to watch ?”, enquired Jamie smiling“Yeah…gets me excited”, answered DannyJamie walked silently towards the bushes by following the outside path around the clearing, then he moved back into the wooded area. They had a good view from there. Two naked men were lying side by side on the ground, embracing and gently touching each other’s limp cock. “Too late”, whispered Jamie.“Too late ?”, asked Danny“Yep..they’re done”, answered the uncle.“Do you know them ?”, asked Danny feeling his cock getting very hard“The one on the right…never seen the other”, answered the older manBoth men in their late 50s got up slowly, brushed off dirt and twigs, and put on their clothes. Jamie and Danny walked towards the couple. “Hey”, said the man Jamie knew“Hey”, answered Jamie, “my nephew”.“Nice”, said both older men in unison“Thanks”, answered Danny“Some young guys further along”, said the unknown man “From Vale, like me”.Jamie put his hand on his crotch and Danny stepped back. “I’m done for today”, announced the man Jamie knew.“Top ?”, asked the other man, a plump specimen but somewhat athletic.“Yep”, answered Jamie.“Did you ever do him ?”, asked the man from Vale, nodding his head towards the other man.Jamie nodded. “You ?”, asked Jamie.“Yep…just now”, answered the man as he removed his shorts showing his half-erect cock.The other man took Danny a little further from the couple.“I like watching also”, said the older man“Me too”, answered Danny, his high-pitched voice showing his excitement“They’re gonna do it ?”, asked Danny, anticipating seeing his uncle naked.“Two tops…two stallions”, answered the older man.Danny was puzzled.“I understand but then why are they ..?”, he beganJamie had pulled his shorts off also. Both men were now fully erect and their buttocks were rippling as they walked in circles. They finally came together in a bear hug, kissing or rather licking each other’s face, their cocks pressing and rubbing and moving around on their bellies. The man next to Danny had dropped his shorts and was slowly masturbating.“Don’t worry I’m bottom also”, he whispered to the boy.The two naked lovers were talking to each other while dancing around. “Oh yessss…”, said the older man to Danny. “cockfight ! ”. Of course Danny had heard of cockfights between tops and he watched wide-eyed as his uncle was about to engage in one. Both men were big and had similar size cocks. They separated and made humping motions at each other, then obscene gestures. Jamie took his rod in his hand and dared his opponent. The man from Vale took him up on his invitation, took a few steps forward and the two men began sword fighting with their cocks. Danny could see the pain in his uncle’s eyes. Each combatant held his cock with one hand and was trying to pinch the other man’s nipples with the other. “They both fucked me”, whispered the man to Danny.“I guess they’re fighting over you ”, answered the nephew as he pulled his shorts down around his ankles.The two fighters collapsed again in each other’s arms and sucked tongues, moving their hips around so that their stiff rods collided, poked and slipped between their thighs. Jamie grabbed his rival’s buttocks with both hands, his fingers meeting in the crack of his ass. The other man also grabbed Jamie’s ass and was pocking a few fingers between the uncle’s buttocks. The men spit at each other and started to pull at each other’s short hair while banging their cocks together. Jamie tripped his opponent and the two big daddies fell on the moist ground in a tangle of arms, legs, ass and cocks. Danny and his older friend ran towards the heap of flesh to get a edirne escort better look, their rods dangling between their legs. Jamie had managed to get on top and began to suck on his opponents cock. The Vale man twisted around and finally Jamie and him settled in a cocksucking 69. Sucking wildly and finger-fucking each other’s asshole, the two stallions were both on the edge of orgasm.“Wow…that’s a really big fight”, yelled the older man.“You’re not k**ding”, answered Danny, his cock about to burst.Finally the Vale man took Jamie’s cock out of his mouth to let Jamie spurt all over his face. Danny’s uncle had lost the fight. Danny pulled up his shorts before his uncle got up. The Vale man was still on the ground licking Jamie’s cum from his face and he was soon joined by Danny’s friend who also wanted a taste. Jamie put his shorts back on, put his arm around Danny’s shoulders and both men walked briskly away.————————————————————————————Danny kept quiet as they walked more slowly into the woods. Finally Jamie broke the silence.“He had cum just before. He had the advantage.” said Jamie in a quiet voice.“I thought you were pretty awesome”, answered Danny beaming.“We’ll cross paths and get into it again”, said the uncle“It’s a small…”, added Danny stopping his sentence as he saw people approaching.An older man and a young man were walking in their direction. “Hi there”, said the older man“Hi”, answered Jamie and Danny.“My son”,
said the older man, looking at the rather short square-shouldered blonde next to him.“My nephew”, answered Jamie. The son stopped in his tracks, then made a bee line for Danny. The two boys put their hands on each other’s hips and began to sniff each other face and neck. The son pulled off his t-shirt and Danny imitated him. Jamie and the other man looked on a few yards away. The boys took turns sniffed each other’s armpits. The son began to suck on Danny’s nipples while both were pulling down the other’s shorts, erect cocks flapping against hard tummies. Danny was very horny after watching the cockfight and the other boy, his name was Stu, seemed to be lusting after anything with a cock. “Fine looking stud”, said Jamie to the man“Thank you…your nephew is hot”, answered the man“You wanna let them go ?”, asked Jamie“Sure..if it’s ok with you”, answered the man, “My son will poke his boy pussy but he’ll be gentle”. The two boys were going at it with gusto. Danny knew the drill and he was kneeling in front of Stu and sucking on his cock. Stu pulled out of his mouth before he came and turned Danny around. Danny got on his hands and knees and Stu buried his face between the nephew’s asscheeks. “He’s a licker is he ?” asked Jamie“Oh yeah…he can suck ass with the best of them”, answered his fatherBoth men had dropped their drawers by then and were standing fully erect watching their son and nephew prepare for mating.“Should we join in ?”, asked the man, “if your nephew is up to sucking my cock”.“If you get my nephew to suck your cock , I’ll rim your son’s hole”, added Jamie.“Deal”, answered the older manBy then Stu was mounting Danny. His long hard rod was all the way inside Danny. Both boys were yelling obscenities at each other as they fucked. Stu’s dad walked over to the couple and stood in front of Danny waving his cock in front of his face. Jamie knelt behind Stu and opened his asscrack with his hands, driving his tongue deep inside Stu’s butthole. Inevitably Stu came first, his sphincter muscles closing over Jamie’s tongue, then Danny spurted in the older man’s mouth, dripping from either side. Danny fell on the ground with Stu on top of him. The boys kissed in that position for awhile before Stu pulled out of him. Jamie walked over to Stu’s dad and kissed him on the mouth, tasting Danny seed at the same time.“Want to fill my man pussy ?”, asked the older man“You want to be my bitch ?”, answered JamieThe two boys cuddled and kissed while they watched the older men get into a mating dance. Jamie felt like a missionary fuck so he approached his bitch face to face. The two men kissed, Jamie rubbing his hairy chest against the older man’s smooth flesh. Jamie grabbed the man’s buttocks with both hands and began to massage his butthole while pushing his rod between the man’s thighs. Jamie finally lifted the man who put his legs on either side of Jamie’s hips. Danny’s uncle lowered the man to the ground and mounted him. The older man opened his legs wide, rested them on Jamie’s shoulders and lifted his ass so his hole could be reached by Jamie’s cock. The two men kissed again as Jamie slid his rod underneath the man’s balls right into his ass. They both screamed. Jamie began to hump his bitch slowly then more quickly. Danny and Stu got up and got on their knees near the couple to watch the men mating. It would have been easy for them to participate at one end and the other but they decided to let the men fuck without their intervention. Jamie pushed his rod deep inside his lover and was humping him with all he had. Jamie screamed when he came and the older man spurted his seed on his stomach as he felt Jamie rod explode inside him. Jamie and his lover were on the ground for awhile before they finally got up. “How was it uncle ?”, asked Danny“It was great…a big fuck…very satisfying”, answered Jamie, “and yours ?”“Very nice..and I got a full load in my mouth”, answered the nephewThe older man and his son were exchanging comments also. The two couples promised to watch out for each other the following weekend. They even contemplated having a daisy chain. Jamie and Danny dressed once again and were on their way.“If you’re interested, the cross-dressers are out in numbers around the bend near the highway”, shouted the older man.“Thanks, good idea”, answered Jamie as he waved.After a few minutes, Danny broke the silence.“Have you ever had a cross-dresser ?”, he asked, a little upset at his blushing.“Yeah..a few times. It can be fun”, answered his uncle.,”Especially the black ones have quite an ass”.“I guess they’re more competition for me than possible partners”, mused Danny“Not always. Some are versatile, can be tops or bottoms. I’ve seen cross-dressers fuck each other on occasion”, said Jamie, intent in giving his nephew some useful pointers.“Mmmmm…love to watch that”, answered Danny“You’re as much a voyeur as I am”, laughed his uncle“Yes..I guess I am…it gets escort edirne excited and ready”, answered DannyOnce they were deeper in the woods, they heard some shouting and laughter. They walked towards a group of naked men forming a circle. When they reached the group, they saw they were watching an argument between two transvestites. Jamie walked over to Bob, a very attractive and effeminate silver fox, and a regular in this area.“Hey..what’s up baby”, asked Jamie as the two men kissed on the mouth. “’s the inevitable turf war between the cross-dressers of Richmond and those of Vale”, answered the older man looking with interest at Danny.“My nephew”, said Jamie, anticipating the question“Hi”, said Bob, blowing a kiss to Danny.“Hi”, answered Danny, blowing a kiss back.Jamie looked on with amusement as Danny and Bob, two bottoms, young and old, began to flirt.Shouts from the two sissies, one white, one black, interrupted the flirting couple.“If I see your black ass again around here, I’ll kick it back to Vale”, shouted the white girl, dressed in a red miniskirt, black top and blonde wig.“I’ll rip your tits off, white trash”, shouted the black girl, whose erect cock was clearly making a large bump on the front of her tight white satin dress. The argument seemed to be over a young man, about Danny’s age. “He and I planned this”, whispered Bob with a devilish smile.“These two have been looking for it for days…we just facilitated their meeting here”, he added.Jamie and Danny laughed nervously.“You wanted to watch a fight, Bob ?”, asked Danny“You bet…these girls can get vicious”, answered Bob rather proudly.“I agree. Love them also”, answered Jamie wrapping his hand around his cock, “Love to watch the black girl and her lovely ass”.The white sissy was rather plump and short in her 50s while the black girl was a bit younger and tall and slim with a gorgeous bubble ass, the two globes rubbing against each other in her tight dress.The fight broke out much to the amusement and excitement of the crowd of naked men and half-a-dozen other transvestites. The two cross-dressers had ripped off each other’s wig and were throwing wild punches. Their make-up was dripping mixing with their sweat. They tried to keep their balance as they circled each other, their heels not made for the damp ground they were fighting in. The girl in the mini kicked the black girl who kicked back ripping her white dress down the middle. The girls grabbed the other’s top and pulled it with both hands. Ripppp…Ripppp…did the fabric as empty bras were uncovered, the black girl’s hanging from only one strap. The white girl’s mini was hiked up around her waist from the kicking movements and her blue panties came into full view, complete with the embarrassing bulge. They came together in a bear hug, scratching each other’s fabric-covered ass and biting shoulders and neck. “Nasty fight”, commented Danny, now fully erect.“I’m glad you like it”, purred Bob brushing the nephew’s asscheeks with his open hand.Jamie didn’t inter
fere. Danny was on his own as far as he was concerned.The girls had ripped most of their clothing off and were having a wild fistfight. The white girl was in bra and panties while the black girl showed black fuzz on her flat chest and her bulge just at the limit of bursting out of her flowery thong, visibly excited by the fight.“Quite an ass”, commented Jamie who was intent on the black girl“Did you ever get a taste ?”, asked Bob, elbowing the uncle.“Nah..not that one”, answered Jamie rather disappointedBoth girls had nose-bleeds and the white girl, older than her opponent, had a split lip. They were both exhausted from their fight and a few men took advantage of the lull in the action to separate them.Everybody applauded and there was some more jostling between a few cross-dressers who had obviously taken opposite sides. Jamie took advantage of the fact that Bob and Danny had began to apply little kisses to each other’s face to catch up to the black girl who had been in the fight.Danny was a bit perplexed with Bob coming on to him although he was also attracted to the older effeminate man. Bob had sensed it.“No need to have wham bam between us”, purred Bob.“No..I guess not”, said Danny, much relieved.Bob was playing with Danny’s small ass and the nephew’s hand was holding Bob erect cock.“I got filled about an hour ago”, admitted Danny, feeling Bob’s fingers exploring his hole.“Mmmm…thought so”, whispered Bob visibly excited.He bend down to suck on Danny’s nipples and kissed his way around his stomach to the small of his back. Danny instinctively got on his hands and knees while the silver fox buried his head between the young man asscheeks. Both men closed their eyes and enjoyed it. In the meantime, Jamie had found the black girl. She was being patched up by two of her sissy friends. He had found out her name was Minnie. “I thought you won that fight”, he said as he approached the small gathering.“She sure did”, added another black girl a little older than Minnie.“If they had let us finish, I would have wiped the ground with that white bitch”, yelled Minnie, still furious.“You’ll get another chance to settle it”, comforted Jamie.Jamie crouched next to the girl still dressed only in her thong and touched her big lips with his fingers.“Ouch…”, yelped Minnie.“Sorry sweetie…just wanted to help”, said Jamie.“You girls can leave now”, smiled Minnie, “I think I can handle this myself”.The other sissies left Jamie and Minnie alone and walked away, making dirty comments, elbowing each other, and giggling.“Do you want to get dressed again ?”, inquired Jamie.“With what ?”, she screamed, “That bitch ripped my dress in half”. “That’s ok..we’ll call it a dress with a slit”, suggested Jamie. “Besides it’s easier to ..get inside”. “Oh you want to get inside ?”, purred Minnie, opening her large red lips slightly, as she slipped on her satin dress, her bulging thong showing through the front slit. Jamie got up and waved his large hard cock inches in front of Minnie’s half-open mouth.“I’ll lick your candy bar but you’ll have to fill my box”, cooed Minnie looking straight at Jamie’s cock.“I’ll lick your cunt hole and fill it”, promised Jamie who could be very direct.“Oh my…Oh my…”, said Minnie, pushing her long hair back, before she took Jamie’s cock in her mouth and began to lick the knob.Jamie had been in these parts quite a long time and he had acquired a certain edirne escort bayan status. Most other men respected him. A few of them had watched Jamie’s approach with the black girl with some admiration and excitement. They gathered around the couple, giving them ample room, and stroking cocks, theirs and their neighbours, slowly as they watched the couple start to copulate.In the other part of the woods, Danny and Bob were engaged in all-out sex. After Bob had rimmed Danny to his satisfaction, both men had agreed to pee on the nearest tree. When Bob had turned to spray Danny with his last stream, Danny had done the same, as he had been expecting it, and both men had tumbled to the ground in a heap of naked cock and ass. Mouths had lustily searched for cock and both men had found themselves in 69. After the initial and traditional slit licking of pee, they had settled into a deep mutual suck and slowed the pace down. Bob took the lead and buried a few fingers in Danny’s hole while he sucked his cock, and Danny imitated him, pumping the silver fox’s puckered hole with his fingers. Then Bob let go of the young man’s cock to start licking his balls. Danny did the same as both men sucked on their scrotum, taking a ball in their mouth then the other. Bob extended his neck as far as he could and licked Danny’s ass, a familiar territory for him, while Danny tickled his partner’s asscrack with his tongue. Both men performed mutual anilingus for a few minutes but it was too difficult to hold. They came back to cocksucking, sometimes Bob was on top, then Danny took over, and the finished sideways. A few of Bob’s friends were watching the mutual suck with admiration and some envy. While the copulating couple was on its side, one man began to fondle Bob’s ass and press his own hard rod against the older man’s buttocks. Seeing that Bob didn’t seem to mind, he got into position and slipped his cock half-way inside Bob’s ass. Bob’s loud moan was muffled by Danny’s cock in his mouth. Danny was aware of the other men and he wanted to be part of the action. He took his free hand and opened his asscheeks as a sign he was willing. It didn’t take long for a short pudgy man to fill his hole with his rod. It took a few minutes but the foursome found its rhythm. The underbrush they were in was filled the moans and muffled cries of men fucking and sucking.Jamie slipped his rock-hard cock out of Minnie’s mouth, bent over and kissed the black girl on the mouth. Minnie got up to clasp Jamie in her arms as the two sucked tongue and fondled ass and cock. “Ever been in a fight with another black girl ?”, Jamie whispered in Minnie’s ear, between kisses.“Yeah baby…me and Sammie, the dirty slut, we’re always clawing at each other”, Minnie answered, her short black cock getting harder.“Oh..would love to watch that”, purred Jamie into her ear.“You want to watch me fight, big boy ?”, Minnie laughed, “Turns you on don’t it”.Jamie was turned on and wanted badly to fuck the fighter.“Is Sammie here ?”, asked Jamie who just had a great idea.“Yeah the bitch was watching my fight”, answered Minnie puzzled a bit by the request.Jamie turned to the few spectators and asked them to find Sammie. “If that cunt comes near me I swear…I’ll…”, yelled an excited Minnie“Relax baby…you’ll get both your wishes”, said Jamie poking Minnie’s stomach with his cock.As soon as Minnie and Sammie saw each other, the two black beauties began to shout obscenities.“You ass-sucking whore”, yelled Minnie, “I’ll rip your cunt off “.“I’ll kick your ass back to Vale, you fucking dyke”, yelled an excited Sammie.Sammie seemed a bit younger than Minnie and also tall and slim. She was fully dressed in a black miniskirt and frilly blouse. Minnie had fixed her bra strap and pulled up the top of her battered dress over her bra. The athletic-looking man who had brought Sammie over knew exactly what Jamie had in mind and stood by him for instructions. It didn’t take long for the two black girls to start swinging at each other and rip each other’s wig off. Sammie scratched Minnie’s face after Minnie had grabbed the front of Sammie’s blouse and ripped it off. Both girls were in bras now and still had their skirt and dress on. Jamie gave the other man the signal. Jamie stood behind Minnie and the other man behind Sammie. Both girls looked nervously behind them but it was too late. Jamie had lifted Minnie’s dress as she fell to her knees. The other man, who seemed rather strong, was already on Sammie’s back and had pulled off her panties. Both girls were on all fours and had stopped fighting
, more concerned with the men playing with their ass. The experienced Jamie didn’t take long to subdue Minnie and slide his knob past her puckered hole. The other man poked for a few seconds at Sammie butt before he slid his hard tool between her bulging asscheeks. Both men pulled off a little to give the girls a chance to crawl towards each other. Excited by the attention the men were giving them, the two sissies engaged in a nasty face-to-face battle on all fours. Practically sitting on the girls, the men had penetrated their fighter to the fullest. The in-fighting was brutal and vicious. The two girls scratched each other’s face and were biting each other on the neck and shoulders. In a sexual trance, immensely excited by the sight of the two black sissies slicing each other with their nails, the two men screamed nearly in unison and shot their load into their lover’s ass. They pulled the fighters away from each other and fell on them a few feet apart. Both men still had their cock inside the girls and after a few seconds began to hump them again. Jamie looked up and saw Danny and Bob looking on with great interest. Jamie’s accomplice was still humping Sammie when Danny waved his cock in front of his face. The man licked Danny’s knob while he got another load inside Sammie. Jamie invited Bob to fill his mouth with his hard cock. As soon as he felt Bob’s load in his throat, he shot his own load inside a moaning Minnie. After he had taken care of Minnie’s face and had seen to Sammie’s well being, Jamie joined Bob and Danny who were lying on the grass holding hands.“ got to tell me what that was about”, asked Danny“Some other time …some other time”, answered a totally exhausted Jamie.“I can drive him home if you want”, proposed Bob“Sure..he’s a big boy now”, answered Jamie smilingJamie turned around slowly and began to walk back to his car which was on the other side of the forest. “Jamie ?”, cried Danny« Yeah ? », asked Jamie as he turned around“Thanks for the hike”, said Danny smiling“Anytime nephew…anytime”, answered Jamie as he continued on his journey back

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