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Sisters Friend Moves Into our HouseThe first Day we moved to our new home in Albuquerque I saw this tall beautiful blond girl standing in her driveway just three houses down from mine. I got my sister who is several years younger than me and asked her to go introduce herself this gorgeous tall blond girl. I said let me know what high school she is going to. My sister could make friends with anyone immediately and they talked for half an hour while I anxiously waited to learn more about her. My younger sister came back laughing, and said “hey Rick, her name is Janice and she is in the same grade as me, seventh grade. My Dad overheard our conversation and he busted out laughing as usual and teased me about “going to jail”. But man, Janice had physically developed so quickly she looked sixteen or s*******n.So for the next few years Janice was “off limits” to me that’s for sure. However, I had no shortage of women in my young life. Now I’m a very good looking guy and since age 15 I have been fucking women from age 16 to 35, so I knew what I was doing when it came to sex. Kathy the thirty-five year old friend of my mom who spent hours in bed with me “teaching” me how to please her. But as Janice grew up I longed for Janice, she was absolutely beautiful, at age 16 she was close to 5”10” tall, had long blond hair and long beautiful legs. Well, my sister and Janice became best friends and they went to the same school together, babysat together, and used our swimming pool in our backyard all the time. So for three years I had to watch this gorgeous blond in my backyard swimming pool wearing a bikini and I could do nothing. After watching her frolicking in the pool I would jerk off all night dreaming of Janice giving me a blowjob, fucking Janice and even what would it be like to eat her blond pussy. My sister told me several times that Janice had a “crush” on me and she acted like a little coy school girl around me. I fucked a lot of high school girls and a few older women but I still longed for Janice. I went off to college and came back from college for winter break. And holy shit!!! There was Janice living in my sister’s room right down the hall. Janice mother got a new job in another city and my Mom agreed to let Janice live with us while she finished her senior year of high school. So now I was living down the hall from this beautiful six foot blond who I knew wanted to fuck me. The problem was the age difference I was 19 but she was still u******e until she turned 16. In the meantime, I was going nuts, Janice would walk around the house in a bra, t-shirt and just panties, we were now swimming together all the time and she always wanted me to put suntan oil on her back. She would come into my room all the time to watch my TV. It was like she knew all this “prick teasing” was driving me crazy. But what was her motive? Janice always turned her head to look at me with this wry smile on her face when she walked güvenilir bahis şirketleri by me in her underwear. Janice turned sixteen and my sister threw a big pool party for her. Everyone had a great time. Mom even agreed to “look the other way” if we wanted to drink a few beers. It was a great party. Well the next day I get up and there is an envelope under my bedroom door. I opened it up and it was a page from the New Mexico Revised Statutes and circled was a clause that said once a girl turns sixteen it is no longer i*****l for her to have sex with someone three years older than her. That included lucky me!!!! On the bottom was a note: “Rick today is finally your day, I am cutting class and no one will be home from nine to one. Love Ya, Janice”. I went and had breakfast, but my sister and her k** had not left yet. Here I am eating breakfast and Janice walks in wearing a long shear T-shirt with no bra on. Her beautiful tits were just slowly moving back and forth. I had never seen her nipples before, but they were two small cherry red areolas that protruded from her breasts. Janice had on the smallest pair of red panties that revealed about 80% of her ass to me. I took one look and gagged, spitting my coffee all over the table as I heard my sister’s car leaving the driveway.Janice came up to me and we kissed for the first time as my hand roamed around her beautiful body. She said, let’s use your Mom’s bed it’s bigger. I thought to myself after three years we are finally going to have sex. We both were breathing deeply from our mutual pent up sexual energy from years of wanting each other. I gave Janice the sexiest French kiss of my life. My tongue explored every inch of her mouth. Then like two teenagers we were passionate and anxious lovers and I began giving Janice loving kisses to her neck, face and hands. We made out like two teenagers should, we were excited, passionate, and very physical But I had more experience and had learned to savor the moment and not hurry to make love.Janice took off her shirt and her panties fell to the floor as I took of my shirt and sweats I was wearing. Like most healthy young women she had very large tits, and her nipples were beautiful cherry red nubs that protruded about an inch from her chest. My hands went to her beautiful breasts and moved down to her pussy and then down her legs to further excite her. She grabbed my cock in her soft hands and began slowly stroking it up and down. I gently felt her breasts them and she moaned softly, so I knew she had very sensitive nipples. I knew how to please her so I slowly gently kissed, licked and sucked on her nipples which grew even more erect. She whispered to me “Rick I love that, keep sucking them till I tell you to stop”. I slowly sucked on each nipple. As I continued to ravish those firm nipples my hand wandered down and my finger soon found her pussy. Janice spread her legs wide so she could enjoy tipobet giriş my sensual manipulation of her beautiful blond pussy. Her whole body responded as her moans grew more and more louder. Her hips thrust forward as my finger was inside her pussy and my thumb rubbed her gently rubbed her clitoris. I knew she was enjoying all this as I manipulated the most sensitive area of her body. Then she yelled “Rick Rick, what are you doing to me” I’m cumming, AHHHHHHHHHH Oh god that feels good, I think I just had an orgasm. I was ready to fuck her, and she said all I want to do is suck your cock I’ve got to get on the pill. I can’t get pregnant!!! Then I felt Janice’s hand grasp my swollen cock. Janice wasted no time; this beauty pushed me down on the bed and got on her knees and took my fully erect penis and began lightly sucking it. Before I knew it her mouth went lower as she began lightly licking and sucking my balls. This girl knew how to suck cock, she must have had plenty of practice to be this good. Then Janice looked up and laughed. So “ after all these years and the past two weeks I’ve loved teasing you, so here it comes honey, I’m really good at giving head, here comes the best blowjob of your life”!!!! I figured she was just bragging, but soon Janice’s mouth opened wide as she took my whole seven inches all the way down her throat. Most women deep throat you down to the base of your cock a few times at best. But Janice was different, she deep throated my cock and just never stopped. Her long blond hair flayed around like a wild woman as she aggressively swallowed my entire cock down her throat again and again. The sensations coming from my dick were incredible. After about twenty more deep swallows, I was writhing in pleasure on the bed. She came up for air now and then, but her pretty mouth went right back to swallowing my whole cock all the way down to its base again and again.I was writhing on the bed in absolute male bliss. I said to Janice, next time raise your head, I wanna see how the head of my dick looks in your mouth. My cock right inside her mouth, she looked up at me and I could see the outline of the head of my cock against her cheeks. It was an incredible turn on to watch my throbbing cock pulsating in her mouth. But what was the most incredible thing about my lovely Janice w
as that she just didn’t stop deep throating me, this went on for several more minutes until I warned her “I’m cumming honey” Janice looked up at me and said “you think a girl who just deep throated you for ten minutes is going to mind a load of cum down her throat? With that, she took a deep breath as she took my whole cock down again and just held it in her mouth. With that I shot a load of cum down her throat that was so big it made her gag. I couldn’t believe it when she proceeded to swallow most of my man juice. We both feel back exhausted on the bed. I looked at the clock and it read 10:05 tipobet güvenilir mi we had until 1:00 to continue to fuck our brains out. Being nineteen, I figured I could probably fuck her at least two more times until I ran out of sperm. I thought to myself, where are my rubbers?I went to my room to get my rubbers and I came back and Janice was fingering her pussy. I told Janice I really want to make love to you and I know you do to. How about I wear a rubber and then I’ll even pull out right before I begin to cum. With that she lay back on my mother’s bed and spread her long legs. Her light blond haired pussy glowed in the sunlight. Then I mounted this little minx and slowly put my cock inside her. She was as tight as a young high school should be, she was no virgin and I could tell she was not very experienced at sex. I decided not to rush things because looking down at her naked body that I had desired for so many years was making me ready to cum in seconds. So I just began a regular rhythmic fucking of her beautiful blond pussy. My cock filled her all the way and I slow fucked her for about ten minutes as she moaned softly underneath me.Then she raised her voice and said “Rick I’ve waited for years for this, fuck me, I’m no virgin and I want your hard cock in me now!!! As Janice asked, I increased my rhythm and began giving her full thrusts which she met at every turn. Of course Janice was in great shape and her ass and hips moved in unison with my cock. It was like we were made for each other and every move we made was done together. I pushed my rigid cock inside her and she responded in perfect rhythm with her hips thrusting upwards to meet every downward stroke I made into her. Then she wrapped those long legs around my back which led to even more power to our lovemaking. Finally, Janice began to moan loudly and I knew she was ready to have an orgasm. I knew from prior experience how to stimulate a woman so I concentrated moving my cock at an angle that would hit her clitoris every time I thrust my cock into her. Janice started squirming underneath me and then she used her legs to thrust her hips upward and yelled “Fuck Me, Fuck Me and don’t stop Oh God, I’m cumming again AHHHHHHHHH!!!”. I kept going into her as she let out a loud scream as her body thrashed around the bed. She kept yelling “Fuck Me, Fuck Me”. I was ready to explode and I just could not hold it any longer. I withdrew from Janice pussy, ripped off my rubber and moved up on the bed so my throbbing cock was just over her face. Janice shouted, shoot it, shoot it, all over my face. I did as requested and stroked my cock as I shot rope after rope of white sticky cum all over her face with a lot of it landing in her long blond hair and all over her cheeks.I was a gentlemen though I immediately went and got a warm wash cloth from the bathroom to give her to wipe the cum off her face. Janice was suddenly very quiet and then tears began coming from her eyes. I asked “what wrong”? she said I’ve waited years for us to make love and now it’s happened, I am so happy with joy I am in tears. I held Janice in my arms and softly stroked her hair and warm body. Janice said “I love you Rick” and I replied “so do I”.

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