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Snatched Again…..I still find it hard to believe that you didn’t report the a*****ion to the authorities. Nor did you share it with your closest friends. The only thing I can gauge form this is that you secretly yearn for another “episode” to take place?I have been watching you for 5 days now. You must be on holiday as you have not been to work and have only left the house to visit friends and visit the supermarket. I watched one night as you have a boozy lingerie party with some of your closest girl friends. As its February it still gets dark reasonably early so I watched from the back garden through the dining room into the living room as you laughed and joked when the “toys” came out. Oh how I longed to hear your muffled moans as I force that dildo in your pussy as I finger your ass.It’s Sunday morning now and you leave the house and get into your car. I sit in my transit van around 100 yards away when you pull out of the drive. I follow you always staying 4 or 5 cars back as you head into town towards the supermarket. You park the car and head into the entrance. I park the van a couple of rows further down. I watch you as you pick up a hand basket and walk into the shop. I also pick up a basket and follow you inside. I rarely lose sight of you as I follow you around. You pick up some bacon, eggs, bread, coffee, kitchen cleaner, washing up sponges and yellow washing up rubber gloves.I smile to myself as I stand 3 behind you in the cue as you are totally unaware that the man responsible for your ordeal is only 1 metre away.You bag your shopping up, pay for the goods with cash and start to head out. You stop at the newspaper rack and purchase a copy of The Sunday Times at the kiosk. With newspaper under your arm you head out of the shop and back to your car.I follow you back to your house and watch as you take your shopping inside. Nothing more I can do at the moment so I drive away. I’ll check up on you later.I return to your street about at 5ish, park the van up and decide to do a walk by. Walking down past your house I glance up to see you sitting in the chair next to the window enjoying a coffee reading the newspaper. You have changed into your sweat pants and top so I assume you are settled for the night. Returning back to van I climb into the driver’s seat. It’s at this point a mumbling omits from the back. I climb over the seat and into the back of the van. I gaze down on a fully clothed but severely bound and gagged woman. Black electrical tape holding her tight. Two crossed pieces of tape over each eye blindfolding her.I kneel down beside her.“Soon my love. We have to be patient. When it’s dark I’ll drop the package off and we’ll take it from there”.My bound prisoner moans into her gag in agreement.Its 7:30 now and I leave the van with a shoe box. Walking up to your house the curtains are already closed so the next part is easy. I walk up the path making sure nobody sees me. I place the box on the step. I ring the door bell and make a hasty retreat behind the hedge.The door opens and I see you with a puzzled look on your face. You look around shrug your shoulders then notice the box on the step. You bend down pick the box up, turn around and close the door. You walk into the kitchen and place the box on the worktop. You are intrigued to know the contents edremit escort so you slowly lift the lid. Your heart races as you reach down and lift the object. You hold what at first glance looks like a single leather cuff. Then you realize that the object is in fact a rather restricting posture collar. It is then that you notice a small note in the bottom the of box. Your hand shakes as you open the note out. A simple typed message…I need you to be washed and showered, scrubbed clean and totally shaved pussy.You will leave the back door open and I will return at 10pm.I expect to find you in the living room. You will be totally naked but you will be wearing the posture collar.You will be kneeling down with your legs spread apart, hands held behind your back, facing away from the entrance to the room.Hopefully we can do this the easy way?The question lies with you…..Do you obey your master?Part 2…..I return to your street and park the transit up around the corner to check on you. It’s going on 7pm. I glance back at my bound parcel in the back and smile as she struggles against the black electrical tape holding her tight. She’s been bound and gagged for going on 8 hours now and I can imagine her muscles are aching. Not to mention she must be starving. I can’t smell piss so it could be worse for her!“Just going to check on her. I won’t be gone long”“MMMPHHHH” is all I get in reply.I lock the van up and start to stroll around the corner. As I get into view of your house I’m disappointed to see a young woman standing at your door. I watch as she rings the bell. A few moments pass and you answer the door. You greet her with a cuddle and pull her inside.I stay out of site as I creep into your back garden. I am hoping that this is a short visit but when I set eyes upon the pair of you in the kitchen you are showing her the parcel I sent you. Your friend looks distressed so I can only assume you have come clean about your a*****ion months earlier. You argue with her then break down into tears. She consoles you and takes you back into the living room. I can’t really see what’s going on but I know you have disobeyed me. I move back around to the front of the house to see if I can get a better view but the curtains are closed. I think of a way so I can grab the both of you but I realize that could not be achieved with so little preparation. I stay in the bushes at the side the house watching all the time, anger raging inside as you have disobeyed my strict instructions. It’s been 45 minutes since your friend arrived.I hear the door open and it looks like your friend is about to leave. I can hear the conversation.“Don’t leave me alone” you plead.“It’s okay. I’ll only be gone for an hour max. I’ll get Kirk and he can stay with us. Whoever this creep is he’s not due back till 10. That’ll give me plenty of time to get there and back. I don’t know why you just don’t call the police!”“I told you. No police. I’ll feel safer with you guys here. Anyway I’m hoping that this is just a prank”My heart races as I feel there may be an opportunity rising. It’ll be difficult but I might just be able to pull something off. And I don’t mean my throbbing cock onto your ball gagged mouth. That’s for later….You give your friend a cuddle and she leaves you. I watch as she gets into edremit escort bayan her car and drives off. I hear you double bolting the door.I walk briskly back to the van. Getting in the back entrance and closing the door.“Right. Change of plan. This bitch isn’t playing nicely” as I reach down and cut the tape holding my slaves ankles and knees. I roll her over onto her front to cut the tape holding her wrists.“I’m grabbing her now. She will enjoy the pleasures of the flesh weather she likes it or not”My slave rubs her wrists as I peel the layers of tape from her lips and eyes.She spits out balls of cotton wool onto the van floor.“Thank you master. Can I play with her too?”“Only if you play nice………”It’s dark outside now and I’ve already wasted 15 minutes. I start the van up and drive to the road at the back of your house.Reaching into the duffle bag I pull out 2 black latex hoods. Both with eye, nose and mouth holes. I hand one to my slave.“Ready”She nods in agreement and we leave the van. I tell her to stay in the back garden keeping an eye out.She pulls the hood over her head. I reach around and pull the zipper down. My cock grows as her head is encased in rubber. I hand her some surgical gloves which she snaps onto her hands.I grab her around the neck.“Don’t fuck this up”“I won’t master”I leave her behind and make my way around to the front of the house.I make sure the coast is clear as I pull my hood over my head pulling the zipper down. I also pull on surgical gloves. I have one last double check i
n my bag. For the purpose of the snatch I have silver duct tape and a black latex body bag. My assistant might have some other toys. I glance at my watch. We have 30 minutes. Plenty of time.I raise my hand up and ring the door bell…………I hear your footsteps approaching the door. You unlock the bolts an open the door.“That was quick I can’t…………”You freeze as you set eyes upon me.“No, no” you say as you stumble one step backwards. You go to close the door but I manage to get me foot between the door and the frame. I force the door open and you stumble backwards again. I reach forward and grab you with one arm around your neck. I am quickly inside pushing you forwards then close the door with my foot. Before you can scream my rubber gloved hand closes over your mouth.“Mmmmmphhhhh. MMMMMppphhhh”You manage to pull my hand away from your mouth. You grab my arm trying to force it upwards.“Arrrggg” I groan as you sink your teeth into my forearm. The pain makes me release you. You dart forwards towards the kitchen. Towards the back door and freedom. You pull the door open ready to make your escape. …Another latex hooded character stands before you. “Where do you think you’re going?”You register that it is a woman that stands before you, as you try to dart past the figure but a short sharp push from latex covered hands pushes you to the floor. Before you’ve had time to react the figure is down on you like a ton of bricks. She grabs at your hair pulling you up. She kicks the back door shut as she holds both your arms behind your back.She holds you upright and you see me making my way towards you. “Why are you doing this? Not again. Not again”.“Shut up whore” my masked partner instructs. “You brought this on yourself”I reach out grabbing your escort edremit cheeks and mouth.“You fucking bitch. You pay for this.” I exclaim as I show you the bite marks on my forearm.I glance at my watch. “We’ve got about 25mins to get this done. We better get this show on the road”I place my bag on the on the floor reaching inside I bring out the roll of silver duct tape.“Now the shut this bitch up”I look over to the kitchen sink. I pick up one of your yellow washing up rubber gloves. Forcing to your mouth. You turn away.“Fuck you” you say in a defiant tone.“Fuck me? I think we’ll be fucking you!”At that point my silent partner grabs your hair again pulling it downwards forcing you to look upwards. You give out a scream that is soon stifled as I force the rubber glove into your mouth. A latex gloved hand holds the glove inside your mouth as I peel a section of duct tape from the roll. Pulling it taught as I place the first section straight over your mouth sealing your lips shut. You detest the taste of the rubber in your mouth. I apply another two strips of tape in an X pattern before finishing the gag off with a further two pieces just below your nose and the bottom of your chin.“That’s better. This whore will learn to obey”You struggle as I wrap several layers of tape around your ankles and then just above your knees.“MMMHHHPP MMMPPPGGHH”We turn you around and pin your upper body to the kitchen worktop. My rubber hooded slave holds your arms as I wrap another several layers of silver duct tape around your wrists.Standing you back up we turn you to face us. You struggle against the tape holding you.“Feels familiar?”I get a dirty look in return.“Now let’s see what we got her”I reach to the knife block on the worktop and pick the kitchen scissors out.You are wearing just a thin vest top. I pull the material towards me from your left breast and snip it off. As the material snaps back into place it exposes your breast. You squirm as I repeat the process for your right breast.“This is no good. We gotta lose the bra” I say as my rubber gloves hands pull your bra downwards exposing your perk breasts.You scream into your gag as I pinch your nipples tight.“Watch her” I instruct my partner as I reach into my bag again and pull out what looks like a roll of black PVC sheeting.You look nervous as a roll out the sheet on the floor. Pulling the zipper down you realise that this is some sort of body bag.You shake your head as we lay you down beside the sack.“MMPHHH” is all we can make out as we lift you into the back. I force your legs and body in and pull the sides of the sack around you. You wraith around as the zipper comes up past your legs. I stop pulling the zipper as I reach your head.“Don’t struggle. You’ll waste air. It’ll be quite hard to breathe when you are in there”Your muffles screams are drowned out by the sound of the zipper.“Right. Let’s get her outa here”I hear a faint moan as I lift you up onto my shoulder. As we make our way out of the back door the front door bell goes.You hear this also and then you here them calling your mane.“To late was the cry” I whisper as I carry you out of the back door towards my van.You bang your head as I put you on the cold van floor.You try to calm yourself down as you are finding difficult to breathe in your PVC cocoon.You hear the van doors shut. The engine starts and we pull away.You tremble as you feel hands touch your breasts “Can I play with her?”“Not yet. Plenty time for that”Right know I have you just where you need to be.Bound, gagged and bagged…………

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