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Sonja at the kama sutra conventionI’ve had some contact with Sonja again after our adventure (see and I even had seen her at other nympho-nights but nothing more then that, the contact consisted of short but horny texts but at some point the moments in between got longer and longer. I found it unfortunate but knew that I couldn’t get any again at one of the next nympho-nights, I was lucky the first time and sexting didn’t go as smooth as it should, but luckily I knew that Sonja would be at the kama sutra convention with Roxy and Robin. I also knew that they have their own closed off studio where they have photo-sessions so maybe I could create an opportunity there to improve my contact with Sonja.I had prepared myself for the convention, shaved my business, put on some nice clothes that I could get out of quickly, got a ticket, condoms and made a schedule after looking online because I would go with the train, the convention centre was right next to train station. So I got in the train with a bit of a strange feeling, I had never been to a convention like this before and didn’t quite know what to expect, the closer I came to my destination the stronger the feeling got, when I finally arrived I even considered just going back home again, but I manned up, I had already spend some money on this and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.I walked from the station to the convention centre, a bunch of other people where also walking that way, not a specific type of people or only men, when I entered the convention I saw visitors of all races, ages, and creed. It was an adult convention so only adults, I saw young couples but also older people and everything in between, some were dressed “sexy” while others wore some sort of fetish outfit but most of the people wore “regular” clothes. The weird felling I had, had vanished quickly after arrival, I had nothing to worry about and walked about with ease.There was enough to see, most of the stands were vendors trying to sell their product, were it clothes, toys, video’s, “medicinal” supplements, furniture and a lot more but you also had a couple of bigger stands with performances or ladies you could take your picture with. I just walked around a bit, of all the products on sale only the lingerie and toys were of some interest and I rather buy those with the lady who is going to wear/use them, like a bit of foreplay. Video’s aren’t my thing, I get bored after watching them once, taking my picture (and paying for it) with some broad I don’t know just because she goes topless isn’t my thing either and I don’t need anything “medicinal” to keep it up.By walking around I got the lay of the land, I found the stand Sonja was working at, I had past it a couple of times by now, but every time I passed she either wasn’t there or I couldn’t get her attention. I walked past again and this time I stayed put, Sonja was talking with a couple together with Roxy and at some point she looked around and I got her attention, at first she didn’t recognise me or she didn’t realise that it was me but soon she took a second better look. I winked and her face lit up, she gestured me to come over and I walked to the front, through some sort of side door I got to the studio they had in the back.Sonja greeted me, she was walking around in a sexy outfit, a latex bikini with fishnet stockings, ‘I’m so happy to see you again!’ she said, ‘I really enjoyed our little get together last time and sexting is hot but isn’t going as it should is it?’, I could only agree. She told me a little about what they were doing at the convention and insisted I should stay to watch, she would do a lesbian trio with Roxy and a girl who had specially come to the convention for it. Robin would record it for the site and I could help out by taking some pictures, Robin got called and I got introduced to him as that guy from the laundry room at Monique’s, Robin firmly shook my hand with a big smile and said ‘Aah so your the guy that Sonja has been daydreaming about!?!’.Sonja gave him a little slap on the shoulder illegal bahis siteleri because he had “betrayed” her but he couldn’t care less and continued, ‘Yeah, she would get messages on her phone and go all googly eyes!’. Sonja flushed and she slapped him again, ‘Haven’t you got anything better to do!?!’ she said angrily and gave him a little push, he walked away still laughing, Sonja tried to save herself with ‘You shouldn’t take too much notice of him, he likes to make me look like a fool!’. I knew better, maybe he was exaggerating but I like to think it was based on truth, so that was a good sign, we chatted for a while and gave me instructions on how to use the camera, she then went back to the front and I had to wait.I looked around a bit, they had sorted the space out quite nicely, they had a corner with their equipment, a little table with a laptop next to it, lighting, a table with a bunch of toys and a dressing corner with rack of clothes (well … clothes, you know what I mean!). The rest of the room was a big mattres and a bench with some decorations to lighten it up a bit, I grabbed a chair and sat down, I turned my attention towards the camera when Robin came in, ‘You’re gonna take pictures, great!’ he said and set up a video camera, ‘You know how to use that?’ he asked, I confirmed and he gave me a few tips, from where I could take the best pictures, that I had to watch out I wasn’t in his frame, etc.After a couple of minutes we got started, Roxy came in with right behind her a girl and right behind her Sonja, she gave me a quick wink before going to the dressing area, there they got together an outfit for the girl and after she got dressed the all sat on the bench. First the did some explanation and than Robin started shooting, I snapped a couple of pictures and before I knew it the three of them were going at it on the bench, tongues intertwined and hand caressing each others bodies. It didn’t take very long before the first pieces of clothing came undone and although it was the girls first lesbian experience she didn’t hold back at all, she was really into it.I had my full attention on the ladies, that much that I even got startled by a guy that was sitting on a chair and watching, it was the girls boyfriend who came in and I hadn’t even noticed him. When the three of them were all naked the action moved from the bench to the mattres. The girl lay down and was being eaten out by Sonja while Roxy squatted over her face so the girl could lick her pussy. I stood there with a hard on in my pants taking pictures and from the looks of it the boyfriend had some trouble in that area too, he was groping his crotch, I think he was ready to jump in and have a go himself.I couldn’t blame him, his girlfriend was a hottie, a tight body with a cute face and she was going at it with two other hot chicks, I had trouble myself not undoing my pants and wildly stroking my cock at this hot and horny sight. At some point toys got introduced and then it got fast tracked to the end, way to soon if you asked me until I noticed that we were already shooting for an hour! They said their good byes to the camera after which the girl gave Roxy and Sonja a big sloppy kiss and then went to her boyfriend, she unzipped his pants while kissing him and then went done on him, it only took three strokes of her mouth and he came!He was ready to go for al that time and finally could explode, Roxy had almost gotten dressed again, Robin was packing up and went back to the front and when the girl had gotten dressed she walked out with her boyfriend. Sonja was still lying on the mattres naked and now everybody had left I snapped a couple of pictures of her, she took some enticing poses but soon she grew impatient, she crawled towards me, slid her hands up along my legs and undid my pants in a flash. Mere seconds later she had released my cock from the confines of my underpants and locked her on the throbbing head and started to blow me.I snapped a couple of mo
re pictures while she was blowing me but soon I couldn’t handle the camera any more, I put it away and with youwin güvenilir mi some help from Sonja I got undressed, I lay down naked beside her and we kissed while my hands caressed her body. That magnificent ass … I could just stroke those cheeks with the tips of my fingers for hours, and her breasts were so fine, I suckled on her nipples, she slowly turned until she lay on her back, enjoyed my exploration of her body. While spoiling her boobs with attention through mouth and tongue, my hand had slid down and found it’s way in between her legs, willingly she spread them and I found a very wet snatch.Two fingers slipped in right away, no effort, I repositioned myself and was ready to try and make her squirt again, the beauty of the particular technique I use is that it gets quick results, just like now. Within the minute Sonja squirted her juices, spattering it all around also because I still had my fingers up her twat, she grabbed my head, pulled it close and kissed me passionately. I felt her hand grabbing my dick and soon after I felt her lips on it, I let her blow me but way too soon I had to stop her, my dick wasn’t ready for her expert blowjob techniques.My cock plopped out or her mouth and she moaned disappointed but that passed when I dove in between her legs and let my tongue do its magic, I licked like a possessed man on her wet pussy, which tasted excellent, like I remembered. I slobbered and could hear Sonja’s breathing getting faster, her hands first swarming through my hair but now had taking hold of my head and were pushing my face against her bald twat. Her breathing suddenly stopped, ‘Yes … yes … yeeeeeeeeees!’ I could barely hear her, her thighs pressing against my ears, her body jerked a couple of times and I kept licking, even used my nose to hit her clit.Sonja now used my hair as fuckreins, I tried my best to keep eating out her pussy but she was actually fucking herself with my face so I stuck out my tongue, grabbed her tits and let her have her way. Her second orgasm came after a while and then she pulled me up by my hair, our lips met and we kissed, ‘Fuck me!’ Sonja whispered between kisses but wouldn’t let go of me so I could get a condom. I wanted to bury my pole in her just as much so I untangled myself form her, got up and walked over to the table with the toys, I had seen some condoms on there but what I saw now was Robin with a big grin on his face.He gave me a thumbs up and said ‘You’re really going at it son! But you know what!?!, he put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer so he could whisper something in my ear, ‘Just stick it to her now, start slow, build up tempo and right before she cums stop!’. I was a bit surprised but maybe that was because a stood there naked with a big throbbing cock getting advice from a dude a had just met on how to fuck his girlfriend, ‘She damn you for it, but after a couple of times you continue and then it’s like a bomb will go off!’ he continued. I thanked him and he gave me a condom, he gave me another wink and a little push towards Sonja (like I needed that), the condom was on my slong in a flash and I was ready to go!Sonja in the mean while, had gotten on all fours, she wanted to get fucked doggy style, I kneeled down behind her divine ass and my dick went in without any resistance, I grabbed her by the hips and started pumping. First a bit slow, like I was getting the lay of the land, feeling up that beautiful but and bending forward to cup her tits and playing with them, then going a little bit faster. She moaned on the rhythm of my thrusts, when I went a little faster Robin suddenly stood beside me, he whispered in my ear that I shood grab both her hands and hold them together on her back, otherwise she would finger herself to a climax when I would stop.I moved up the temp again and took Robin’s advice, I grabbed Sonja’s hands one by one and held them on her back, she lay sideways on her face on the mattres and willingly underwent my pounding. I glanced at Robin who gave me a thumbs up, apparently I was doing ok by his standards and moved up the perabet tempo again, urging him to give me another thumbs up. I had trouble holding Sonja’s hands together and maintaining my tempo but with some effort I managed. Sonja began to moan harder and Robin walked out of her view and gestured me to go faster until he thought she would climax and the made a stop sign.I pulled out and Sonja tried to get her hands out of my grip, I wouldn’t let her which made her beg almost instantly, ‘Please … keep going … fuck me or let me go!’ she groaned but it was already too late. After a while I let go of her hands and she sat up, she gave me a bewildered horny look which also had a tad of anger mixed in, she gave me a wet kiss while one had was caressing my face and the other my cock. She lay on her back, spread her legs and gestured me to come, ‘Fuck me and don’t you dare stop again!’ she said, I lay in between her lags and slipped in her again with ease.I started out a little faster then before but maintained that speed a while longer before moving up the tempo, Sonja groaned with each thrust but w=our eyes were locked, she only broke eyecontact to see how my dick was disappearing in her pussy. At some point I looked towards Robin again, Roxy was accompanying him, she was only wearing panties and Robin had stuck his hand in them, they were kissing hot and heavy, Sonja and I had gotten them all hot and bothered. When I looked at Sonja again I saw she had seen them as well, ‘Fuck me good! Let’s give them a good show!’ she said under her breath, I moved up the pace and watched as Sonja’s tits shook under the v******e of my pounding.I was thinking if I should stop again like Robin had told me or if I should continue and fuck Sonja to her next orgasm but before I could decide Sonja’s body tensed up, she shook for a few second and then collapsed on the mattres. In the mean while Roxy and Robin sat down on the bench, Roxy was blowing Robin with her ass towards us, in between her legs I could see her pussy glistening. Sonja urged me to keep fucking her, I had stopped while looking at Roxy and Robin, I continued, my cock ramming in and out of Sonja’s pussy.She gave me wet kisses while I kept pounding her, suddenly she pushed me back, I got of of her and she said ‘Lay back!’, I lay on my back and Sonja stepped over me, crouched down and drilled herself on my pole. She humped up and down quickly, her tits swaying in the air and my hands on her ass, suddenly she got up took two small steps and crouched down on my face, in a reflex I started licking and just a few licks in I tasted the wetness of an other orgasm. She stood up again, took two small steps back and planted herself on my pole again, she leaned forward and kissed me, lapping up her own juices from my face while slowly fucking me.Roxy and Robin were going at it as well, but Robin was going much faster, he had fucked Roxy in several positions in all holes by now and was now fucking her tits to climax. ‘Cum baby!’ I heard Roxy saying while Sonja put her tongue in my ear, right then Robin came, ‘Ooh yeah!! You drenched me completely! my big boy!’ I heard Roxy again, my hands on Sonja’s ass and our tongues wrestling each other. We lay there like that until I saw Roxy and Robin leaving in the corner of my eye, that was Sonja’s que to finish up.She got of of me, took of the condom, put her lips in my dick and gave me a heavenly deapthroat blowjob, holding my cock deep inside her throat for a couple of seconds with every stroke. She skillfully played with my balls and it didn’t take long for me to unload my semen deep inside her throat, she eagerly swallowed it all and then straddled herself beside me, ‘That was fun, wasn’t it?’ she asked, I again could only agree, which made her smile a beautiful smile on her sweaty face. ‘Sorry we have to stop but I should get back to work!’ she said, ‘Too bad!’ I answered ‘But if you must …’ I gave her another kiss and then she stood up, I could
tell she actually didn’t want too.I stood up as well and asked her if she would like to go out for dinner some time, just the two of us, her eyes light up, she sure would like that, we had each others number so I promised I would call her soon to arrange it. We got dressed and after a long kiss we said goodbye, I walked out and disappeared in the crowd while Sonja looked at me as long as she could.

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