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Story – Picking up a coffee boy/man!This is a story requested by a friend…this was not part of my real life sex life yet heheEveryday before work I would stop in at this little coffee shop. Behind the counter is this strapping young teen-ager, his skin like Hershey’s chocolate and a slight bulge twitching as I notice him checking out my snake running down my jeans…this was not the first time I saw him looking…his name tag said Mors…one late afternoon I stopped in by chance and there was Mors sitting at a table alone…after getting my drink I head over to Mors table…standing beside him where he gets a nice crotch view I ask if I can sit with him and he says “sure!”…as we chatted I steered the conversation to sex…he stated he’s a virgin and only had one man jerk his dick off…after hearing this I confess to him that I have a crush on him and want to take him home and have sex…he looks me in the eyes and says “your crotch scares me…looks so big. I’ve noticed the outline many mornings!” and he stated he has not been with a man yet…he believes his cut dick is 5 or 6 inches…I say baby that’s fine but it’s that bubble butt is what I want…and it’s enough to fuck my ass…after much convincing, he agrees to let me take his virginity…we got to my apartment and I lead him to my bedroom…I sit on the bed and say ‘strip baby’…he kicks off his sneakers, takes off his socks, shirt and undershirt…unsnaps kuşadası escort bayan his jeans, strips them down to the floor and steps out of them…Mors stood in front of me with a nice muscular chest and light blue jockeys with a growing bulge!!…he slowly pushes down the undies and out pops his chocolate stick hard as a rock…I reach out grab his ass cheeks and directs his hardness into my mouth…deep throating him…I push a couple fingers into his ass…he starts fucking my mouth…I loved being mouth fucked by a 19 year old!! After a bit, he’s a strong teen…he lifts me off the bed and he sits down naked with his dick sticking out but fading and soon his dick was resting over his balls….I play with my outline….rubbing my cock through the jeans…he watches and I notice his cock getting hard again…not controlling himself…he reaches out unbuckles my belt, unsnap the snap, pulls the zipper down…reaches into my Calvin Klein’s hole and yanks out my half hard 9 incher…and starts licking it up and down and puts his lips over my mushroom head making a popping sound…this k** was sucking like a pro!….I tell him for the first time you are one hell of a cocksucker son!…he then explained he has watched str8 and gay porn flicks and watched their technique of sucking…you have it down pat baby boy!…his mouth started to tire so I said jack it…he did…I was escort kuşadası hard enough to dive into that virgin ass! I told him before I fuck you I’m going to nibble on your nips, suck your dick a little more and then turn you over and rim your ass…on his stomach I reach for some pillows to boost up his ass…as I lube and put the condom on I explain this cock may be big and may hurt a little at first but once in it will be pleasurable…I stick a few fingers in his tight hole…I spread his nice ass cheeks and try to get the mushroom head into him…inch by inch my cock starts to disappear…Mors screaming “get it out it hurts’ but if feels so good no way was I going to pull out!…he was screaming to deaf ears…I’ve busted this virgin ass…my balls slapping against his ass…I suddenly pull out of him…turn him over…rip off my condom and let a huge stream of pee shoot all over his body…Mors got so excited he started to pee on himself!…I reach for a towel sitting on my chair and dried off my dick…grabbed a new condom and lube…threw the towel at Mors to dry off…stuffing pillows under his ass and throwing his legs up over my shoulders…his huge virgin hole is calling me….I shoved my whole dick back in this time he jumped instead of pain he moaned “oh daddy”….I started yelling “you want this big meat to cum son!” and he yells back ” yes daddy!” as my dick is tearing up his kuşadası escort bayan hole…I pull out, rip off the condom, straddle his muscular chest, yank his head up and shove my dick deep into his mouth….I start to face fuck him like he did me earlier…his mouth felt so good I shot my load down his throat…he was gagging with cum dripping from both sides of his mouth….I look at my chocolate lover and say “my ass is yours now son!”…he licked my dick clean first…his young dick was hard…he gave it a few jerks…I lay on the bed…parting my ass cheeks for easy access for this first time fucking teen…he said “being 19 daddy I’m horny and hard all the time!”…he wanted to breed me and I said “No”….use a condom….reluctantly he did…he lubed my hole real good and swiftly entered me…his fucking has got my dick twitching again trying to get hard…this young bull fucked me for over an hour…sweat dripping into his eyes and down his muscular ebony chest…he turned me over on my back with his dick still in me…he notices the niner was hard and dripping pre cum again…the harder Mors fucked….the more my dick throbbed….I yelled “Mors Mors Mors I’m gonna cum son!!” Mors stopped and watched as with no hands my dick swaying…. shooting cum all over the place….meanwhile Mors took off his condom…gave his dick a few jerks…straddled my face and forcing his dick in my mouth…burying it deep in my throat….a minute later I’m gagging on this teen’s protein shake…I was a cum whore for a moment…I couldn’t get enough of this teen’s cum…he was addicting!! As I smiled I said “Mors, my next coffee can you supply the fresh cream? LOVE YOU MORS!!! xoxoxox Troy

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