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Stretched to perfectionWith Sophie standing over me, I feel the massive butt plug force its way up my hole, as I sit down on it. Going past its widest point of 32 cm circumference, I can barely contain myself. The pressure is so intense I gasp for air. She puts her hands on my shoulders and push me further down. I gasp again as I squirt a bit of pee. Sophie smiles and nods approvingly, “That’s a good girl!”.Sitting with my full weight on the plug, Sophie starts to tie me up. First both legs folded, then securing my wrist to my ankles, and a bar between, disallowing me to move much at all. I’m at her mercy, and I’m spread wide open.Sitting in front of me wearing only a basque and stockings matching my own, she reaches down between my legs, letting her hands slide gently over my exposed, caged cock. The pressure inside is immense, but with a cage a mere 1.36” long, it’s impossible for me to become even near fully erect inside my tiny cage.She reaches further down, gently massaging, gently squeezing my ball sack for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri several long minutes, teasing me, rubbing me, building the pressure inside my cage, yet the cage absolutely refuses to allow me to get fully har cause it’s so tiny. Sophie finally opens the lock, removes the cage, but the ring around the base stays on.Using the lightest touch from well oiled hands, she’s teasing me even further, painfully slowly. My hole is so stretched it feels as if I’m about to tear, yet I have no way of easing the pressure due to my bondage. I desperately try to move to try to find a better position, but I only end up pushing the plug even deeper, stretching me even further.Sophie keeps playing with me. Now fully erect, ever so gently she teases me closer and closer. Pausing. Gently brushing her fingers up my cock. Pausing again. Over and over, edging me further and further.She stands up, turns around, bends down to continue the teasing, allowing me a great view of her youwin clean shaved pussy; between her long, meaty pussy lips I can see she’s dripping wet.She firmly pushes her pussy into my face, and I start eating her. I feel her soft lips brushing against my tongue, then her hard clit, and I start sucking. A warm flow streams into my mouth, and I realise she started peeing into my mouth, as it starts running down my chest and stomach. I keep on eating her until she’s happy and emptied herself into my mouth.She gets back to sitting between my legs, now fully focused on her massage. She pushes me so close, so close it’s painful, yet she doesn’t allow me to cum. Just the gentlest of touch would have sent me into the orgasm she keeps denying me.Ken grabs my hair and pulls my head back, so I’m rested on the back of the sofa. With my mouth wide open, I see him shoving his beautiful cock into my mouth. He starts fucking me slowly, every so often sliding his entire cock down my throat. My view is a pair youwin giriş of clean shaved balls and his cock in my mouth.Ken keeps fucking my mouth, I keep feeling his shaft in my mouth, the massive plug stretching my hole, and Sophie keeps edging me for what felt like hours. I can tell Ken is getting closer, and I can’t wait for the feeling of him cumming hard in my mouth. Sophie keeps me expertly right at the edge.Ken finally explodes in my mouth. His hot cum shoots into my mouth, down my throat. Sophie finally push me over the edge, and my entire body starts to shake. I can feel my hole trying to contract, but it’s so stretched out it’s impossible. I feel the lovely taste of Ken in my mouth, and I suck him dry as Sophie intensifies her stroking, far beyond the passing of my orgasm. Yet not a drop of cum came out of me.Lightheaded, I’m being released from my bondage. I sink down from the sofa, onto my knees, and with the plug finally out, a huge load of cum trickles out of me. Sophie deftly collects it in a glass and makes me drink it while Ken is watching. And then they just left.Alone, loose, swollen and sensitive, I felt lube slowly trickling its way out of my hole. Thankfully my wife had bought me a new pack of pantyliners to avoid me making a mess in my fresh pair of panties.

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