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Surprise for my husbandSo one evening I was bored, when I’m bored, that’s when I usually come up with bad, ornery ideas and thoughts. Well this particular evening, I was sitting at home all alone, enjoying a few drinks. As I sat there, my mind started to wander. I kept thinking about different ideas of how I could surprise and shock the hell out of my husband. As the ideas ran through my mind, I became sure that I was going to definitely plan it. Now that I’m extremely determined, I started planning the whole scenario.I decided that I would ask a few of my girlfriends to help me with my special surprise. First I chose a few of my most trusted girlfriends. Next I explained to them that my husband had a huge pee fetish and I wanted to incorporate it into the scenario. At that moment, I also made it very clear to them that it may get a little bit crazy. Pausing briefly, then I asked them if they were still interested. All three of them excitedly expressed that they were definitely game and ready to get on with it. Next, I informed them that we would have to plan fast because he was due back in town in two days. It was already Thursday night, and he was scheduled to be back in town early Saturday evening. So we had lots of plans to make. I suggested that we get together tonight at my place, have some drinks and make the plans. After everyone arrived at the house, we ran out to the liquor store, I had each one of them pick out a bottle of their favorite liquor?. Once back at the house, we made our drinks and gathered around the kitchen table to chat and come up with some ideas. We finally decided that late Saturday afternoon we were going to go out to dinner. The plan was to eat dinner and have a few drinks… (Well actually to have quite a few drinks) and then catch a Uber home. His plane was scheduled to land at 8:50, that would put him home about 10:10. Beings we were only about 20 minutes from my house, We purposely planned our ride at 9:20, so we would arrive at the house about 30 minutes before he got home. Once at my house, we each made ourselves a stiff drink, got naked, and got in the jacuzzi. We all illegal bahis siteleri just sat in the bubbling water, laughing, chatting. At this point, the four of us are feeling very buzzed, excited and quite tipsy. As we chatted about what was about to go on…we were definitely getting aroused and horny. Slowly we start to touch and tease one another. Very slowly I began sliding my hand up my friends leg. Making it look like a mistake at first, as if I was looking for a jet controller. Once I realized she was completely ok and very much enjoying it, I started being a little more aggressive. Before no time…. I was rubbing my fingers up and down her pussy lips. As her arousal grew, I noticed that the two other ladies were watching and quite interested in the action. In fact I noticed as they were watching with excitement they to were rubbing on one another.. I could tell they both were also getting very excited and horny. I couldn’t wait any longer… I wanted to take this to the next level. I grabbed a hold of one of their hands, and slowly guided them to my sweet spot. I helped her get started by gently gliding her fingertips up and down my smooth pussy lips. We continued caressing each other for a few more minutes. Before we knew it, we were all rubbing, grinding and kissing on one another’s naked bodies. This maybe went on for about ten minutes. Just then, I heard a car door shut. That was my que… my husband is home and I know he’s trying to get a shower before I get home. Little does he know, I’m not at a meeting like I said I’d be…. I’m actually already home. We wait to hear the shower turn on, and then make our move. We get out quietly, and head into my bedroom. We four ladies lay our naked bodies down across my king size bed. We continue to rub and play with each other. Gradually getting more and more ornery. Just before my husband shuts off the shower, my friend Kara and I get brave and decide that we want to eat each other’s pussies. We both grab a set of legs, spread them wide open, and begin eating the other two ladies pussies out. As we are enjoying the taste of all their youwin hot, dripping pussy liquids, my husband opens the door. He immediately froze in the doorway. Looking very much shocked and surprised just as I imagined. He just stood there in astonishishment Us four ladies paused for a brief moment, looking over and acknowledging his presence. Still standing there frozen, totally motionless still in absolute surprise and shock. I tell him to stay where he is, and immediately return to our little ladies only adventure. After a while of pleasuring one another, we look over to him again…. This time we invite him to come closer. Teasing him slightly by only allowing him to the very end of the bed. Just close enough for him to get a better veiw. We can tell he is extremely excited and turned on by watching us play with each other. We can see through the towel his cock was very erect and need of attention. Just then one of the girls orders him to drop his towel and let us see his manhood. At first he just stands before us, motionless… Letting us enjoy looking at his thick, stiff cock. After a few minutes…(probably seconds) he began to stroke and rub himself. We all are practically staring and admiring his actions for a little bit. Finally, we ask him if he would like to join us on the bed. Encouraging him to touch and rub on all of our very moist pussies. Without a pause, he climbs into the bed, and reaches down towards our pussies. As he is enjoying rubbing and caressing on each of us, we ask what he would like to see. It’s his turn to call all the moves. He’s already prepared. He quickly moves each one of us into position. He lays Kara on her back, spreads her legs, places Gina in between them, then tells her that he wants to watch her eat that pussy. Next he has me spread my legs, guides me over top Kara’s face, facing me so I can watch Gina eating Kara’s pussy. Slowly he pushes me downward until my pussy reaches her mouth. Also saying how he wants to watch her eat my pussy. Finally he has Tina lay down on her back, slides her up the bed. Has her put her face up under Gina’s spread legs. perabet He watches for a brief moment, noticing Tina squirming and thrusting her hips all around, her pussy just begging for some attention. He moves up onto the bed, lifts Tina’s legs, spreading them as wide as he can, and slowly slides his stiff, throbbing cock inside her. The mixture of getting my pussy eaten, watching the other ladies getting thier pussies eaten, watching his facial expressions, and hearing Tina moan as he slid his manhood inside her almost threw me over the edge. Just as I gained control, Tina in a panic… murmurs out….” Oh my gosh… You gotta stop, I’m going to piss myself”. My husband is relentless… He doesn’t stop, he doesn’t even slow down. She starts to panic even more… She’s begging him to stop, she’s never orgasmed with a full bladder before. She’s in sheer panic. I’m about to lose it, watching him experience this is so hot. I can tell he’s totally enjoying this situation. I give him a wink,… Lean down towards him and whisper to him…” comfort her, let her know it’s ok. Tell her how much it turns you on…. And definitely tell her how much she is going to love the orgasm.” With an ornery smile, he leaned forward, kissed me and whispered….”watch this baby”. He grabbed her knees, spread her legs as wide as he could. Next he reached back up and grasped onto each of my hands, gripping on tight trying to gain as much leverage as possible. Once he gathered his leverage, he began thrusting his throbbing, thick cock into her leaky, little needy pussy. With each thrust, she moaned louder and louder as he sunk his manhood deeper and deeper inside her. She was falling apart… I watched her squirming and thrusting her body out of control. Soon her whole body began to quiver. Within seconds she realized she was about to lose control. She wrapped her arms around Gina’s legs, grasping
for dear life. Her back started to arch upwards, she took in one deep breath, when she started to exhale…. She lost control. A loud squeal filled the room, followed by a long moaned of relief. I looked down to watch my husband pumping his cock inside her, within two or three strokes…. Her hot juices were squirting out all over the place. Her liquids drenching the bed sheets. As us three ladies watched her explosive orgasm, we one by one began to soak the bed sheets.

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