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Something About That GloryholeI try to always behave but that gloryhole keeps bringing the wild side out. I was feeling really horny so i would watch some porn and rub one out. Then i ran across gloryhole vids and i start thing about that big white cock the last time i went and how much fun i had and the feeling i had. I did not wanna make it a habit of going there I may be seen by someone i know. So I had some drinks and waited til later and maybe the urge would pass. So as time passed and looking a more vids time passed and i got more excited and more turned on .So now my dick is hard and rubbing my nipples and i am ready. It was late but not as late as before so what the hell i going.I drove a different vehicle this time just in case. I parked close to same place as last time which was cool for me.I had on sweats and a hoodie that covered most of my face and no underwear makes more fun and easy. When i went the adult book store (gloryhole) there a few people walking around looking at merchandise and things. Did stare at them did wanna make eye contact i like being discrete and unnoticed. I paid and went maraş escort to video room. There were some people walking around and some booths with doors closed and some standing in doorways watching vids. So i walked and found me a open booth down a corridor where all the booths were open and no one could get a good look at my face.I was already getting hard just from the unknown of what is gonna happen.So i Close the door lock it and start looking for a hot movie. I pull my sweats down and step out of then and start jerking. Next I hear footsteps then the door close beside me and i start getting excited. I am thinking do i wanna suck them or let them suck me .i know my dick is really hard now so i am ready if he put his dick through that hole. So with my sweats off i turn to let them see my ass to see what reaction i would get. Then i started to see the head of their cock come through not being mean but it was not big like i was expecting so that was a let down so i stepped away and put my pants on so i was hoping they would leave and see that i was not interested. After a few minutes of ignoring escort maraş them they left. It may have been rude …..oh well. So i continued jerking i was thinking i could have done this at my apartment. Then i peeked out my door and took a little walk around and it was about empty except 2 or 3 closed doors .So i went back to my booth to finish a go home. Then i heard footsteps but these sounded like boots or heels of some kind. I am thinking a woman or a couple and i am getting really hot ready to do anything. The door close and i get completely naked jerking pinching my nipples feeling myself off just wait for anything to come that hole. I was loosing it i went and peeked through the hole to see what is going on next door. They had on jeans and boots i thought it may have been a woman but it was a man. So he seen me looking and got up and came to the hole i stood up and reached through the hole . I put my dick in his hands he felt me and massaged my balls real nice. It felt really good then he is trying to finger my asshole so i turn around a let him….I let out a moan it was so erotic and stimulating maraş escort bayan . He paused for a minute. Curiosity made turn and look through the hole he was taking he jeans off. Now i wondering 2 things how big is he and is he gonna try and fuck me. He looked like a younger white guy 30 maybe. His dick was big not huge but he could do damage. About 8 inches and fat. When his dick came through the hole i started licking it quickly . He started to mumbling so i took it down as far as i could get. He was loving it i wanted to get his balls but the hole is not made like that…He started to stiffen up and splash he is cumming all in my mouth so i am sucking him trying to drain him dry and he steadily flowing so i start snow coning him . He tasted not bad so i kept sucking. He actually started to get hard again. Then he pulled away.. So i stuck my dick through the hole. He licked it and sucked really well returning the favor. Then i turned my ass to him then he started to figure my ass again which i really liked. While he is figuring i am jerking about to cum i turn quickly to the hole a spray his face i tried to get his mouth but it happens. He smacked his mouth as if he tasted and left. I waited about 10 minutes after he left , i got dressed and left went home smiling and know this Gloryhole thing is fun erotic and addictive.

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