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Summerfest Ticket to paradiseby WilliacjI ran into Amanda Maas at summerfest, I attempted to give her a hug but she was not having it, the tall grunge haired guy she was with gave me an odd stare as if he wanted to fight me, I’m not surprised he’s a typical male Caucasian boy who probably he’s running everything because he’s hanging out with a short brunette with large boobs.Somehow things worked out in my favor a few months down the road, the white boy found another pair of big tits to suck on and now she was single, we ran into each other at Brady street festival,surprisingly she gave me a hug and I bought her a beer and I gave her my number, not expecting her to call me back.2 days later she calls me up and she asks me if I wanted to hang out with her at Von Trier on north avenue.We go to Von trier and I buy her a drink, we start talking about relationships, she tells me she likes her freedom, and she’s not interested in anything serious right now, I’m in the same position, as we’re sitting at the bar I ask her where she wants to go after this.”dude I’m with you tonight” she says. I suggested my place, she shrugged her shoulders”i have no problem with that” she tells me, so we call up a UBER and split the fare.After paying the fare we walk up the stairs to my place holding hands.”thank you for coming over” i told her, I open the door to my apartment closed the door. I turned on the tv she gave me a long hug and i responded with kissing her on the forehead. Amanda then leaned up and pressed her lips against mine”gimme some tongue sweetie” she begged.we locked lips for a good 5 minutes all the while i’m thinking to myself when i get her fucking panties tekirdağ escort off I’m going to nail her into next week Wednesday! i have a brand new purple mattress and I could turn on the AC so my neighbors wouldn’t hear anything.I tell her to take her shirt off i reach under her dress and finger her pussy.”get them titties out for me babe” i told her. 10 minutes later our clothes lay on the floor next to the bed in a pile they should call her Amanda mammaries because she’s got some nice ones“omg dude got you slobbering all over my big boobies.” she exclaimed. I immediately flicked her nipples with my tongue and she reached over and tugged on my belt”take em off dude” she said pointing at my crotch I took off my shorts and she pulled her shorts down followed by her panties.”I’m already wet dude fill me up with that dick” she said fingering herself.Goldford’s “style like you” is playing on the radio,I’ve always wanted to fuck her to this song. I’m laying on my back on the bed as Amanda reaches down and guides my dick inside her.”ohhhhh” she exclaims as she rides me back and forth”oh my god this feels good you’re so good with your dick” she says then I’m gripping her butt cheeks as she rides me. i can’t take it anymore,i gotta manhandle maas, i lean up flick her nipples with my tongue before wrapping my arms around her waist and flipping her over.I pushed my dick against her tight pussy lips.”ohhhhhh !”she murmured, boy she was tight.”I’m gonna go slow,ima give it to you good my beautiful maas” I promised.she grabbed me and pressed her lips against mine then I put my face in her cleavage and started workin my dick into her pussy. the camera escort tekirdağ cuts to a backside view of my ass going up and down between Amanda’s legs. she wiggles her toes and digs her long nails into my backside “ohhhhhhh my goodness” she murmured again I kiss her nipples flicking them repeatedly with my tongue, my ball sacks start slapping against her pussy lips as her cream trickles slowly out of her pussy.I pick up speed in her”ohhhh i felt that,oh my god please mmmm yes it feels fucking,oh god ..fuck you!“ she stuttered. I planted my arms by her side and began planking away in her pussy”uhhh…eeemmmmm!” I grunted as I plunged my dick into her”gettin that tight pink pussy tore up” I grunted I start burrowing away in her she looked into my eyes.”dude you’re gettin’ up in my belly with that dick,ohhh thank you!” she murmured,I wasn’t like those white dudes in her college classes, most of them don’t know a flick from a dick.The camera cuts to my dick going into her pussy.”right up in you with that dick, i know you felt that didn’t you?” i asked she runs her nails across my back”uhhhhhhhhh” she stammered” told you i was gonna get up in that pussy didn’t I manda? “yes ohh my god hell fucking yes ohhh god oh my goodness please” she moaned.nobody got style like you nobody got pussy like you Amanda, nobody got titties that big either! i looked back at her pretty maroon painted toes and when i worked it up in her her toes wiggled then curled up.Amanda was getting her pussy widened by my dick “feel all of that dick ‘manda don’t you?” she just closed her eyes and let me own that slot”yes oh fucking god dude you’re fucking the shit out of-” tekirdağ escort bayan she headboard began to burka burka burka burka against the wall i grab a hold of the mattress and began pumpin up in her,she’s getting the living shit fucked out of her right now.”uhhhh ‘manda give me that tight pussy!” i demanded she’s breathing hard I’ve got her pinned to the bed her legs in the air we’re both sweaty, i lean down and suck on those big tits still dicking that tight shaved pussy.”doing you up manda!” i grunted she probably had never been fucked like this before and i hope I’m getting up in her as much as i can on that bed. a nuclear disaster couldn’t get me out of this twat right now! she leaned up and kissed me.”oh my god fuck me just fuck me!”she stuttered i fucked her missionary position for awhile i wanted to fuck her doggy style but this felt incredible. i looked into her eyes as i fucked her she knew i was coming and I didn’t want to pull out until i popped my load into her.i held her soft body tightly buried my face in between her tits and pumped mercilessly into her “urmffff urghhhhh manda i demand manda!” i groaned letting off a thick rope of creamy spunk into her. she wrapped her arms around my neck squeezed my ass and ran her fingers across my bald head several times.”saved that fuckin nut up for the manda” I told her. she nodded.”ohhhh i loved it,every bit of that shit” she replied. i pulled my dick out of her well worked pussy and saw my thick cum slowly oozing out.”surprise pussy,I never expected you to let me up in it, what made you change your mind? i asked her”she leaned up and kissed me.”girl’s got needs dude” she says”you gave me what I needed!”she wrapped her legs around my waist”dude you wore me out” she sighed,we lay there naked holding each other I took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently nibbled on it prompting her to run her fingernails across my backside.

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