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Slaying sisterI had recently moved to San Antonio been there for about a year while i was on the streets,i started to get lonely after a few more months i started dating again and met my ex fiancee Deshaun now Deshaun was by far the most drop dead sexy girl i have ever been with she was black with short hair about 5.3,38 DDD,and had an ass so fat you cant miss it. After a few years we moved into an apartment with her mom and little sister Tani after getting settled me and Deshaun decided to have sex in the apartment while the mom was on a road trip and Tani was at school. It all started after i came home from an anime store called Ooples as i walked in the door Deshaun was there to greet me wearing a blanket around her like it was a strapless dress “hello my love” i answered she didn’t say anything all i got was a push into the door and as she locked it with one hand she kissed me passionately and deeply and caressed my cock with the other hand now all of this took me by surprise but Deshaun was always spontaneous like this i instantly indulged myself into her teasing and temptation i was 20 around this time and my size was about 9 1/2 inches the biggest shes had was around 6 but that wasn’t the issue we’ve been making love like rabbits for about 2 years but this was different. As Deshaun pulls my cock out and starts sucking my balls (she was always infatuated with them) all the while shes slowly and passionately stroking it as i realize that this isn’t normal sex its making love i start to see her finger herself now that i couldn’t allow i picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. Softly i lay on top of her nibbling on her ear and scratching her thighs then slowly i flick my tongue up and down her neck and chest i slowly start to take off the blanket she had wrapped around her as i suck and bite her neck i rub her pussy slowly and gently then occasionally i would rub her clit really fast just to increase her hunger for my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cock. Slowly i move to her breasts licking and sucking one nipple while twisting the other and switching in between the two “Oh baby please eat me” she begged Deshaun was one of the many women who loved my eating technique,but i licked up and down her stomach,thighs, and slowly but gently grazed me teeth against her thighs as if i were taking a bite out of her all of this to increase her excitement “Please my love eat my wet moist pussy’ she begged once more this is where the fun began as usual i licked around the edge of her pussy lips then instantly started to suck and lick her clit as fast and hard as i could as she moaned and squirmed i decided to tease her more by sticking three fingers in her wet pussy constantly hitting her g-spot reason being Deshaun hates cumming without me inside her but as usual i win that argument. Going as fast and as hard as i can making Deshaun cum constantly i finally end the torture and strip i slowly adjust my cock in between Deshauns thighs then i tease her by giving her just the tip (she wasn’t having that) Deshaun wrapped her thighs around me pushing me inside her “give it to me my love” she whispers “pour all your love and cum into my hot womb” she added i quickly shove my cock deep inside her hitting her womb nice and hard then i pick up the tempo pounding her womb harder and faster this drove her crazy the last time she made love to me we were camping under the moon and starts and she almost passed out it was so good. However this time was different Deshaun starts to move her hips to the rhythm of our love making as she puts her hand down on pelvic region we start to move in sync as if we were one wave hard fast and gracefully we make love to each other then Deshaun flips me over getting on top and bouncing on my cock hard and fast with her hand on my chest and mine on her hips the mobilbahis riding goes from bouncing to grinding as her walls grip my cock she gets wetter in the faint distance i could hear her sister masturbating in her moms room since the little sister and the mom slept in the same room and i could tell Deshaun noticed because she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and whispered “after you’re done making love to me i want you to fuck my little sister o holding back” and with that being said i put Deshaun sideways getting behind her and shoving my cock deep inside her. As we layed sideways she played with her breasts as we passionately tongue kissed and made love all the while we could hear her sister moaning in between each pound i delivered to Deshauns womb finally i bent Deshaun over in doggy style pounding her harder than ever as she rubs her pussy she screams “IM GONNA CUM!” i quickly increase my speed and power as i started to get closer to cumming and with one final powerful thrust to her womb we both simultaneously cum. As Deshaun layed down resting i went to her moms room to carry out mt mission to Tani who was already waiting for me on her knees in the middle of the room naked Tani was about a good B cup but had an amazing ass a light complexion but slightly dark glasses and very tempting i couldn’t help but bite my lip as i stared at Dragons next victim (which is the name i gave my cock). Tani crawled on all fours to me and started deep throating me now this was something i didn’t anticipate she was the first to ever deep throat meas she used both hands to twist and jerk my cock she started to get very sloppy and dirty with it i couldn’t help but to roll my eyes to the back of my head as i came extra hard all she did was push me as far down her throat as possible and swallow Dragons load. I sit on the edge of the bed breathing heavily (ive never cummed so much or so hard in my life) Tani stood mobilbahis güvenilir mi in front of me rubbing her pussy smiling as she said “i was listening in on you and my sister fucking i had the door cracked when she told you to fuck me” then smiled “ive got to get my shit together or this girl is gonna out do me” i thought to myself. Tani was 16 Deshaun was 21 i was 20 i couldn’t let her win i grabbed Tani and layed her down burying my face into her pussy licking and sucking her wildly as good and experienced she may be she was still just a c***d compared to me so if i gave it to her good enough shell lose herself into the pleasure easily and constantly cum do to the fact she hasn’t learned self control when taking in an over dose of pleasure i stick my tongue inside her wet,hot,moist pussy flicking it and rolling it wildly and my plan worked she couldn’t help but scream and cum as she yelled “OH ISAIAH STICK YOUR TONGUE IN MEEEEEEE!” all the while holding my head down and thrusting her hips against every stroke of my tongue as she squirted i drank my beverage and bent her over her pussy dripping and twitching begging for my cock i licked her pussy for behind and made her cum once more then shoved my cock in her ass pounding it and spanking her as she tightly gripped the covers she moaned “OH MY GOD ISAIAH SHOVE DRAGON INTO MY PUSSY PLEASE I WANT YOUR SEED INSIDE ME!” i pulled out her ass and started pounding her womb apparently her and Deshaun have been talking about me since ive never told Tani my cocks name as i pound into her pussy she arches her back and backs into me our tempo and speed increase a grab her hips and power thrust into her stomach non stop “OHHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDDDD!” she screams as she cums then i put her on top of me letting her ride me like a girl riding a bull she twists and rolls her hips with no hands switching in between bouncing and grinding. Seeing she was getting close to having an orgasm i lay her on my chest and pound her pussy nice and hard spreading her ass and tongue kissing her we roll over into missionary and i pound her pussy nice and hard and with one huge thrust to her womb we both cum and i take a shower get dressed and go in the living room to play Black Ops 2.

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