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SWEET MEMORIS No.2Yoko, my sex partner, introduced me to her friend. Her name is Nami. She has just graduated from a high school student. deleted We planned for some food outside in a selected restaurant nearby. After that, we took an auto to my room. We chattered for one hour.Nami said that she was scared a little and wanted Yoko to stay together. I was embarrassed much. But Nami insisted much. So I came to fuck Nami in front of Yoko’s eyes. (Yoko was looking to Nami’s sex scene)I asked them to shoot our sex scenes. Nami was embarrassed. I remembered Yoko’s body and the sex with her. It was splendid. I wanted the documentary. I asked them 3P.Yoko replied, “OK, but you?” Nami replied, “If you stay with me, I am OK also.” I went to Yoko first because we were accustomed. I thought that Nami might get positively. We moved to the bed. I made Yoko naked and caress her body. I was tried to give an introduction because Nami has just graduated from a high school. I show canlı bahis everything of the foreplay. But I didn’t insert to Yoko, because I want to enjoy Nami’ body fully.Yoko raises up and took the camera. Instead, Name leaned on the bed. I moved to Nami and cover her body. I kissed her. Then, I was fondling her boobs. She tried to remove my shirt and I helped with it and I am half naked and then I tried to remove her top. She helped me in doing and she also removed her bra. For the first time in my life, I saw the beautiful melons of a high school student. I caressed with my hands and pressing them with my hands firmly and at the same time. I tried to tease her a lot by sucking those nipples, she cried of pain but at the same time she is enjoying my moves and some wildness.I don’t know that Yoko stimulated her or not. But Nami was positive. Then she grabbed my dick above my jeans. I helped her to loosen my jeans and at the same time she lessened her lower perabet and in a sec it was down and she is not wearing anything inside and for the first time I saw her pussy, and it was dripping beautiful and I started to move my hand on the pussy and as I immediately removed my clothes and became naked. I started to rub her pussy and she is becoming wild and losing control by moaning “AAhhh! deleted I tasted her pussy. It was salty and the love juices are leaking from her pussy. The smell of her pussy was amazing and it was driving me crazy.I thought that it was the time inserting. I picked my cock up and inserted it to her.I started to fuck her. I slowly tried to make to and fro action and after some pushes, my dick is completely drenched in her fuck hole. I increased the pace and we started to enjoy the pleasure.(Yoko’s sex scene)I took her legs up on my shoulder. I penetrated deeper. I started to fuck in hard pace. I changed position many times. perabet giriş I enjoyed the young body fully. Yoko shot videos and photos besides us.I got excited and increased her fucking speed and I was also getting into climax. It was the moment I reached the orgasm that she bent her body back with a loud voice “Aahhh…”After I put off my penis. I asked her, “Did you have sex before?” She said, “Yes, with my schoolmate once. I was relieved. I don’t have to care so much.uFinally, I arranged two women and loved them in the same way. Two women competed for me each other. I was busy to treat them in the same way.I gave two cumshots to Nami and one cumshot to Yoko. I got tired.I send them to their home later. I saw the videos. I fucked Nami energetically. It was a sweet memory for me.I called up Nami and after school. I pick her up again.deleted I had sex with her in the second time. She wore her uniform. I got excited much. Without Yoko, I was relaxed. I enjoyed Nami’s body as much as I wanted.Finally, I shot my cumshot in the deep of her hot box.(Nami after Sex)                                                                                                                                    

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