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SJ First TimeThe first time I fucked SJ was when she visited me. We had met after work and gone out for a meal. I had picked her up from the station and the plan was that I would sleep on the couch and take her back to the tstaion in the morning. We were not going. She told me she was not going to sleep with me if she came to visit. After dinner I drive back to the flat, she was gorgeous in a grey long flowing dress. Her hair was flowing. We sat on the sofa with some wine and chatted, she wanted to rearrange my living room, so she got up and started moving things around. When she bent over I could see her curvy ass and I was keen to see her thighs when she knelt down, the slit in her dress riding up occasionally. She caught me looking and I am sure she did it more often. When she had finished she cane and sat back down. We talked some more until we decided that it was time to say goodnight. She would use the bathroom first. I had made her bed up already. She got up to leave but bent over to kiss me goodnight. She started on the cheek but eventually she kissed me on the mouth. I kissed her back and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it which made her moan ever so slightly. She broke off. I’m not sleeping with you, she said. And walked off towards the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later and sat down, “your turn”. I got up to leave but stopped and leant over towards her to kiss her goodnight…. she went straight for my mouth, and kissed me hard. I kissed her back, she held my face towards her and put her toungue in again. We kissed for a good minute before she pulled me back down to the sofa. “You kiss really well, I like your tongue honey”, she moves on top of me and kisses me again, I pull her towards me and she pushes me down onto my back, straddles me and I am sure she grinds into my crotch a little. I chance it and put a hand in her arse, pulling her into me to see if she does it again. She does, I put two hands on her butt and pull her into my crotch again, this time I push up a little, my cock getting semi hard already. She grinds down on me and notices my cock, she giggles through the kiss and grinds down again. “Mmmmm you like this don’t you? I bet you want to get my knickers off huh? “ I squeeze her arse and start to pull her skirt up, she continues to kiss me her breathing getting heavier. My hands reach bare skin, she gasps and grinds down on me again. My hands reach towards her pussy from behind. I pull her ass cheeks apart and my fingers nestle at her crotch, she angles her arse upwards getting her pussy nearer my fingers. I can feel the crotch of her knickers is sopping wet. I gently massage her pussy through her knickers, my fingers now soaked with her wetness. As I massage her she pushes back on my hands, her toungue reaches towards my throat as a finger slips past her knickers and into her wet hole. She groans loudly and pushes back my finger entering her hot pussy. She bites my lip as my other hand now reaches around her front to massage her clit, she groans and slumps onto my chest, her pussy thrusting up and down as I finger her. I sit up and turn her over. I pull her dress up to her waist she is now lying between my legs her head on my chest bahis firmaları looking up at me as I gently rub her pussy, she opens her legs, and puts one up onto the back of the sofa, her legs wide apart for me. I pull her knickers aside and with one hand finger her and the other rubs her clit. She reaches up to her tits and rubs them before pulling them out. I reach towards them my hand wet with her pussy juice. I caress them and pull on the nipples getting them wet with pussy juice. She pulls one up towards her mouth and sucks the nipple. My cock is rock hard now, she can feel it poking into her back I am sure. I continue to finger her, she gasps and moans and starts to thrust her hips up. She’s getting close to cumming. I push her up and off me as I stand and move round to her legs. I kneel on the floor and kiss her right calf before sucking on her right thigh. She is looking down at me hoping that I will lick her pussy out and eat her cunt, her hips slightly lift off the sofa towards me. I kiss my way up her thigh, and then to her belly before working me way down to her other thigh, she is now thrusting her hips up to her my mouth on her pussy. “Oh please, Oh please, go on, go on.” She whispers at me, teasing her with the thought of a good bit of head. I pull her pussy lips apart and lick a line from her wet arse hole to her pubic mound. She shudders as my tongue rubs over her clit, it is red and bulging now, her legs start to come together ready to clamp my head between them. I push her legs apart and dip my tongue into her pussy. I stab at it a few times before plunging it as far as it will go, she thrusts up and grinds against my face. Her hand hold my head on her and she rubs her pussy against me. I dart my tongue ina nd out of her, fucking her with it, she groans. I then start to suck on her clitoris. And rub it with the flat of my toungue. She is almost there, I reach up with my hand and gently push it into her, two fingers curl up to massage her with my mouth sucking on her clit, she screams a little. Her pussy is gushing now, my fingers now fucking her, she thrusts her hips up into my mouth. I look up at her, my 4th finger at the entrance to her arsehole starts to wiggle into it, as I am fingering her, almost accidentally. She continues to gasp and groan as it slides into her arsehole, her eyes close as she starts to cum. Her legs shaking and her hips thrusting upwards. She continues to thrust and grind my face as her spasms subside. She is out of breath. I move up to her and kiss her hard, she doesn’t mind tasting her pussy, it is all over my face and mouth. I kneel at her head level and undo my trousers. My cock is dripping wet, her eyes are still closed as I inch it towards her face. It rests against her lips. She open her eyes to see what this wet hot thing is against her mouth. She recoils at first, then looks up at me, knowing she is to return the favour. She open her mouth and I push forwards. She licks the head when it is in her mouth and turns her self over to her side. She grips it and guides it in further . Her hot mouth enveloping it. Her mouth starts to drool as she sucks on it. She looks up at me, she looks like she is enjoying it. She motions perabet to me to sit , I sit and she leans over me. She lowers her mouth onto my cock again, her hand caresses my balls. She starts to wank me off on her mouth. She sits up and kisses me on the mouth. I kiss her back hard. “Don’t cum in my mouth please, please tell me when you’re going to cum. You can cum on my tits? I nod and push her head back down. She feels more confident now and starts to suck me off, she gets me deeper and deeper into her mouth and her head moves faster and faster. I feel I am getting close. “I’m gonna cum SJ, I’m gonna cum soon.”. She motions me to get up. And she lies in n my place. She pulls my cock toward her and I straddle her chest, “here fuck my tits and cum on them baby”, she pushes them together around my cock, it is wet and starts to slide easily between them. She looks up at me, “your cock tastes so good baby, her put it in my mouth while you fuck my tits”, I push up a little higher and she opens her mouth so the tip goes in. She drags her tongue up the sensitive underside and occasionally closes her mouth around it. I reach behind me and stroke her thighs, she obliges and parts them allowing me to her cunt again. I rub it gently and sticks finger or two up her. She groans and thrust her hips up. Her closing round me even tighter. It feels so good. I can feel my cum rising, I start to fuck her tits quicker. She thrusts her mouth onto my cock harder so now I am fucking her mouth. She has let go of her tits and now pulls on my balls and wanks my cock into her mouth. I let her continue and tell her I am cumming. I lean back to rub her pussy harder. She thrusts her hips up faster. She is close to cumming again. I stand up and straddle her chest in a 69 and lower my head
to her pussy, which I stay to tongue again, my hands find their way into her pussy. She finds my cock to wank me off, her head now rising off the couch to suck my cock deep into her mouth. My mouth is full of her pussy now, my tongue banging into her my fingers rubbing her clit, the other hand has fingers inside her. She is soooo wet. Her thighs come together, her legs cross as she forces my mouth onto her pussy. I feel my cock start to twitch. “I’m cumming SJ, I’m cumming”. She continues to wank me off, my cock now twitching and my hips bucking up and down as I spurt my load onto her tits. As I am cumming though I feel her mouth on me again, I continue to spurt cum, she deep throats my cock and wanks me into her hot mouth. I let me hips lower a bit, she pulls my hips down so that I am now fucking her mouth. She controls the depth with her hands pushing up on my hips if I get to far in. She starts to shudder and groan on t cock as her thighs start to tremble and her pussy squirts in my mouth and face. I finger her harder, her hips smashing up and down on the couch. I roll off her. She lies there, her tits and face covered in my cum, cum on her lips and dribbles our the corner of her mouth. She swallows and licks her lips. “Oh fuck baby, your cum tastes so good. I fucking wanted it all in my mouth by the time you were going to cum. It felt so good” Oh fuck darling. I lean down to kiss her. My cock is still rock hard. perabet giriş I climb onto the sofa and between her legs. I position it at her pussy and gently rub it against her clit. She lifts her legs up and puts her heels in the small of my back, pulling me into her. My cock slide in, she gaps and moans. She is super tight. I pull out a bit and go in slower. She pulls me into her harder. I withdraw again and slide back in, balls deep. She screams and pushes her hips up. I start to fuck her now, long deep strokes, some quick shorter ones. She relaxes her legs giving me deeper access. I slide into her and kiss her, she wraps her arms and legs around me, I grab her thigh and push her leg up, getting in deeper still. She groans “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me baby, fuck me, harder baby”. “Oh fuck I want your cum in me”. I pull out of her and roll her over so that she is kneeling on the floor now. I stand up and pull her face towards my cock. She duly open her mouth as I push it in. She sucks me hard as I fuck her mouth gently. I then bend her over so that her chest is on the sofa. I kneel behind her. She reaches back to part her arse and my cock finds her pussy. I push into her, and reach round to stay rubbing her clit. She pushes back on my cock, I get in deeper. I straighten up and loom down to see my cock ploughing into her pussy. I part her cheeks a bit to look at her arsehole. I spit on it and rub it. She pushes back and turns her head to look at me, “go on then, you can have my arse as well”, go on, put it in there” I thought she was going to tell me I could finger it, but she wants me to fuck it!! I pull out of her and bend my head towards her arse. I lick it which makes her shudder. She reaches to her pussy and starts to rub it as I starts to tongue her arse hole. I pull her arse cheeks apart, and then position my cock at its entrance. I push forwards a little it is quite tight but begins to give little. I push forward and it goes in. She screams again, and pushes back on me. I push forward again, I am less than halfway in. “Oh that’s good, no more, stop that all” she tells me. I don’t push my luck and fuck her slowly and carefully. She is smiling and moaning as she rubs her pussy. I pull out and wipe my cock on my boxer shorts before pushing it into her pussy again, she groans. “Oh fuck it harder, make me cum again”. I fuck her hard and fast, I replace her hand with mine and rub her clit and pussy. She pushes back on my cock. “Oh I’m cumming baby she whispers at me, oh, fuck, fuck me faster, push it in me, oh baby. She pushes me off her, and onto my back, she pulls her dress off finally and pulls her bra off. Then she straddles me and sits on my cock. She lens forwards to rub her tots in my face, then starts to ride me and rub and pussy. Her pussy starts to contract and she groans and yelps, before she leans back and squirts the biggest load of cum all over my chest and face. She continues to rub her clit as her pussy stops contracting on my cock. I feel my cum approaching. Oh I’m cumming, honey I’m cumming”. She gets off me and starts to wank me off, then she puts her mouth on my cock, and starts to suck me, I stats to cum, she continues to fuck me with her mouth, I spurts squirts and squirts in her mouth, she swallows some and some dribbles ourt. She licks and sucks my cock till nothing more comes out. She lies on the floor next to me. “I’m gonna sleep in here with you” she says. “Please, lets do that again”.

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