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Shower Time With Coach—Part 2Coach Kennedy had truly rocked my world by having me swallow his cock and hot load. I had no clue that he was interested in guys at all. I had always had a crush on him but never ever imagined it would be anything more than just a fantasy.After our shower encounter, I cleaned up and got dressed. As I was leaving the locker room, I saw Coach’s girlfriend pull up. I overheard Coach Kennedy tell her he was going to rock her world tonight. I wondered if she would realize his load wasn’t as big as usual since I had already drained his cock once today! As I was getting into my truck, Coach walked over to me and said “be prepared to run late again tomorrow night after practice…”The next day at practice I tried to catch Coach’s eye as we were getting changed and ready for practice but he was acting like nothing happened. I wanted to tell some of the guys on the team but was afraid that it would come back to bite me so I kept quiet. Coach acted normal during practice. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. There was no running, no staying after practice, nothing. I began to think I had made coach mad or scared him off somehow.As my teammates were getting showered and changed to go home, I knocked on coach’s door.”Come on in Sam. Close the door. What can I do for you?” Coach said.”Coach, did I upset you or make you mad at me yesterday?” I asked as I closed the door to the office behind me.”What do you mean? What are you talking about? Coach questioned.”You know Coach…in the shower after practice…” I said.Coach Kennedy turned red and I could quickly tell he was upset. He grabbed me and threw me up against the wall. “Don’t you EVER talk to me or anyone else about what happened yesterday between us. Do I make myself clear?”Coach was actually scaring me with his behavior. “Yes, sir! I would never tell anyone. I haven’t and won’t say a word. I promise!” I mumbled–scared now more than ever.Coach told me to hit the shower and leave. I did just that. Well I guess it was a one time thing-I admitted to myself. Wishing that more would follow but realizing it would still be my first and best fantasy bahis firmaları come true.The season went on and the team did awesome. We were winning game after game. We qualified for the playoffs for the first time in many years. Our entire town was on fire and excited for Friday night football. We won our first play off game. And our second. And our third. We had qualified for the state championship and would be playing next Saturday for the state title.That week at practice the team and coaching staff were fired up. We ran play after play–watched game films of our opponent–we were ready. Saturday came and we were ready to win it all. The game started pretty slow for both teams. The players were nervous playing in such a huge stadium but finally we calmed down and got into our rhythm. Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. There was no stopping us. When the final buzzer sounded–the score showed we won! 45 to 14!The guys hit the locker room and were super pumped up! We couldn’t believe it. State Champs! Coach Kennedy stood up and told us all he was super proud of all of us. He meant it too! As we began to strip down to our jockstraps and hit the showers, Coach called me over to the side.”When we get back to the school, I want to talk to you before you leave.” Coach said.”He sir” I told him.I showered up with my teammates and wondered what that was all about. What did coach want? The bus ride home seemed like it took forever. When we pulled into the school, the cheerleaders had covered the field house in a huge banner that said “STATE CHAMPS!” It was awesome.The guys got off the bus and put their gear away. Some hit the showers again (some for the first time because there wasn’t enough time for everyone to shower before we left). I had to go see Coach…”Coach–you wanted to see me???” I said as I knocked on Coach Kennedy’s door.”Yeah Sam–I’m busy right now. Do you mind sticking around so I can talk to you after everyone leaves? You can actually help me out by sorting the gear so I can get it washed before I leave tonight.””Sure coach.” So off I went and started sorting the gear. Jerseys over here. perabet Pants over there. Jockstraps in this pile. Man there were some guys that had huge jocks. Sweaty jocks!Everyone slowly left the field house and I had just finished sorting everything. I went back to the office. Coach had stripped down to just his coaching shorts but was taking them off as I walked into the office.He saw me and laughed. “I love winning don’t get me wrong but I HATE being doused in Gatorade!” Coach said as he took off his shorts revealing just his boxer briefs.I laughed and agreed. Coach began to tell me that he was sorry for the way he had been acting. Our shower adventure was the first time he had ever done anything with a guy and it scared him. However, he said that I was the only thing he had been thinking about since it happened. Coach said every time he fucked his girlfriend it was my face and cock that he was picturing. He actually couldn’t even stay hard by focusing on pussy anymore–he had to think about my cock in his mouth. As he was talking, I could see his cock growing in his briefs.I asked if he minded giving me another quick rubdown because my back and legs were really hurting. He told me to jump up on the massage table. I quickly stripped down to my jockstrap and got up on the table. As Coach Kennedy began rubbing those muscular hands across my body, my own cock began to grow. Laying on my stomach with my hands to my side, I made sure my hands were right were his cock slid past my hands. I could feel his hard cock through his briefs.I told him my neck was hurting too. He moved to the top of the table where his cock was right at my head. I positioned my hands so that I began to slide his briefs down. His rock hard cock was inches from my waiting mouth. I slid his pulsating cock down my wet throat. Oooohhhhh he tasted so good. His pre was already dripping from his cock and tasted so sweet. He moaned in ecstasy. He asked me to turn over as he slid my jockstrap off my body freeing my hard cock.He climbed up on the table and we started sucking each other as we 69’d each other. We were both rock hard perabet giriş and super horny. It didn’t take long before I was ready to burst. I told Coach I was about to cum but he didn’t budge pulling off my cock. I shot wad after wad of spunk down his throat. He swallowed every drop. I was in heaven.I had never been fucked before but I knew I wanted Coach’s huge cock up my ass more than anything. I told Coach I wanted him to fuck me. He climbed off the table and walked over to his desk. He grabbed a bottle of lube and slathered some on his dick as well as my ass. I told him I had never been fucked in the ass before and he told me he would be gentle.He walked behind me and I could feel his wet cock next to my ass. I was so horny. I felt the tip of his pulsating cock on my virgin hole. As he began to slide in, I yelled in pain. It hurt so bad. I told Coach he had to go slow. He put some more lube on and slowly entered me. When the tip finally got swallowed up in my ass, the pain turned to pleasure. I pushed my ass back on his rod and then I was loving it. He began thrusting his rod back and forth in me. Ooooohhhhhh FUCK! Coach was fucking me and it felt awesome! Fuck me coach! His cock was hitting my prostate and the sensation was nothing I had ever felt before. Ooooooohhhhh FUCK! Harder Coach! Faster! Fuck me Coach! Fuck me hard! Coach was now fucking me so hard I thought the massage table was going to collapse. I could feel his cock tighten and knew he was close! Sssshhhhiiiiittttttt! Coach screamed as I felt shot after shot of warm cum fill me up. It began to run outside my tight hole. Coach collapsed on top of me. His sweaty naked body felt awesome against mine. Slowly his cock began to go limp and fell out of my ass. The rush of his dick pulling out felt awesome too.”Wow Coach. That was unbelievable.” I told him.”You c
an say that again Sam. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Coach said.”I agree with you there Coach. I totally agree!” I said as we just laid there holding each other.”Guess we better hit the showers and clean up?” Coach said.”Guess we better” I said.”Of course, we probably need to blow each other again in the shower like last time.” Coach said with a wink.”Yeah, your right coach. At least this time I don’t have to do all the laps running first!” I winked back!—————Tell me what you think at [email protected] anytime!

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