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Sonya Sissy Diary No.2I drove through the pub car park to the furthest corner where I could see just one car parked where we had agreed. He was front out, so I went in front first and when our windows were in line I opened mine, “Hi Pauline”, “Hi Sonya”. We had exchanged a few messages online, but neither profile had a face pic – we only knew what our cocks looked like!“Can we go somewhere safe?” he asked“Yes, we drive to X, then switch to one car. Do you know the way?”(X is a local attraction with a huge car park)He shook his head“Just follow me, its not far away.”I reversed out and we drove off along the main road into open countryside for about a mile, then turned off into a narrow lane signposted to X. A few hundred metres down the lane I turned off and entered X’s car park, going to the furthest row of visitors’ cars. He followed me and found a space, locked his car, walked to mine and got into the passenger seat.“First we’ll go to the overflow area, it’s more isolated, we can chat a while then move off if it’s what we both want. OK?” He nodded his assent, and a started to drive deeper through the main car park until we came to a narrow entrance into the overflow area. In one corner were the employees cars, we went to the other side facing an earth ödemiş escort embankment where I stopped and turned off the engine.He looked at me “How did you start this?” So I told him about my progression through online porn to becoming a sissy cock lover. “So that’s rather like my story” he replied. We went on chatting, but as I watched his legs opened wider and wider, so I copied his pose until my arousal was such that I could not stop myself from putting my hand on his thigh and sliding it up to his crotch, feeling his cock hard inside his trousers. Then he copied me, sliding his hand up to feel my hardness. We sat quietly rubbing the other gently. I took my hand off him and used it to open my trousers, pulling down the zip before lifting my body and sliding my trousers down to my knees, exposing my black panties and hold-up stockings. He looked hungrily at this sight, put his hand on a stockinged leg then slid it around before moving up to rub my cock through my panties.My hand was back rubbing him, but I wanted more and started to try to take down his trousers. He came off my hardness and followed my example, exposing his underpants and the bulge of his cock which I immediately started to rub. He came back to my panties, put his hand inside and pulled ödemiş escort bayan my cock out, then gently pulled back the foreskin a bit revealing a puddle of pre-cum. He leant across, bent down and pushed his lips over my cock head, using his tongue to arouse the most sensitive areas. I lowered the seat back and allowed him full access, revelling in the sensations he was creating.Every few seconds he came off, looked around to check we were private, then went back to work on me. On one of these occasions he saw a car had parked about 20 metres away and we sat up, pulled our trousers back to cover our aroused cocks. After 5 minutes the other car drove away and we were alone again and we lowered trousers to play on. This time I went down on him, a thick cut cock. I worked on his cock head, then slid my lips down and down until the head was just tickling my throat and just as my gag reflex started I went back up his shaft to play with his cock head. Up and down, hearing him groan with pleasure each time he touched my throat, faster and faster, harder and harder. I was using one hand to wank and guide him, but after a while he pushed me off and used his own hand to do this. I felt he was trying to take over so I asked “Are you near?” to which escort ödemiş he said “Yes”, so I replied “Good, because I want it all” and took control back, wanking, sucking, licking always increasing his pleasure.His body started to react, a series of thrusts, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, then quietened down again before thrusting once more, his breathing was heavy and short. I knew he was very, very close to cumming, my tongue lashing across his cock head, my hand wanking his shaft, no longer trying to deep throat as his thrusting was doing the job. Finally he thrust hard, pushed my head down with his hand, grunted twice and thrust again and I felt the sweet taste of his cum in deep inside my mouth. His orgasm went on and on, I kept sucking and licking until he was spent and he pulled my head off his cock, now far too sensitive to take my tonguing.I sat up, he looked glazed and spent “thank you Sonya, that was far more than I expected”. I wondered if he was going to have another session on me, but it was obvious I had done far too good a job. “Typical man”, I thought, “gets his way with a gurl then leaves her”. Still it had been a fantastic session, I felt quite spent and satisfied too even though I had not had a cum. We sat a while, chatting post-sex, I asked “Do you want to do this again Pauline?His answer came back “Oh yes, please Sonya”Finally we dressed I drove back to the main car park, dropping him off at his own car, all the way home thinking “Wow, what a fantastic session”

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