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SKINTIGHT CHAMPIONSTwo guys treacherous lust for pantyhose and Lycra.Throughout the skype session Kev had done nothing but whinge. He was still bruised after the going over Ray had given him. His boyfriend, Josh said he was tired and needed an early night, so he said goodbye and left the session. Josh smiled as he got out of his tracksuit, revealing his skintight black leotard and thick light-toast Danskin tights. His legs shimmered like glass. He put some makeup on, layered his full lips with glossy lipstick and sang to himself, as he carefully fixed his black bobbed wig into place. He smoothly hoisted up a skintight pair of royal blue lycra shorts and checked his panty line in the mirror. He blew himself a kiss and smiled, before he carefully stepped into a pair of black buckle heels.On the sofa was a box of panties and tights. He opened skype and called a contact called Pantyhose Face. A thug with a high-shine pair of tights, compressing his features, came into view. Josh smiled. ‘Hi, Ray,’ he said, curling up on the sofa. He leaned forward and blew a slow air kiss. ‘I’ve been thinking of you all day,’ Josh said softly. Ray’s leering smile stretched his nylon face. Josh then shifted his arse, giving Ray a good view of the sheen of his Lycra. Ray leered again. ‘I’d love to fucking sniff that,’ said Ray. ‘Sniff then,’ said Josh. ‘I want to see what you look like when you sniff.’ Ray twitched his nose and inhaled. ‘My Lycra shorts are really tight,’ said Josh, getting up and modelling them. He smoothed his hands over his arse. It shimmered in the light. He bent over, and peeked around innocently. ‘Can you see my panty line?’ said Josh. ‘Fucking love your arse,’ said Ray. Josh gently swayed from side to side. ‘Yeah?’ he said. ‘You like that? I like it when you’re watching me. With my tights on your head. My smelly tights. Oh my smelly tights,’ purred Josh, as he paused, poked his arse towards the camera and wiggled.‘Bet you’d love to fuck it again!’‘You’re telling me!’ Ray smiled. Josh turned, looked directly in the camera, and said, ‘You know I really love it. I wish you could sniff me. I know you love fucking me.’ He bit his glossy lip innocently. ‘Are you wanking, Ray?’ Josh smiled. ‘Have you got your cock out or are you rubbing it through your wife’s tights?’ ‘What do you think?’ said Ray as he stood up and revealed his hard stiff cock, pasted under his shiny tights. Josh put his hands to his lips in fascination. ‘You’re wearing tights, Ray. And your cock is so big. Are they your wife’s tights?’ Ray manipulated his cock through the glossy material. He sat back down. ‘Sure are,’ he said. Josh flicked his hair. ‘Are you wearing your tights for me?’ said Josh. Ray smiled. ‘Naturally.’ ‘Oh Ray! I love your tights!’ Josh whispered. He blew a soft kiss at Ray. His lips glistened with his secret smile, as he took out a stocking and pulled it over his wig and face, really compressing his soft features. Now his distorted face danced in the light under the thick, glossy finish. Josh eyes darted hysterically, as he opened and closed his mouth, stretching the gleaming nylon. Ray was wanking. ‘Ooh, my Ray! My pantyhose man! All for me and I’m all for you!’They had been each other’s dirty secret ever since Ray caught him sabotaging Kev’s bike before a race. Ray loved the way Josh’s padded cycling shorts were stretched against his arse as he was squatting down with the wrench. ‘What’s going on here?’ said Ray. As Josh turned around his eyes came into direct view of Ray’s well-packed crotch in his cycling shorts. When he looked up, he saw this hunk looking down.‘Just needs adjusting a bit,’ said Josh.‘Are you doing what I think you are?’ said Ray.‘Whatever gives you that impression?’ Josh smiled. ‘Well, well. Is that Kev’s yozgat escort bike?’‘It would be silly if I was doing this to my own bike,’ said Josh, rolling his eyes which made Ray instantly hard. ‘Don’t say anything. Please. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. He has it coming. Thinks he’s It, but he isn’t,’ said Josh. ‘It’s not dangerous, the chain will come off at the beginning of the race, that’s all.’‘So what’s the real story between you two?’ said Ray. ‘Maybe I can tell you about it sometime,’ Josh smiled. He stood up and put one leg behind the other. ‘My name’s Josh.’Ray was about to introduce himself when Josh said, ‘I know who you are. You’re the captain of the other team.’He then turned round and bent down to pick up a screwdriver. He looked over his shoulder at Ray and smirked secretly, at the thought he was revealing the tight sheen of his black padded Lycra shorts. He got to his feet and gasped. ‘Well. Better be going. Have fun,’ Josh smiled.‘You want my number?’‘I’m sure I’ll bump into you again,’ said Josh.Kev’s bike collapsed at the start of the race. He looked like a fucking idiot. Ray won the race easily. Later in a tent, behind the podium, after some cyclists had gone home, Josh appeared. ‘Congratulations,’ he smiled. ‘Kev looked like a fucking dork,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t have down it without you,’ smiled Ray, which made Josh go weak at the knees. Ray placed his winner’s garland around Josh’s neck. Josh looked down and then up. Their eyes met. Ray leant in and kissed Josh fully on the lips. ‘Oh Ray!’ panted Josh, as he felt Ray’s hunky hands grip his padded arse of his tight cycling shorts. Josh reached for Ray’s broad shoulders. Their eyes closed as they settled into a long deep kissing session that lasted for a good thirty minutes. They mutually smiled as they parted and looked at each other. ‘Have a look at this?’ said Ray. Josh gasped as saw the outline of Ray’s hard cock in his cycling shorts. ‘Oh it looks so big!’ said Josh. ‘Can I?’ he said as he squatted down and felt it in his hands and gripped it in astonishment.‘I thought you and Kev are, you know, seeing each other,’ said Ray. ‘Are you joking?’ said Josh, briefly looking up. ‘I only joined the cycling club so I could see you. You’re a real man. A real winner,’ said Josh, as he started to slowly wank Ray through the tight lycra. He gazed up at Ray to test him.‘We shouldn’t be doing this, I’m a married man,’ Ray winked. Josh wanked harder, the effort made him bite his bottom lip. ‘Why would a married man be letting a guy in cycling shorts wank him off?’ Josh grinned. ‘Oh it’s so tight! Oh, I’m actually wanking a married man off! Oh, my champion!’ said Josh, putting his lips over the Lycra knob and sucking. ‘You’re the best! Oh Ray! You’re the best!’ Josh looked longingly at Ray, his mouth bulging with hard, thick lycra cock. ‘I want a man! Oh I want a real man!’ Josh pined as he bobbed up and down, making om om sounds. Om, om, om, om. Just as Ray was about to cum, Josh turned round bent over and let Ray blast his spunk over Josh’s tight Lycra arse.At the party, to celebrate Ray’s victory Kev got drunk and accused Ray of cheating but Ray beat the shit out of him. Ray noticed the smile playing on Josh’s lips as he escorted Kev to the taxi. That evening, Josh made a point of putting some shiny black tights and red panties on in order to rub his panty crotch, on the sofa, as he thought about how tough Ray was. ‘Oh, my Ray,’ he whispered, as his legs were parted, stroking his silky bulge until he came. During a few message exchanges, Josh revealed that he liked wearing tights and wigs and being girly. Ray said it was just as well, because he had a massive fetish for tights. Even hearing the right voice uttering ‘tights’ escort yozgat would have him hard in seconds.The week after Ray invited Josh to a cycling trip. His friend, Speedy had to pull out so there was a place free. ‘We’ll be sharing a room,’ Ray smiled. At the hotel Ray brought some of his wife’s outfits, while Josh brought a wig and makeup. With Ray out, Josh had a soak in the bath, painted his nails and got changed. He looked and felt amazing
in his sheer gloss suntan tights and high-waist gym skirt, as he twisted his sexy, petite, but curvy figure in the mirror. Just then he heard Ray arrive. ‘I’ll be out soon, hun,’ Josh called out. He then mouthed ‘Ray’ and slowly kissed the reflection of his full, sweet lips. Without a word he ran two layers of deep red gloss over his lips and placed a dark bobbed wig on his head, and leered at himself, curling his lower lip. He then pulled up some black, knee-high heeled boots on.Ray was waiting, in his skintight cycling shorts, leering at his sexy new mistress, posing with a hand high on his waist, looking at the hunk daringly. ‘Fuck me, you look better in that outfit than the missus,’ said Ray.‘I take your words as a compliment,’ sighed Josh. ‘Of course, if it makes your cock hard, that’s a bigger compliment, and if I make you cum, even better.’‘I’ll bet I’m not the first married man you’ve sent crazy,’ said Ray.‘Given that the majority of men who wank over my pics behind their wives’ backs, are married, dreaming they were fucking me, that they’re inside my mouth, up my arse, or I’m on their face, you won’t be the last either,’ smiled Josh.Josh smoothed his hands down his sides, secretly smiled and swayed over to Ray. He placed his hands on Ray’s broad shoulders and smiled as he whispered ‘Thanks for kicking the shit out of Kev. Mind you, I suppose it was my fault a little. I encouraged Kev to have it out with you, knowing what you might do. Oops,’ he said, biting his lip in mock guilt.‘You bad, scheming, little sissy,’ Ray said with approval.Ray stroked Josh’s glossy wig and grinned. They threw their arms around each other and strongly kissed as Ray gripped Josh’s arse up his skirt, smoothing and gripping his tight silky arse. Josh then quietly asked Ray to sit down, as he slipped out of his skirt and smoothed his hands over his glossy black tights and red knickers. He slowly stepped over to Ray and perched himself on his lap. Josh then took out a glossy black stocking and smoothed it tightly over the hunky man’s face, rendering Ray’s face glossy and dangerous. His head really shimmered in the light. They whispered their secret promises and plans and desires. ‘Naturally,’ said Josh, before pressing a long, soft glossy kiss on Ray’s nylon gloss lips. Ray couldn’t stop smoothing his hands over his lover’s legs as they carelessly kissed the evening away. They had a good laugh at Kev in between the long, slow, wide caress of their lips. Josh couldn’t believe how great it felt, being dressed like a sexy girl, kissing a real man, mouth open. ‘You’re my panty girl, my Lycra girl, my tights girl,’ said Ray. Josh loved being Ray’s panty boy. ‘I’m your Lycra girl, in your panty world,’ he giggled, singing the tune of Barbie Girl. He pressed his head on Ray’s shoulder. ‘Show me your panties, panty girl,’ said Ray. Josh blushed and got up. ‘I’m your panty girl, panty, panty sissy,’ he said as he pranced around, wiggling his tight silky red panties under his glossy tights, and pushing his arm out like the spout of a teapot. ‘Your panty girl wants your cock,’ said Josh, brushing a hand down his cheek, and pretending to look shocked. ‘Only if my panty girl wants to sit on my face panty slut,’ smiled Ray, as he lay down. Josh slowly processed the information. yozgat escort bayan Without he slowly squatted over Ray. He saw the stretch of his panties in the mirror and how they glistened through his tights as he arched his knees. Josh leisurely bobbed on Ray’s face, ‘I want to be your skintight, smelly panty, panty lover,’ said Josh. ‘And you know what, darling? I’m going to leave my boyfriend for you. He’s such a wimp and a fucking embarrassment,’ said Josh, as he leant over and hungrily sucked Ray’s cock through his cycling shorts. ‘Oh Ray, your cock’s so fucking hard!’ Josh gasped incredulously. ‘Oh your cycling shorts are so fucking tight! So tight!’ cried Josh. After half an hour of this bliss, Josh removed his wig, and slipped his head into a tight shiny gold stocking. His features shimmered in the light, as he crawled on top of Ray. They exchanged a complicit glossy smile and kissed. Nylon on nylon. Their parting lips shimmered. They paused.‘Erm, Ray,’ Josh began coyly. ‘Yeah?’‘Since, you know, I sat on your face, well, would you sit on my face, in your cycling shorts?’Ray’s leer stretched his stocking mask. He could see through Josh’s shimmery features, that his eyes had taken on a pleading expression. ‘You sissy,’ he said. ‘I’ve been wearing these all day!’‘I know! I really, really hope your lycra stinks,’ beamed Josh, trembling in anticipation of Ray’s wide but powerful and toned arse crushing his nose. Josh lay down and smiled, as Ray lowered his tight, fat but shapely arse on Josh’s encased face. Josh pressed his nose and lips against the shiny, skintight padded stretch of Ray’s Lycra shorts. Josh shook as he sniffed and sniffed. For easily an hour.‘Oh Ray! It really stinks and I fucking love it! I really love it!’ Josh squealed, running his hands all over Ray’s full skintight Lycra rump. ‘I have to shag you,’ said Ray. ‘I have to.’‘I should think so too,’ said Josh. Ray got off Josh and took his cock out. Josh quickly grabbed his wig and dropped it on his head. Ray lay down, as Josh pierced a small hole in his tights and pulled his panties to one side. He straddled Ray, keeping eye contact with him as he lowered himself on his cock. His arse slapped against Ray’s well-built hips, as they worked up a rhythm. His wig moved and slid about a little as he rode Ray. He grabbed his silky padded bra as he bounced up and down, crying, ‘tights, tights, tights!’ Ray joined in. ‘Tight, tights, tights!’ Ray’s warm, wide hands smoothed Josh’s glossy thighs as his arse slapped and swished against this hunk. Their cries and moans grew louder. Anyone passing in the corridor wouldn’t have failed to hear their groans of mutual lust. Josh’s arsehole had never felt so full but so good. He bobbed up and down so hard that his wig slipped off, and seconds later he felt the gush of Ray’s spunk up his fresh arsehole. Back at the Skype session Josh smiled as he took out some panties and tights from the box and stuffed some of them down the back of his Lycra shorts, forming a huge misshapen bulge. He dangled more silky panties and tights over his head and shoulders. Ray’s face gurned into the camera as he watched his panty lover hysterically prance around. ‘Ooh Ray! I love tights, how I love my silky smelly, smelly tights! Are you wanking, Ray? Wanking you in your tight smelly tights! Wank yourself off, imagine my hands wanking your cock in your tights! Imaging wanking you off into my stocking face! Oh Ray! You’re my man!’ Josh parted his knees and rubbed his arse in his skintight Lycra shorts, bulging with the panties and tights he had stuffed down them, as Ray wanked himself off. ‘I wish you could cum all over my glossy bulge!’ Josh begged. ‘I love you, my pantyhose man!’ panted Josh as he piped himself into his crotch and Ray drenched his tights with thick spunk. Josh removed his pantyhose mask and wig and breathed a sigh of relief, as he smiled proudly. ‘I think I love you,’ said Ray.‘Naturally,’ Josh winked and smiled. They kissed the screen and logged off.

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