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Stacy 3I made my way down to breakfast, unsure of how Stacy would react. I had thought yesterday morning I had been confused, but today I was worse. This time, she had come to me, and it had been she that had initiated the sex. So why did she leave in tears?I now knew that I loved her in more ways than just as a brother, but I did not regret a single thing anymore. No, that is not true; I suppose I did have a regret. It was that it had taken until Stacy was eighteen before we began to get along. I felt we had wasted all those years getting on each other’s nerves, when we could have been close.My apprehension faded when I stepped into the kitchen to find Mom on her own, washing up all the used breakfast dishes while my food sizzled in the frying pan.”Where’s the brat?” I asked, trying to sound normal.She stopped soaping a bowl and gave me a puzzled frown, “It’s Thursday.”Ah. I had forgotten. On Thursday mornings, Stacy went for gymnastics practise before college. Dad and she were usually gone long before I was due to get up. Shrugging, I slumped into my chair as Mom dried her hands, and began to gather my breakfast.”Are you okay, Honey?” she asked, with a concerned tone.”Hunh?”That made her smile. “All those years of education and still in the mornings you have the conversational skills of Neanderthal man.””Eh?” I mumbled, my distracted thoughts not taking in what she was teasing me about.Placing my food before me, she ruffled my hair, “Well at least you vary your morning grunts. Shall we try for an ‘Hmm’ in reply to this one?””Sorry,” I sighed. “‘Morning, Mum.”She stroked my shoulder affectionately and gave me my morning kiss on the cheek, “That’s better. Welcome to the twenty first century, Jack.””Are you looking forward to your weekend away with Dad?” I asked, trying to take my mind off the empty chair opposite me.She leant back against the worktop and folded her arms underneath her breasts, “Sure. A nice hotel; room service; romantic dinners for two; no verbally challenged c***dren; some sexy lingerie and a bottle or two of wine. Why wouldn’t I be?”I choked on my bacon as the thought of my mother in sexy lingerie popped into my mind. What the Hell was wrong with me? Only yesterday morning it had been images of Stacy in the red lace. Still, this time it was not my fault.”That’s er… nice,” I finally managed.The sparkle in her eyes twinkled as she laughed at my discomfort. “What’s the matter, son? Thoughts of your Mom and Dad ‘doing it like bunnies’ a little bit too graphic for you?””Well, they weren’t until you just drew a clearer picture for me,” I complained.Her delightful laughter filled the kitchen.++++++++++”Five ball in the centre pocket!” whooped Tank-boy as I slotted the cue forward, missing the ball completely.”There’ll be a screwball in the corner pocket if you don’t stop putting me off,” I warned.”Sweet talk like that get you many girls, one-shot?” he quipped back.”Well at least I’ve had girls, plural, and not just the lovely Emma, like you.””Well sure, but is that also counting the regimental goat mascot?””Get lost,” I laughed. “You and Coop put that in my bed right before the inspection.””Prove it,” he grinned.As we played pool, Mitch returned carrying the tray with a pitcher of beer and several glasses. Miranda made a face when he made her slide further along the bench seat so that he could take the end position.”Beer’s here, squaddies. Last one to down his pint buys the next round.”As my shot bounced the white ball down into a pocket, I groaned and walked over to slump down next to Emma. “And you go out with him?” I mocked, nodding toward Liam as he twirled his cue like a demented samurai.”Sometimes we end up sexually attracted to people we shouldn’t be.”I snapped my head around to look at her, but she kept her head down as she continued to read the trashy novel she held. The near side of her face was slightly hidden by a wisp of long black hair that had slipped loose from the clasp that held the rest piled high on her head. Between that and her spectacles, I could not tell if she glanced my way.”I’m sorry, what?”Folding the corner of her page, she pressed the book flat and then turned to stare straight back at me. “Sexual attraction. It’s a primal thing. Lust only knows that it wants, and does not care that what it wants may be unsuitable.”I narrowed my eyes as she held my gaze. Just before I was about to reply, she added, “Or forbidden.””What are you trying to say?”The smile she gave me was blocked from view by Tank-boy as he squeezed between us and curled his arm around her shoulders.”Don’t waste your time trying to explain things to one-shot, Babe. The only thing he knows about University educations is that he can’t spell it.””Hey guys,” called Cooper from the video quiz machine. “I’ve used all three life lines. Quick, does anybody know what year the Berlin wall fell?”As ever, Liam could not resist, “That depends. When did you lean on it, tubby?”It took both Mitch and I to drag Cooper off him.++++++++++When I got home, I decided to listen to some music in my room. As I reached the brat’s bedroom door, I noticed it was ajar. I hesitated when I heard voices and moved to get a better view.Kimberly was in there with Stacy. They were both in their gymnastic costumes and obviously practising some moves.The brat’s costume was a bright red leotard that had an upturned white triangle from her shoulders to her gusset and it fit her like a second skin. Nothing about her small body was left to the imagination. It was pulled so taut over her tiny frame that I could clearly see the indentation of the slit down between her pussy lips. Where it crossed her breasts, the peach sized mounds thrust through the Lycra and her nipples were quite prominent. As she moved, I got a glimpse of her buttocks and how the elastic edge of the tight fabric made an mark across her cheeks.Kimberly’s was just the same, except that its design was all black with jagged white triangles on her shoulders that reminded me of icicles. My eyes drank in the sight of her slightly larger breasts moving and rolling as she stretched and bent. She really was an incredibly sexy young girl.As I watched through the gap in the door, Stacy put her hands on the floor, and lifted effortlessly into a handstand. Kimberly hovered close by, ready to catch her if she fell, but it was not needed though. My little sister opened her legs to change her centre of balance, and then slowly lifted one hand from the floor. Only the slightest trembles in her arm gave away just how much effort was required for her to hold the pose.”Show off!” teased her friend.”Jealous bimbo,” laughed the brat as she gracefully returned to her feet.”Will your brother be coming home this afternoon?”Kimberly asked the question in a tone of voice that seemed to indicate it was just conversation and she did not really care what the answer was. It did not fool the brat.”Ew! You have the hots for him! That’s disgusting. You do know he scratches his balls when he’s watching television, don’t you?”Hey! That’s not true, I thought. Well, okay. It may be, but I don’t do it all the time. Trust the little cow to tell my embarrassing secrets to her friends!Kimberly’s delighted giggles surprised me.“Well next time you watch television, invite me round and I’ll do it for him!”Stacy shrieked with laughter, “You’re such a slut, Kimmy!”They were standing about three feet apart on the rug in front of the brat’s dressing table when Kimberly suddenly moved to my sister and kissed her on the lips. It was very quick, but there was no mistaking it was a loving one. As she stood back, a naughty smile spread across her face, “Maybe. Is that a bad thing?””It is when you want to do my gorilla of a brother! Errghhh!”I could not believe what I had just seen. Stacy let her friend kiss her! Were they more than just friends? I had to admit the sight had really turned me on. Who wouldn’t want to see
two beautiful eighteen year old girls locking lips?A movement in the hallway behind me attracted my attention. Mum came out of the bathroom, carrying an armful of clothes to be washed.”Ah Jack, you’re back. I’m going to put some washing in. Do you have anything you’d like done before I go away?””Yeah, I think so. Let me check and I’ll bring it down.”She nodded canlı bahis and disappeared down the stairs. When I turned back to peek into the brat’s bedroom, they were both stood in the doorway watching me.”Hi Joe,” Kimberly purred, seductively.”It’s Jack,” I corrected.”Aw, come on,” she pouted, rubbing her hand up my chest. “You used to be a soldier didn’t you? Who ever heard of a G.I. Jack?”Her teasing grin drew one from me.”Oh, I don’t know,” piped the brat. “It could be G.I. Jack. If G.I. stands for Genuine Idiot.”Kimberly snorted as she laughed. My look of thunder just seemed to encourage the brat, “Usually though, it just stands for Greatly Inebriated.”While Kim descended into further laughter, the brat glanced sideways at me. Our eyes met and for just the briefest instant there seemed to be a connection, before she slid them back to her team-mate.”And of course that leads to Generally Impotent.”Kimberly shook as she tried to contain her giggles, “That’s harsh, even for you, Stace.””Maybe,” the brat conceded. “And if what the girls he used to date say is true, it’s not accurate. He can do it. It’s just that when he does he’s Grossly Incompetent!”I strode over to my grinning sister and lowered my face until we were nose to nose, “Drop dead, brat!”As I stormed down the hall to my room, I heard her parting shot, “Well done! That was so articulate you reminded me that I nearly forgot to mention you have a Gnat’s Inteligence!”++++++++++Later that evening, I wandered into the lounge to see what was on television. Mom was sat on the sofa reading. Dad was in his armchair, and the brat was curled up on his lap. Like she usually did, she had got ready for bed, and then come to spend the last hour watching the TV with our parents. It was common to find her like this.She was wearing a red silk nightshirt that stretched down halfway from her crotch to her knees and was barefoot. Dad was soothingly stroking her long blonde hair while she was sucking her thumb in that c***dish way she had, while watching the documentary. As her lips pulsed on her thumb, her index finger stroked her nose and her other arm was hooked around Dad’s neck.When I dropped down onto the couch while giving Stacy a black look, Mom followed my gaze. She sighed.”Don’t you think you are a little old for that, Stacy, darling?””No,” she answered, petulantly.”Well, at least give your father a break. You’re getting too big to sit on his lap.””No, I’m not!” She sat forward and gave Dad a puppy-dog look, “Am I Daddy?””No, of course not, Pumpkin.”His arm curled around her waist and drew her back to him. She smiled happily, stuck her thumb back in her mouth and laid her head under his chin.Mom just shrugged and gave me a what-can-you-do look.I grumpily turned my attention to the documentary. It was some fluffy girly nonsense about Koalas. No doubt it was Stacy’s choice. Typical!+++++++++When the boring programme had finished, Stacy sat up and gave Dad a kiss on the cheek, “Goodnight, Daddy.”He tenderly kissed her forehead, “Goodnight, Pumpkin. sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite.””Dadeee!” she chided, rolling her eyes in mock embarrassment. She then crossed the rug to give mum a kiss on the lips.”‘Night, Mummy.””Goodnight, darling.”It was mum’s turn to roll her eyes, in a gesture that made it evident where Stacy got it from, when the brat clambered up over her lap to reach the sideboard, instead of walking around. Leaning over, she snatched up her tiny round tin of lip balm and then dropped down to sit on Mom’s knee while she twisted the lid off. Dipping the tip of her little finger into the pink jelly, she smeared it back and forth across her lips while fixing her gaze on mine. Her baby-blue eyes held me as she slowly completed her bedtime ritual and smacked her lips.Not taking her eyes from mine, she replaced the lid, handed the tin to mum and said, “I’m going to bed now.”When she stood up, Mom slapped her rump with a light tap, “Don’t forget that we won’t be here when you get home tomorrow. I’ll leave you some food in the refrigerator and Jack will have the household money. In case of an emergency, the hotel’s number is on the pad by the phone.””Have a good time, Mummy,” she smiled. As she turned and left the room, I was sure she gave me a slight nod toward the stairs.After a couple of minutes, I yawned, “I’m whacked. Figure I’ll go to bed, too.”I gave mum a hug and as her soft lips brushed mine she whispered, “We’re relying on you, Jack. Look after your little sister while we’re away.””Yes mom.””‘Night Dad.””‘Night son.”When I stood in the doorway, I turned and gave them a cheeky smile, “Have a good time for your anniversary, and don’t do anything I would.””Oh don’t worry, dear. We won’t,” Mum grinned. “Your father’s knees aren’t what they once were!”She was laughing girlishly as she raised her arm to deflect the cushion he tossed at her. I shook my head at the many different ways parents could embarrass their c***dren and then climbed the stairs to find the brat.++++++++++The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar and she was peering out. When she saw me, she beckoned me inside, before she twisted the catch to lock it. Unsure of her fickle moods, I hesitantly waited to find out what was coming next. She narrowed her lips and put her hands on her hips. Uh-oh.”You want to do it with her, don’t you?””What?””sleep with Kimberly.””No.””Liar.””I am not.””Yes, you are. She fancies you like mad. It’s been Jack this, Jack that, ever since she first saw you yesterday. She asked me if you had a girlfriend and if I thought you would date a girl as young as her.””And what did you tell her?””I told her you used to bugger your army mates.””I did not, you snotty little cow!””I know that, but she doesn’t. Anyway, she didn’t believe me.””Well, as pleasant as this has been, brat, I’m going to bed.” I tried to move past her to the door, but she leant back on it.”Why wouldn’t you sleep with her, then, assuming I believe you?”I sighed. “Because the only girl I am interested in happens to be you. Although I’m not so sure why after how you’ve been today.””But Kim has a sexy body. It’s not surprising you’d rather see her naked.”I gritted my teeth and clapped my hand across my eyes, “God give me strength!””Look, Stace, I’m sorry about that crack about you having the body of a f******n year old girl! How many times must I apologise! If it was a choice between seeing Kim naked and seeing you, I’d pick you.” I shook my head as I stared at her in frustration.Her long blonde hair shone in the bathroom light as she tilted her face forward and it cascaded around her shoulders like a golden curtain. What she said next was so quiet that I almost missed it.”Would you like to?””Hunh?”Her liquid eyes lifted to mine and my heart beat faster, “I said, would you like to?”I felt a tremble in my chest and her words sunk in. Unable, or perhaps unwilling, to take the risk and just say yes, I played dumb.”Like to what?””See me naked.”It was the moment. That moment when you know that what happens next will change everything. With a mouth too dry to speak, I nodded.Taking a deep breath, she lifted a hand to the buttons at her throat and began to fumble slowly with them. Time stretched and slowed as I watched my newest fantasies come to life. Her small fingers slipped the black buttons through the red silk holes and the garment gradually began to part and reveal more of her nubile flesh.It did not part enough to reveal her small breasts, though. Those little peaches remained covered as the tw
o sides of the nightshirt hung from her slim shoulders. When she unfastened the final few buttons that covered her groin, I caught a glimpse of white cotton. Then, before I realised she had finished, she shrugged and the silk nightshirt slid down her back to puddle on the tiles at her feet.I took a couple of steps backward and sat on the side of the bathtub. She was perfect! Her skin was smooth, toned, tanned and flawless. Not a single blemish marred her whole body. I gulped and felt my jeans become tight and uncomfortable as the sight of her made me incredibly hard.The graceful curve of her throat swept down to the two small mounds of her breasts. I had cupped those little beauties in my hand in the darkness, but seeing them in the light made my bahis siteleri mouth water. They were so small, but slightly upturned. Her areolas were the loveliest shade of rose pink and made a tiny circle around the base of her amazing nipples. Those stiff little lengths of flesh were heavenly! They seemed quite long, but that was probably just because they came from such little peaches.I wanted to fall on my knees before her and suck them into my mouth so desperately.However, there was more to see. Her little girl’s figure did not have much in the way of womanly curves, but she had the flatness and smoothness of an athlete. Her lifetime of gymnastics had honed every ounce of fat from her small frame and I could see her belly button quiver as she trembled from the nervousness of exposing herself to me.My eyes swept down across her perfectly flat belly to her knickers. She was wearing a tiny pair of white cotton panties that made her look completely virginal.”Turn around,” I said, hoarsely.She began to spin for me. “Slowly,” I urged. She obeyed and turned around until I could see her butt. The little round cheeks were so slim and just like a little girl’s. I groaned in desire for her. That made her look over her shoulder at me.”Jack?””Stacy,” I whispered, awestruck. “You are so beautiful! You’re perfect!”She turned all the way back to me with a nervous smile on her lips, “Want to see more?””God yes!”As she hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties, she cast her eyes toward the ceiling and whispered to herself, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”Her little breasts dipped as she leant forward slightly to slide the cotton down her slim thighs. I knew from my fingers exploration in the dark that her pussy was bare and smooth, but that did nothing to prepare me for the sight of it. It was exquisite!Her labia formed two small mounds that were slightly parted by her arousal. Between these baby smooth lips, there was a pale pink channel that sparkled with dewdrops of girlish excitement. I could remember perfectly the wondrous feel of that slick slit as I had slid my fingers along it.”Stacy, I have to make love to you,” I breathed, my voice laden with desire.”Then do it,” she replied.I must have set the world record for a guy removing his clothes. When I was naked too, and my throbbing cock was bobbing before me, I knelt on the cool tiles and motioned her toward me. She moved forward hesitantly, until my large hands cupped both her hips and guided her firmly to me. I made her sidestep and then pressed her back a little, until her butt rested up against the washbasin’s vanity unity.”Say it first,” she whispered, closing her eyes.For a moment, I did not know what she wanted, and then I remembered how turned on she had got at the i****tuous words of last night. Speaking them aloud seemed to heighten her pleasure, and I was all for anything that did that.”I want to make love to my sister,” I murmured, as I nuzzled my lips against her belly button.”Use the dirty words,” she urged.I licked down toward her pussy. “I want to fuck my little sister. I want to slide my hot cock into my little sister’s cunt and fuck her until she cums. I want you to cream on your big brother’s stiff shaft and beg me to pump my i****tuous seed into your tight, wet cunt.”Her hand caressed my hair as she let her head fall back to rest on the mirror above the basin, “Ohhh, yessss. That’s what I want to hear.”Her small c***d-like hips jerked when my tongue traced its way onto her slit and drew circles around the fleshy hood of her clit. I could smell the distinctive aroma of her arousal and its heady scent made my lust for her swell. Its deliciousness was matched only by the sweet taste of her cunt as I lapped at her puffy flesh like a kitten at a bowl of cream.”Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Lick your little sister’s cunt. Stick your big brotherly tongue into my little honey clam. Fuck my little pussy with your mouth!”I needed no urging as I French-kissed her sweet cunny. Her soft, damp folds slithered around my lips and left smears of sweet juice on my cheeks. When I thrust my tongue as deep into as I could get it, and then swirled it in spirals, she gasped and lifted one leg into the air.Only another gymnast or perhaps a ballerina could have lifted her foot as straight up above her head as she did. With her fingers, she grasped her ankle as it lay next to her ear, and never even wobbled in that wonderful position.”Fuck me deeper with your tongue,” she moaned, pleadingly.I took advantage of having the extra space now that her left leg was not in the way to bury my face completely in her sopping wet slit. My hungry lapping produced snuffling noises as I stirred my little sister’s most intimate flesh with my tongue.After several minutes, I could hold back no longer. Standing up, I gripped her waist and, because she was so much smaller than I was, I lifted her up to sit on the basin. Her slim legs slipped around my sides as she kissed one of my nipples before nodding.Smiling at her permission, I cupped her buttocks in both hands and thrust my rigid shaft into her soaking heaven. The force of it lifted her slightly, and she grasped hold of the taps behind her back to steady herself. Our eyes locked and the urgent need to obey our i****tuous desires shone in both of us.”Oh, that feels good,” she said dreamily, as she rose and fell to the tempo of my slow thrusts. The tight flesh of her cunt held my sliding meat with a sensuous caress as it juiced to oil the motion.I looked down the gap between our bodies. In the shadow of my bulk, her tiny breasts were two small pointed mounds with long nipples that brushed against my muscular chest. Between those two lovely little treasures, I could see her flat belly curving down to the folds of her smooth labia. The thick spear of my cock parted the puffy flesh and as it slid back and forth into her, it drew glistening strings of girl juice with it.I could not take my eyes off that amazing sight as I realised that all these wonderful feelings were being generated by the way my stiff shaft was gliding into her slick pussy. A brother’s cock gliding into his sister’s pussy.”Oh, Stacy,” I moaned.”Do you like fucking your little sister, huh?” she whispered seductively into my mouth as her lips closed on mine, bringing the sweet taste of cherry.I let the passion of my kiss answer her. Her willing mouth received my thrusting tongue at the same time as her willing cunt received my thrusting cock. I groaned with lust when I felt the way the impact of our hips made her little breasts bump into my chest and poke at me with those hard nipples.I released one buttock and let my hand rise to grasp onto the small mound of her tit. She whimpered with desire into my mouth and hungrily devoured my tongue. With my finger and thumb, I rolled the long, thick nipple back and forth to elicit more murmurs of pleasure from her.When my thrusting cock caused her juices to squirt around it with a loud squelch, she giggled as we kissed and I smiled back.”See how wet I am brother? Feel how wet your sister is?”Her words made me fuck her harder and she suddenly leant back with a look of discomfort on her face. “Ooo, Ooo, stop, stop, stop.”I did so immediately, concern written across my face, “What is it, am I hurting you?””No silly,” she grinned. “It’s these damn taps!
They’re digging into my butt!”Laughing, I planted a long kiss on her lips and then lifted her clear of the basin. She was so small and light that I could easily support her weight with just one hand as she clutched onto my shoulders and humped her hips against mine. It felt strange to have my little sister in my arms and my cock buried in her pussy.I gave her a few thrusts, but it did not feel as good with nothing to support her. She seemed to like it, though, and ground circles on my shaft. I let her have her way for several minutes as we kissed, but finally, I needed more.”Just a mo,” I promised.Supporting her butt with one hand, and her back with the other, I carefully got down to my knees and then laid her beneath me.”Mmmm,” she breathed as I covered her little body with my own. Her thin legs spread to grant my hips better access. The coolness of the floor tiles made her squirm, which elicited shivers of delight from my bahis şirketleri sunken cock. Using my knees and elbows to support my weight, I slid my hips back and felt my length slide out of her sodden passage.”Tell me you want me to fuck you, Stacy.””Yes, I do,” she answered quickly.”Say it, then.””I want you to fuck me, Jack.”Satisfied, I sunk my hard cock into her sopping cunt. We both gasped in pleasure at the feeling of her tight sheath being stretched as I ploughed my length into her. I sank it to the hilt in her creamy depths as her knees lifted to press into my sides and her arms wrapped around my shoulders.One small hand clutched at the back of my head and pressed it down so that her lips were near my ear. “Fuck me, Jack! Shove that big, beautiful cock into my tight little pussy! Fuck your little sister, Jack. Can you feel how juicy my brother’s cock makes me?”Her quickly whispered words enflamed me and I began to fuck her with a mounting rhythm. Her tiny body clung to me as I pounded in and out of her young cunt.Fuck, she felt good!The sound of our flesh slapping together mixed with a liquid squelching from her sex and the feverish moans from her mouth. Without pausing, she continually urged me on.”Oh, God, Jack! Yes. Fuck it. Fuck my little pussy! Oh, yes!”She was gasping loudly as I thrust my stiff shaft in and out of her like lightning. Little ooofs of air were blasted from her each time I nailed her to the bathroom floor.”That’s it! That’s it! Fuck your little sister’s tight cunt with my big brother’s cock! You dirty b**st! You’re fucking your sister and loving it, aren’t you? Tell me, Jack!””Yeah,” I grunted as her silk sheath squished around me and her soft flesh slithered wetly about my hot cock as she tried to suck me as deep as she could. “I’m fucking my little sister, and the sexy little tease is loving every second of it! Big brother’s cock will make you cum, s*s. I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!””Then you’ll be fucking me for a long time, ’cause I never want this to end!”She shivered beneath me and clutched on so tight that every time I rose up to slam back down into her, her small body lifted almost completely off the floor.”Oh, Jesus, Stacy! I’ve never fucked anyone as tight as you! Christ but it’s good!””Are you going to pump your hot brother cum into me?” she whispered, between gasps.”Is my big brother going to spend his i****tuous seed into my quivering little cunt?”Her legs locked tightly around my back and she thrust her small hips up to meet me as if she was in the midst of a seizure. Her breath juddered out of her in hot gusts and she began to quiver and shake.I winced in pain as her fingernails dug furrows in my shoulders, but was thankful for the distraction. If it had not been for that, when her vice-like cunt began to ripple and twitch, I would have been lost. While my little sister shook in the throes of a powerful orgasm, I re-doubled my efforts and began to fuck her like a piston.”O-eeeeeyyyyyyeeee! I’m cummminnnnngg!” she squealed, her velvet sheath spasming and grasping at me. I had to bite my lip as her juices gushed around my pumping shaft. Gradually, she went limp beneath me and her face rolled to the side. Her eyes scrunched up as little tremors still danced in her body and her cheeks flushed a bright pink.I fastened my lips onto her throat and sucked hard.”Mmmmm,” she moaned and it trailed off into a delighted giggle.I reduced my thrusting to a slow grind as I stirred my cock in circles within her honey-filled depths. I could feel my pubic hair matted with her sticky fluid and it stretched between us in syrupy strands as I rocked in and out of her young body.For several minutes, she just lay weak beneath me as I gently fucked her with tender love. Slowly, her rasping breathing returned to normal and she opened her beautiful blue eyes to stare up at me. Her whole face was dripping with sweat and she licked a little bead from her upper lip.”I love you so much, Jack,” she whispered.”You love me, or my cock?” I teased, giving it several quick stabs into her mushy quim.”Ohhh,” she gasped, her small hands once more reaching for my sides. “Both. I love my brother and I love the way he fucks me. And I especially love the way my brother’s hot cock feels inside of me.”Our lips met in a slow and tender kiss as we continued our leisurely humping on the floor. When she had gone limp, her legs had slipped off me and straightened, but now she hooked them back around my butt.Darting her tongue playfully in and out of my lips in time with the beat of our rolling hips, she giggled into my mouth. “Make me cum, again, brother. Make your little sister’s girly cream ooze out of her tiny cunt! Fuck your sister, big brother.”Her sexy, i****tuous words did the intended trick and I began to speed up the pace of our fucking. Soon, she was holding onto me for dear life as I reamed her hot sheath with my rampant cock. Her hard nipples dug into my chest as she squeezed herself tightly against me. She had to turn her face to the side and flatten it against my chest as I lost myself in the gloriousness of her wet cunt. Her slick flesh slithered about me and its sucking squishes made my cum begin to boil.”Do it!” she urged. “Fill your little sister with hot, sticky brother cum! Pump your i****tuous lust into me, Jack! Fuck me and fill me!”A sudden grasping clutch from her inner pussy walls signalled her bursting into her second orgasm and all my resistance was flung aside. I groaned aloud and shoved my length as deep into her as I could. With an almost painful jerk of bliss, my cock spat out a torrent of hot cum into my sister’s rippling sheath. Her pussy’s contractions milked my cum from my balls and I coated her womb with a salty gush of thick white semen. Wave after wave of her brother’s cum filled her tiny cunt.I was holding myself rigid above her trembling frame, but as the last of my spunk oozed into her shivering flesh, I groaned and collapsed on top of her, giving no thought to how my huge body was crushing her tiny form against the tiled floor. All I could do was twist my face to the side in the clouds of her blonde mane and gasp for breath.I cannot say how long we lay there, but it was wonderful. I had never felt such all consuming bliss and love before.Eventually, I turned my face back to hers and planted a loving kiss on her cheek. Then, pushing my arms straight on the floor above her shoulders, I raised my body from hers. We both let out a small moan of pleasure as my soft cock pulled out of the tight ring of her pussy entrance.I sat back on my heels, between her wide spread legs and looked at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She glistened with sweat, her whole skin seemed to have a pinkness across it and her smooth shaven pussy lips were gaping wide open and flushed with arousal. Her little cunt was dribbling a clear stream of juice down her butt crack and I could see my cum oozing out with it. Her little nipples looked hard enough to hurt as they bobbed up and down on her heaving breasts.”Oh, Stacy,” I whispered in awe.My words seemed to bring her to her senses, and she propped hers
elf up on her elbows to look down her body at me. Her eyes flicked from mine to trace a path down to my cum covered cock. She watched it for a moment before I saw her smile.She got to her feet with a slow stiffness that made me think that in our passion we may have been too rough. Without a word, she slipped on her panties and nightshirt. When she turned back to me, our heads were almost level. She was only just taller than I was, even though I was still kneeling down. I smiled at her, filled with a warm love.”You won’t tell anybody about this, will you?” she asked, as her eyes nervously searched mine.”No brat, I promise,” I said, using the old insult affectionately for the first time.She smiled as I pulled her close and we kissed with an unhurried tenderness for several long moments. Finally, she lifted her mouth away as she cupped my cheeks with her small hands.”I’ve been thinking things over. I know that we are not supposed to do this, but I can’t help wanting to. I love you and will do anything for you.””And I love you, too.””I don’t want Mummy or Daddy to know there’s anything different between us, so we have to act the way we always have around other people, okay?””You mean I have to put up with you being a pain in the butt still?”Her grin revealed her perfect white teeth, “Sure. Think you can handle it?”My only answer was to drag her back for another kiss.

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