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Slutty stars – nelly furtadoSlutty Stars 1 – Nelly FurtadoThe sexy half Portuguese babe Nelly furtado was just finishing shooting her new video. I was watching her on stage (being a camera man that’s pretty much my job), and she looked amazing. She was wearing the tightest skin hugging black Lycra cat suit you’ve ever seen. She was up there gyrating and it was driving me crazy, I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock right up her tight little ass, little did I know my wish was soon to come true.“That’s a rap” the director shouted. Every body applauded Nelly on a good days work as she sexily walked off the stage towards her dressing room.“That was amazing Miss Furtado, you looked sooo hot up there, its gonna be a great video”“Hey, thanks a lot” she said, “I like to give the fans a little something to look at”“Well I sure liked the look of it” I replied“Can I tell you a secret” she whispered to me“Sure thing Nelly” I replied, a little shocked that she was actually still talking to me.“I get sooo horny when I’m shooting in these tight little outfits, I could really do with a good hard fucking” she said in a sexy but slightly embarrassed sounding voice.I was utterly shocked I didn’t know what so say I saw her look down towards my crotch, where I had a massive hard-on. She looked back up at me, biting her bottom lip. She said nothing else but grabbed me by the hand and led me to her dressing room.We got in the door and she pinned me up against the wall. Before I could say anything, she had shoved her tongue down my throat, kissing me with raw passion.“I want that huge cock of yours and I want it now!!!”I wasn’t going to argue. I lifted her up and turned around, pinning her up against the wall, as she wrapped her perfect legs around my waist. We kissed again, our tongues probing each others mouths. My hand reached down to her pussy. She still had her cat suit on but I could feel she was wearing no panties or anything. As we continued to kiss I pushed two fingers up her pussy taking with them the material of the cat suit.“Oh yeah, shove those fingers right up inside me, yeah, that’s it, oh yeah, uhh that feels so uhh yeah, yes, yes”I needed to get better access so I ripped open an area of her cat suit leaving her glistening pussy on show. I re-inserted my fingers and wiggled them in and out. The sound of her juices slurping around was driving her crazy. I took her fingers out and sucked on them tasting the sultry songstress sweet nectar. I then slid my fingers back in, all the while roughly fondling her pert breasts, and pinching her now solid nipples. I withdrew again, my fingers covered with her juices; I smeared them all over her breasts. I started licking her breasts, tasting her sweet cum again, she was loving it.“uhh oh yeah, that’s it suck my nipples, yeah it feels so fucking good”, I started biting at them,” oh yeah that’s so good” she moaned.I thought she was going to come right then so I decided to tease her and stopped what I was doing.I span her round and threw her onto her sofa. I then proceeded to rip her cat suit to completely off her, leaving her totally naked“I want that cock now” she screamed.With that she got up of the sofa and un buckled my belt, undoing my zipper and pulling down my jeans and boxers. My cock bounced into view.“Oh wow” she said in amazement, “it’s so big, that’s got be 10 inches, and it’s so thick”She immediately took my cock in her hand and started to wank me off. I started grunting in pleasure; she gave a hand job better than anyone.“Yeah you like that, there’s canlı bahis siteleri plenty more to come” she said as she slowly slid my cock into her mouth.I grunted again, her mouth was so warm and wet,“watch this” she said slightly muffled around my cock.It was a tight fit but she had clearly done this before and tilted her head back so she could slide the full ten inches down her throat.“wow thats amazing, no girl has ever taken all my cock before, uhh, oh yeah, you’re such a little slut”She tried to nod and say something but it has muffled by the cock in her gullet.I started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth as she slid her tongue expertly all round my cock increasing the pleasure.“Oh yeah, have some of this slut” I said.With that I grabbed hold of her hair and started to fuck her mouth picking up pace as I held her head still. She was now slobbering, saliva and precum dripping out of her mouth and all over her tits; some of it was even dripping down to her now soaking pussy. Every now and again I would hold my cock right in the back of her throat, causing her eyes to water. I held it there for 10 seconds, then 20 and finally a minute, she was coughing and spluttering, sending globs of saliva all over her tits, but she seemed to be enjoying it, making a whimper every time I pulled back out of her throat. She was taking my cock down her throat for 10 minutes before I had to come. I felt the cum rising in my balls as I withdrew her cock from her mouth“I’m gonna come Nelly, where do you want it”“Cum in my mouth, I love the taste of a huge load, and your gonna love watching this”I put my cock back in her mouth just in time to catch the first shot of cum”“Uhh, uhh, yeah take that cum you fucking slut”I pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth, by the time I stopped coming her cheeks looked like they were gonna burst and some of the cum was leaking from her mouth and dripping off her chin on to her tits.After I withdrew, she swilled the cum around in her mouth and then spat the cum out onto her hands and liked her lips.“I just love the taste of cum.” She said in a sexy voice.She then rubbed the cum all over her tits and face.“I love to do that, it makes me feel like such a slut” she said, cum still dripping off her chin and tits, her face shining because of the thin layer of my spunk all over it.“You sure look like a slut” I said, amazed at what I had just seen.Nelly then got up off her knees, and sat back down on the sofa. She then leant back, spreading her legs and started to rub her juicy looking pussy. She opened up her lips revealing her pink pussy. She slid her fingers in and out of her slit like a piston, rubbing her clit, screaming already.“Oh YESSS, yeah uhh come on that’s it yeah.” She momentarily stopped to suck her fingers, tasting her sweet pussy juices. But soon enough her fingers were back in her fuckin pussy.She had 4 fingers up there when she beckoned me over with her other hand.“I need, uhh, more, oh yeah, get over, oh fuck, here now and finish what you started earlier”.I didn’t needed to be asked again as I dove in, immediately adding 3 of my fingers to her own. It was so warm and wet in there, I was in heaven and she was loving it too.“Yeah that’s it shove ‘em right up there, yeah that’s it, oh yeah, uhh, umm yeah oh fuck, just do it. Shove your whole fucking hand up there” she removed her fingers and licked them again, as I folded my thumb onto my palm and started to slide my hand slowly into her extremely tight pussy.“Faster, I need it all now, shove bahis firmaları it right in there” I obeyed and shoved my hand right up into her pussy.At this rate, she wasn’t going to be tight for much longer.“Ahhhh yeah that’s it, uh, that feels so, uh, good. Fuck yeah, I need more, stick your fingers up my ass, I need some anal action, do it, put them right up there.”I dipped 3 fingers of my other hand into her leaking pussy for lubrication, and taking her earlier advice, shoved then right up her ass, as hard and fast as I could.It must have sent her over the edge cus she screamed and I felt her pussy convulsing around my hand.“Ahhhh, yeah, I’m coming, yesssssssss” I pulled my fingers out of her ass, yanked my hand right out of her now loose pussy and started to suck at the juices from her gaping hole.“Let me taste my self” she demanded, with that I took the hand from her pussy and shoved the fingers into her mouth a she licked wildly.“Hmm I taste so good”Seeing that she liked the taste, I held her
mouth open and spat the juices I had collected into her mouth and all over her face.“Oh yeah I love it” she panted as she licked around her mouth.I then gave her the fingers I had shoved up her ass. Without hesitation she licked all the scum right off. She obviously loved it as she then put 3 off her own fingers up her ass, took them out and licked them straight away.“I love the taste of my ass the most, its sooo dirty it makes me feel like such a slut”After all of this my dick was rock hard again and Nelly noticed it.“Time for the real action” she said.She really was a slut; she just wanted more and more.She got up off the couch and bent over the edge of her dressing table, with her ass poking right up into the air.“FUCK ME YOU STUD” she ordered.“shove your big fat dick right in my pussy, I don’t want to be able to walk when you’re done with me”“you got it you fuckin slut”I positioned myself behind her and lined up my now throbbing cock.“here it comes” I shouted, shoving my huge dick up her tight pussy.“Ahhhh yeah I love it….yeah keep going, let me feel it right up in side me, come on, HARDER HARDER”I pounded her harder and harder. Shoving my dick right up inside her as far as it would go.“oh my god it just feels so huge, I’ve never been this filled wit, uh, cock before, yeah keep going.”Her table was shaking; I was fucking her so hard.“uh, I’m cumming” she screamed in ecstasy, her pussy convulsing around my cock, which had now grown to a full foot long and 3 inches wide.She panted heavily as she came, the juices dripping over my cock and all down her legs.“put me in the pile driver position, I love it like that, its so rough and that’s how I like it.”I lifted her up without taking my cock out her pussy. She lent forwards putting her hand on the floor and rotating so that her back was now on the ground.I put bother her ankles up on my shoulders, lifting up her waist so that only her head and shoulders were on the ground.“Now fuck me again, this time put some effort in”With that I drove down into her, my cock entering her womb, I was getting serious now.“Ahhhhhh yeah that’s it oh yeah” she was coming again already “uh you like that slut, you like it when I’m rough”I pounded down into her relentlessly, not letting up“uh fuck me, yeah keep it, uh, up. Shit yessss ah, uh yeah , I’m such a slut, fuck me like the slut I am. Fuck me harder”I increased the pace, showing no mercy, not that she was begging for it.This carried on for what seemed like hours.“I’m gonna fucking cum you whore, you want me kaçak iddaa to fill you up”“no, come on my tits first, then just spray it all over me”I thrust into her a couple more times before I withdrew, letting her drop roughly to the ground.“uh yeah, here comes the big one”she held her tits together ready for my load. The first shot hit her square in the face, covering her fore head and eyes. The next one was on target, all over her tits.“yeah keep it cumming” she screamed as she wiped her eyes clear, licking the cum off her fingers and swallowing it.I gave her a couple more huge shots completely coving her small tits. I still had plenty more cum left and I sprayed it all over her raw pussy.Nelly lay therefore a second, loving the Slutty feeling of being covered with a complete strangers cum. She started to rub the cum into her pussy pushing it deep inside. She licked her hands clean after she was finished.“that was amazing” I said thinking our session was over.“WAS?” she shouted “you’ve still got to fuck my ass yet”She got onto all fours, with her ass facing me and she spread open her ass cheeks, revealing her tight brown hole. My cock was still hard so I got right to it. I got her to spit all over my dick to lube it up, strands of saliva slowly dripping off the head as I moved round to fuck her tight little ass. I inserted two fingers into her ass hole and spread it wide open. I thrusted my cock into her open ass right to the hilt on one stroke.“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss” she screamed in pin and pleasure.“Fuck my ass hole hard with that huge cock of yours”I was happy to oblige and started to destroy her ass, my balls slapping against her soaking pussy. I withdrew from her butt to spit in the gaping hole before I roughly shoved my cock right back inside again.“uh yes, oh yes fuck it, fuck my ass, I love it, uh, yes uh,uh oh yeah harder, harder faster, fuck yes”the spit in her ass was starting to froth up and leak out.“I just love, uh a huge fucking cock, yeah, pounding I and out off my ass, oh fuck yes, don’t stop, your so good at this, ah yessss” she started to come again.I flipped her onto her back, and the come started to drip down to her asshole, combining with the spit already there.“yes yes yes yes” she jut couldn’t stop screaming. I leant over her and stared to suck her tits as I continued to low right into her ass.“oh yeah suck those tits, bit them, oh yeah, spit in my mouth, treat me like a whore”.I did as she said spitting not only into her mouth but all over her face and tits.At this point I started to come again. “ u uh arrrrggghh” I grunted as I shot load after load into the depths of her ass.“I love feeling come shoot inside my Slutty as oh yeah its so warm, fill me right up.”I must have spurted a pint of cum up her ass and it started to leak out the sides. i with draw my cock as I collapsed to the ground. Nelly however had one last trick to show me. She got up off the floor her knees wobbling from the frantic fuck session, and crouched down over the floor. She then started to squirt all the shit speckled come out of her ass into a big puddle of brownish sticky mess. I thought that was Slutty enough but then she leant right over it and started to lick it up, loving the taste of the shit speckled cum. She rubbed her face all in the rest of it and then looked up towards me. Her face was totally covered in the corrupt cum from her ass. “Hmmm its so fucking dirty and I love it, she said as he started to wipe the cum off her face and lick it off her fingers, loving the taste off her ass and my come.“Now that was amazing” I said sure it was now over.“Well I can still walk, just, so I’m not happy, but that can be changed.” With that she walked off towards the shower, poke her head round the corner, and beckoned for me to join her……THE END

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