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Spring Breakers 2 – Selena G & Taylor SwiftSpring Breakers part 2with Selena Gomez & Taylor Swiftwritten by jerojeromeIt’s been over a month since my first sexual encounter with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson. Since then we fucked on a regular basis. The best thing about fucking with three hot celebs is that you can fuck at least one of them everyday and sometimes all three of them.——————–I woke up with a sensational feeling as a warm wetness engulfed my cock. I slowly raised myself up on my elbows and looked down to my groin. A little moan escaped from my mouth as a saw Selena sucking my cock. Immediately she released my cock from her mouth and looked up to me.’Good morning sleepyhead.’Then Selena lowered her head and took my cock back between her soft lips to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock.’You couldn’t wait for me to wake up, huh?’Selena sucked hard on my cock before she released my cock again with a ‘pop’ sound.’I was horny when I woke up and I thought it’s a good idea to make you hard to save some time because I have to leave in a few for the next scenes…’With that said, Selena licked slowly from my balls to the tip of my cock and kissed the head of my cock. After that she laid herself on her back and spread her legs in the air.’Now fuck me…we’ve got only time for a quickie.’, Selena said as she groped her tits with one hand and rubbed her clit with her other hand.Without losing some time I placed her legs on my shoulders and slapped my cock several times against her dripping wet pussy before I rammed my cock all the way in her tight pussy what caused her tits to jiggle.’ are already dripping wet and I always forget how tight you are…’Selena just moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth with my cock deep inside her pussy.Her moans became louder when I finally started to fuck her. At first I fucked her in a slow pace with with slow and hard thrust, but with each thrust I took up my pace so that I was fucking her like a jackhammer. Selena’s perfect shaped tits were shaking and jiggling.’Yesss….ohhhhhhh…..don’t stop…..’, Selena hissed as she rubbed her clit furiously.To Selena’s surprise I pushed her legs forward so that her legs were next to her head and this gave me the opportunity to fuck her even deeper than before.’Ohhhhh fuck…soo deep…..mmmmm.’Immediately Selena grabbed my hips to push me even harder and deeper into her. On top of that, she pushed her hips forward to meet each hard thrust.The second advantage of this position was that I was able to take care of her tits too. ‘Mmmm….yes….suck my tits…..ohhh god….it feels so goooooood….’All you could hear were Selena’s moans and the wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh.’Selena….I’m almost….’ , was all I could say before Selena arched her back and reached her orgasm.’Ohhhhhhhh…goooooood ………yesssssssss’, Selena screamed as she rolled her eyes on the back of her head.The feeling of her pussy muscles spasm around my dick canlı bahis took me over the edge too. Immediately I pulled my cock out and to my surprise Selena grabbed my cock and took the head of my cock in her mouth to swallow every drop of my cum.’Mmmmmm yummy…I love cum for breakfast’, Selena said when she released my cock.’And good sex too.’ , I said.’Exactly, but I have to hurry now…I hope that I can still walk after this…, Selena said with a smile while walking to her bathroom to take a shower.’Me too…otherwise it will be difficult to film a scene.’, I said as I put my clothes back on..getting ready to leave.’Oh….before I forget it…come to my room in the evening..I have a little surprise for you!’, Selena yelled from the bathroom before I left.————-……..After a long day on set I finally knocked on Selena’s door.’It’s open.’, a female voice said which wasn’t Selena’s voice.When I walked in I couldn’t believe who I saw. It was Taylor Swift who was sitting in a armchair with crossed legs and was wearing nothing more than a bathrobe. I couldn’t helped it and checked her out from head to toe. Her smooth long legs seemed to be endless. Her long blonde hair was resting on her shoulders and fortunately for me her bathrobe hung a little bit loose so that you could see some cleavage.’It looks like your little friend is very happy to see me’, Taylor suddenly said bringing me back to earth as she pointed at the bulge in my pants.’Oh..ahm…Hi..Tay…Ms Swift..I’m sorry…I didn’t want to stare…’, I stammered.Taylor just smiled.’You can call me Taylor and it’s ok…I’ll take that as a compliment..”Ok..Taylor..uhm…where is Selena…she mentioned that she has…uhm..’something’ for me?’,I didn’t know why I was so nervous…I mean I’m fucking with 3 hot celebs almost everyday..maybe it was because she is a ‘superstar’ and she looked so damn hot in her white silk robe.’Do I make you nervous?’, Taylor said in a flirty tone. ‘Selena is visiting her family over the weekend’, Taylor continued before I could answer.Suddenly Taylor stood up and walked around me.’I’m sure Selena already told you how stressful it is to be a star…by the way she told me everything about your little ‘arrangement’…’As soon as Taylor finished her sentence I put one and one together.’You are the surprise!”Ding…ding…ding… and we have a winner! Actually I’m not doing things like that, but I didn’t have sex for months and Selena told me that you might be the right guy for that, but she didn’t tell me how cute you are. How old are you?’, the 23 year old countrystar asked me standing in front of me.’I..I’m 19.’, I answered still couldn’t believe my luck.’I would have guessed that you’re 20 year old, but 19 is even better…you have to know that I have a weakness for teen boys around your age…’, Taylor whispered and before I knew what was happening Taylor and I were making out.’Take your shirt off.’, Taylor said as she broke our make out session.Taylor kissed her way down bets10 to my crotch and opened my pants to yank them down together with my boxers as I took off my shirt.Standing totally naked in front of her, Taylor took my already erected cock in her hand slowly stroking it before she stuck her tongue out to lick the precum from the tip of my cock.’ taste good.’, Taylor whispered before she licked around the head of my cock while she stroked the shaft and massaged my balls with her other hand.’You really know how to suck a cock.’, I said as Taylor licked up and down my shaft before she took the head of my cock in her mouth.’I know’, Taylor answered as she realeased my cock from her mouth and stroked my cock. ‘I love giving head’, Taylor continued before she took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked hard on it still stroking my cock.After Taylor gave the other the same treatment, she licked from my balls to the tip of my cock and took the head back in her mouth to swirl her tongue around it. Taylor was now really into it and her head was boobing up and down my cock taking more and more in her mouth. On top of that she managed to lick up and down the underside of my shaft while she was stroking my cock and massaging my balls at the same time. This made me almost cum right then and there, but suddenly Taylor stopped and looked up to me.’I need you inside me!’With that said, Taylor took me by my arm and giuded me to the bedroom. After Taylor pushed me into the bed she untied her bathrobe and let fall to the floor. Like I already expected Taylor wasn’t wearing anything under her robe.’Like what you see?’, Taylor asked me as I alternately stared at her nice handful of tits and her shaved pussy. ‘Hell yes!’Without losing some time Taylor climbed into the bed. She swung one leg over me so she was straddling me and took hold of my rock hard cock, aiming the head at the entrance of her pussy.’Can you feel the hotness and wetness of my pussy? Like the feeling?’, Taylor teased me as she rubbed the head of my cock betw
een her pussy lips.’You’re such a cocktease and yes.’Taylor laughed. ‘Good. Then you will love this.’A moan escaped from my mouth as I felt Taylor’s pussy lips part and engulf the head of my cock.Taylor slowly slit down the whole lenght of my cock until her ass touched my balls. The only thing I had in my mind was that TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT is about to ride my cock and that she is tighter than I thought, but not as tight as Selena.’I’m not as tight as Selena..’, Taylor said placing her hands on my chest. ‘…but I have some other talents…’, Taylor continued as she swayed her hips to stretch her pussy with my cock.Suddenly I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock, but Taylor didn’t move.’Oh god…you’re right…I love your ‘talent’..’Taylor just smiled and began to raise and lower herself on my cock. With each thrust Taylor picked up her pace so that her tits were bouncing and jiggling right over my face. Immediately Taylor leaned forward bets10 güvenilir mi when she realized where I was looking at so that I could grope and suck on her tits.’Yes…suck my tits….’After about a minute she raised herself up again and placed her hands on my chest again, but this time she dug her nails into my skin and increased the tempo of her hips. With every downward thrust you could hear her ass slapping against my thights. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust upwards as I felt her pussy juice running down my thights. ‘Ohhh…yess…don’t stop…I’m cumming..’, Taylor screamed as she reached her orgasm and collapsed on me.I didn’t know how I managed to hold back this long, but the spasm of Taylor’s pussy was the final straw for me.’I’m gonna cum too!’Immediately Taylor got off of me and took my cock in her mouth to swallow every drop of my cum, but to my surprise Taylor didn’t stop to suck my cock.’Can’t wait for the next round?”There is one hole you haven’t fucked yet..’, Taylor said as she released my cock to stroke it.This made my cock twitch in excitement and because of her sucking skills it didn’t take long until I was hard again. As soon as my cock was hard Taylor got on all fours waiting for me to fuck her tight ass. Immediately I moved behind her and rubbed my cock between her pussy lips for lubrication before I placed the head against the entrance of her ass. I slwoly thrusted forward and felt a resistance, but soon I felt her asshole relax and the head of my cock started to make it past her sphincer.’Ohhhh..fuck…’, Taylor moaned as I entered her ass.I began with slow thrusts and with each thrust I got a bit deeper. After a few minutes I was balls deep in her ass. Suddenly Taylor locked back to me.’By the way I like it to get fucked roughly in my there is no need to be gentle…’ Fortunately for her was that Vanessa likes it rough too…therefore I knew exactly what to do.Without losing some time I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and slapped her ass several times as I began to pound her ass. Taylor began to push her ass back to meet every forward trust from me.’Ohh..fuck..that’s right…ohhh…don’t stop..’, Taylor moaned as she rubbed her clit furiously.After a few more slaps on her ass I picked up my pace what caused Taylor to moan louder. I parted her ass cheeks to watch my cock getting in and out of her magnificent ass. A few minutes after that I raised her up to kiss her hard on her lips while groping and squeezing her tits. ‘Are you ready for the great finale?’, I asked the country starlet before I pushed her down again.Immediately I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard and fast I could. ‘I’m cummuingggggg…..oh fuck..yessss!’, Taylor screamed as she reached her secong orgasm of the night.’Me tooo..where do you want it?!’, I screamed after a few more hard thrusts.I didn’t wait for her answer and pulled out and flipped her over to cum all over her tits and face.Taylor just used her fingers to whip it off and swallowed it, but with the cum which landed on her chest she rubbed her tits.’Wow…that was fun…when are you ready for the next round…Selena told me you cummed three times in your first encounter with them….and I want to beat it….!’

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