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Stewardess in Barcelona.Every year I go on holiday to Spain, normally I go to small touristic places at the beach but this year I decided to do something else. I would take a plane, go to Barcelona en get an hotel at the airport, I would rent a car and would stay a couple of days in and around Barcelona and maybe go to see a soccer match, in Camp Nou. When I left on the third day to visit the center of Barcelona I noticed 3 stewardesses walking in the hotel, not bad, not bad at all I thought. As the 3 walked by I got a sent of a nice perfume, I reckoned that it was from the closest one to me and that was the hottest. I turned my head and watched their asses but the hottest looking babe from the front also had the nicest ass. They went to the counter to check in, I waited and took a folder of Barcelona, i could hear them checking in for a short holiday of 5 days.As I walked to my car I thought nice, maybe I run into that hottie again the next days or so. Later that day when I got back at the hotel I decided to go for a drink at the pool bar, first I went to my room to put on my swimming trunk and a clean shirt. Then i went down to the pool, as I sat down at the bar looked around enjoying all the nice looking ladies. Suddenly I noticed the three of you sunbathing, wow you looked amazing, what a hot body. I enjoyed my beer looking at you, I felt my cock getting hard in my trunks, luckily i was sitting at the pool bar in the water so no one good tokat escort see it. Suddenly you stood up, the other 2 didn’t notice you leaving, you left inside. Bummer I thought, but after a short while you came back out, stood at the edge of the pool and then took a dive in the cold refreshing water. You came close to me above water, took place beside me, I saw your nipples peeking through the fabric of your bikini top. You looked at me and said hi, and I said hi back, this was my chance I thought and I offered you a drink. You looked me up and down as if you where deciding if you could trust this stranger, but then your face broke open in a friendly smile and accepted my offer. We started talking and we introduced ourselves, after i while i suggested that we leave the pool bar and go the the normal outside bar, sitting to long in the water was not the best thing to do. At the bar we talked more, finding out you where from the states and a stewardess with a couple of days of, me being from the Netherlands and on holiday. I couldn’t help it but from the moment we met I stared at you boobs and checked out the rest of your great body. Suddenly you asked “do you like what you see? Oops, busted, I stared to much, but i replied that I enjoyed it a lot and that you had a great body. You accepted the compliment with a smile. The drinks we had made us a bit more loose and the conversation came on relations finding out we where both single. escort tokat One thing let to another and we started talking about relations and what we expected of our partner. This way I found out you where very open minded about sex and so am I, suddenly i felt your hand on my thigh slowly moving higher. “I haven’t had sex for a while and I’m horny now” You said. “well whats stopping us” I replied. Without saying more we finished our drinks and I took you to my room. In the room we stripped and naked we got on the bed, I could have fucked right away, my cock was hard but I wanted tot enjoy your great body. We started kissing and our hands explored each others bodies. I got you on your back, starting to kiss your neck and then lower to your great tits, kissing and licking your nipples. Softly you moaned, as I went lower with my tongue, over you belly, down your belly button and then lower to your pussy. Mmm nicely shaved, I started licking and kissing your lips, you moaned louder, with my fingers I opened your pussy lips and stuck my tongue inside you. The taste of your wet pussy was so good, with my fingers and tongue I kept on working your pussy to get you to an orgasm. You could’t lie still anymore, as I looked up I saw you playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. Easy I slid 2 fingers inside you, licking your clit and fingering your pussy faster and faster. From the sounds you made I knew you where close, faster and faster tokat escort bayan licking and pushing my fingers in and out made you come. You arched your back and with a loud long moan your orgasm was exploding inside you, your body out of control and your legs shaking. I pulled my fingers back and licked softly making you shiver, the bed was wet of your juices. I got between your legs, my cock was rock hard, slowly I pushed it inside your soaking wet pussy. You looked at me, wrapped your legs around me and told me to fuck you hard, I knew if I would do that I would’t hold it long. I was so horny that i would explode really fast, its been a while since I was with a woman, your pussy was wet but so tight, I started pushing in and out but you told me to do it faster and harder, just the way you liked it. I got your legs wide and started pumping, fast and hard all the way in and then all the way out. Faster and faster, harder and harder, you grabbing one of your tits hard and with your other hand rubbing your clit. You kept on telling me to fuck you harder and faster, so I did, like a****ls we fucked, I felt I was about to shoot my load, you screamed you where cumming again and at the same time I shot my warm sperm deep inside your pulsating pussy. Slowly our orgasms faded away, shivers went down my spine and you where shivering too underneath me. I pulled back and wanted to lie down beside you but you stopped me, first you wanted to clean my cock with your mouth, I felt wonderful. After you cleaned my cock we dropped on the bed, me on my back and you in my arm with your head on my chest. This was round one but after a short while of rest we started again, but that’s another story.

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