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SIU Softball chapter 1This is the first chapter of a longer story, each chapter basically stands alone. If I get good response to this, I will post more chapters. Please feel free to comment, good or bad!“So, when you were facing the last batter, what was going through your mind?” the school sports reporter asked Mindy.What I was thinking was how incredible our catcher Stephanie would look naked with her legs spread and squatting down like that! “Just need to keep calm and do what I have been doing all season. I didn’t want to be the one to let my team down,” the sophomore pitcher gave her well-rehearsed answer.“You were named the regional tournament MVP. And here in front of the home fans. How important was it to play on your home field for the chance to go to the national NCAA tournament?”“You know, our student body has been behind us from the first game, and our fans have been so supportive, I really like that we could give them a great show and, in a way, thank them for their support all season long. And getting the MVP will be an incredible addition to an already full trophy shelf.”“I bet the shelf is packed. How many trophies do you think you have gotten over the years.”“Well, if you have the time, my apartment is just across the street from the stadium. We can go and check them out. Well, the ones from here at Southern Iowa University. My high school trophies are still at home.”Mindy couldn’t believe she just asked this freshman reporter back to her place, when she would obviously rather be celebrating her team winning the regional softball tournament, qualifying them for the NCAA tournament next week. But he was rather good looking, and his polo shirt was rather tight over his well-defined pecs. “By the way, I don’t remember what you said your name was.”“Alan. I bartın escort write for the campus Triton Pride paper.”“Ah, the campus TP.” she giggled.“Yeah, well it gives me experience to go with my journalism degree.”After a couple minutes of idle small-talk, Mindy and Alan arrived at Mindy’s on-campus apartment.“Nice place. Definitely neater than mine! Bigger, too.” Alan looked around at the sparsely decorated yet homey apartment. “And these must be your trophies.”Along a bookshelf next to the TV were several trophies of various sizes, almost all had a gold softball player mounted on top. Many were marked with a gold plate naming Mindy Thompson as MVP, others were trophies given to all the team members for winning a tournament. In her two seasons at SIU, her team had not lost a single regular season tournament game, and as a starting pitcher, had only lost 3 games in her two years. And, it seemed to come so naturally to her. She worked hard to stay sharp, but she didn’t need the extra hours at it like her teammate Sarah Carter, the other starter.“There seems to be a really odd trophy here. Why in the world does this one have a large pair of painted red lips on it?”“Holy shit! Forgot that was there!” Mindy tried to grab it away and hide it, but not before Alan read the plaque on the front. “Best blow-job in Carver Dorm”“I’m impressed, Mindy. My ex-girlfriend wouldn’t even TRY to give head. Thought it was too disgusting, even though she LOVED when I went down on her. Didn’t seem to think that was disgusting at all. Big reason she is my EX-girlfriend.”Mindy started thinking. “So, you think you are good at going down? Maybe we should test each others skills” Mindy stepped up to Alan and gave him a small kiss as she started to open the front of his pants. As she started escort bartın to push his khakis and boxers down, Alan was working the snaps on her softball pants. After what appeared to be some juvenile wrestling, both college students were in each others arms, naked as the day they were born. Alan’s semi-erect cock was pressed to Mindy’s stomach. She smiled as she sank to her knees, caressing his member across her cheek.Slowly she sucked him into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the flared head. Alan let out a sigh and a smile came to his face. The girl was good!! Although he had limited experience having his cock sucked, he immediately knew why she had gotten the award. Mindy gave nice, steady suction as her lips slid up and down the shaft, her tongue never stopping it’s dance around the stiffening cock. Twice she brought him to the edge of the cliff and then drew him back. Finally she lifted off him. “What say we go to the bedroom, and you show me what you can do.” Mindy stood up and led the way to the back bedroom. There she let Alan stretch out on the bed, and she climbed on top of him. Working her ankles under his shoulders, she eased her moist pussy back to his waiting lips. He saw the neatly trimmed brownish-blonde pubic hair. He had never gone down on an unshaven pussy, but found it inviting. He broadened his tongue and ran it the length of her slit, from love tunnel to clit, making contact with as much of her private flesh as possible. He ran his tongue around her clit hood, and felt the clit start to come out. He gently locked his lips on it and gave a slight pull. This brought a sigh from his partner as she returned his hard cock to her mouth. Together they worked each other to a sexual high, only to stop and let it fade a bit before starting bartın escort bayan again. Finally Mindy broke away from her treat.“Maybe we should try another position. How about missionary?”Alan slid over a bit to give Mindy room to lie down. As she did, he moved up and over her, letting her spread her legs under him. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit a couple times until his head became nested at her wet opening.“Oh my fucking GOD!!!” she cried out as he entered her in one slow, steady push. She felt the ridge of his mushroom-shaped head as it moved into her depth. She was no virgin, but she was no slut either, having only been with three other guys, and Alan had by far the biggest cock head she had ever felt, being almost twice the diameter of his shaft.Every time Alan pistoned in and out of her, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to her orgasm. Soon her eyes were closed, all she wanted to focus on was the incredible feeling in her pussy. She could feel her juices trickling down her body and into her ass crack. Suddenly she hit the peak, and scratched Alan’s back as wave after wave crashed over her! She let out a loud, high pitched squeal in Alan’s ear as she felt her vaginal walls trying to squeeze the cum from his cock. Suddenly the boa-type squeezing worked as Alan felt his cock jerk and pulse, and then the cum shot out into the writhing woman. Two, then three, then four hard, forceful pulses, then the strength faded as four more mini-eruptions finished him. Mindy slowly let go, and Alan fell to her side, and an almost audible POP as his cock pulled from it’s new home.The pair just looked toward the ceiling, but not really seeing anything for a few minutes. Finally Alan looked over. “May I make a small confession? Remember how when you won that blow-job contest, all the guys had on masks?”Mindy looked over at him. “How did you know that?”“Mine was the cock you sucked to win the title. Ever since I have wanted to get in bed with you.”“Well, was it worth the effort?”“Most definitely!!”

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