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SHORT PIECES (LESBIAN TALES) VOLUME 4SHORT PIECES (LESBIAN TALES). Volume 4THE COUSINSandra was glad to have been chosen for the waitress job at that small sophisticated restaurant called BIO. It meant extra money maybe for a short trip back home since she had just arrived in this city to attend college. Sandra was 19, a redhead with freckles and frizzy hair, glasses, a good pair of tits and a small round ass which barely showed any sign of fat.During the interview, the owner, an elegant lady in her 40s, had bluntly asked Sandra if she was lesbian. “I’ve had both..but yes I guess I favor girls especially now at college”, she had answered blushingShe didn’t see the reason for the question. Maybe the owner had a thing for redheads. She didn’t pay much attention to the question anyway. In her other restaurant jobs, many of the waitresses were lesbians. When one got hired, she would bring her lesbian friends to apply and pretty soon, you had to be a lesbian to be hired. She changed in the locker room but the other three girls were already changed and ready to serve in the restaurant. During the whole lunch, the three other waitresses whispered comments to Sandra and to each other about the female patrons. “Look at the rack”, “Two o’clock, I see camel toes”, “She could lie on top of me all night”, etc..etc..Sandra had no doubt the whole staff was lesbian. Her colleagues never missed an opportunity to touch her buttocks through her skirt, accidentally on purpose bump tits to tits with her, or make kissing lips when no one was looking. Sandra was getting more and more excited since her colleagues were all attractive and a few years older than her. When lunch was finally over and the last patrons had left, Sandra accompanied the other waitresses hoping to continue the hanky panky somewhere private. “Sandra ?”, called the owner, “Can you come with me, please”.Sandra followed the woman into a dark room with a bed. “Now just do what I say and don’t ask questions if you want to continue to work here”, stated the older womanShe asked her to take her clothes off and then she blindfolded her. “Just lie on the bed. A naked woman will lie on top of you until she satisfies herself. When she leaves, you can take the blindfold off and put your clothes back on. You can leave by the side door and never mention this to anyone, not even the other girls. Ok ?” said the owner“Yes…ok..I understand”, answered Sandra who was getting a little nervous.A few minutes after she was ready and lying on the bed, the door opened and a naked woman lay down on her. She was a bit taller than Sandra and wore a good quality perfume. She sucked on Sandra’s tits, kissed her on the mouth, and opened her legs. Sandra bent her legs up and felt the woman’s hairy cunt rub against her belly then her own cunt. Sandra pulled her knees up to her shoulders as her lover stretched and began to rub her cunt lips on Sandra’s. Sandra had never been cunt-rubbed by such an experienced lesbian before. She was more used to clumsy, shy, overweight college dykes. The woman had a long clit and it rubbed squarely on Sandra’s knob. The woman put her hand over Sandra’s mouth when both had their orgasm. Before she left, the woman kissed Sandra on the lips but remained silent.“Thanks Sue, she was good. I would have stayed longer but I have to meet a cousin who is starting college here and whom I’ve never met before”, said the woman“I hope she’s not a redhead”, said Sue smiling“As a matter of fact, I think my mother told me she was”, answered the woman, her face suddenly becoming very white. ________________________________________________________________________ CHICAGO Annabelle lived in Denver and had been married to Reverend Bates for 15 years. He was 65 years old and she was 35, blonde and a looker. She dressed as conservatively as she could, but she couldn’t completely hide her good size tits and her small oval ass. Of course the parishioners were shocked at first but Annabelle was such a sweetheart and kaçak bahis so involved in the community that, with time, the age difference was forgotten. Behind closed doors, the Reverend was very friendly with a few other priests in the area. Annabelle had made her terms clear and her husband was more than happy to abide by them. Annabelle travelled quite often since she belonged to various foundations and charities which were s**ttered across the country. That night she was in Chicago. After dinner, she took a cab to her favorite club, Leslie’s Lounge, which she had been to many times before. It catered mainly to a lesbian clientele and a few male couples. She wore her tight satin dress, her pearls and bracelets, and a sweet little beret which she wore sideways over one ear, like the French do in the movies. As soon as Annabelle sat down at the dark bar, she knew she had made a mistake. “Well …I guess we’re both in trouble now”, said a female voice on her left.“I take it you don’t have an excuse to be here either”, answered AnnabelleThe woman sitting next to her was a few years older than Annabelle. A striking brunette, Marian was tall, skinny and terribly elegant. Back in Denver, she was the doctor’s wife and the mother of a teenage daughter. “I’m looking for pussy and I believe you are also”, answered Marian“I think we should keep it in the family”, said Annabelle, grabbing Marian’s hand and walking her out of the club.“Where are we going ?”, shrieked Marian, having trouble walking on the rough sidewalk with her heels. “We’re going to a quiet place where we will be anonymous and where no one from Denver will recognize us”, answered Annabelle, as she stomped to an elegant-looking grey stone house.Since her small hotel was practically next door to a lesbian club, the woman behind the counter was used to seeing two women needing a room. There was no register, no credit card, just cash and a key. By this time Marian had quieted down and squeezed Annabelle’s hand ever tighter. Annabelle opened the door with the key, walked to the bedside table and lit the lamp. Marian was leaning against the closed door. Then she kicked her heels to the corner of the room. Annabelle had already taken off her beret and unzipped her dress which she stepped out of in a hurry. The Reverend’s wife was naked and in bed before the doctor’s wife, who had trouble with her bra snap. The initial onslaught was silent. Annabelle was the aggressor at first, kissing the brunette’s mouth and small tits. Then both women moved a hand between the other’s thighs. Marian pushed the thin white sheet off the bed and moved on top of the blonde in 69. They licked each other’s cunt lips and hole with a tender eagerness, like they had wanted to do it for years. They both turned sideways, each looking to finger the other’s asshole, then Annabelle got on top for some more passionate sucking. The blonde came first followed about a minute later by the doctor’s wife. The two lesbians returned to their original position, in each other’s arms, and with the thin cotton sheet covering them. Faces were shiny with cunt juices and thighs stuck together. The smell of female sex was very present. “I always wanted to……” , Marian began“Shhhhhhhhhh…..”, answered Annabelle putting her finger on her lover’s lips“I did also”, added Annabelle kissing Marian on the lips“Fuck that was good”, said MarianBoth women continued holding each other tight and exchanging kisses. “Fuck me”, said Annabelle softly“Ok…yes”, answered Marian as she positioned herself on the pudgier lesbian“We’ll have to find a way”, whispered Marian as she pushed her pelvis between the blonde’s thighs.“We will”, answered Annabelle as she wrapped her legs around Marian’s waist. ———————————————————————————————————————-PRIVATE SCHOOLBeverly was trying to look stern and upset. She was sitting in the car next to her younger sister Laura and driving to St. bets10 giriş Augustine’s School for Girls. The
school was a girl’s only college for rich people. It was located in upstate New York. There was a lot of snow on either side of the road as Beverly drove Laura back to school to begin her second term. It was January and bitterly cold. Beverly was an attractive 30 year-old successful lawyer and a lesbian to boot. Still in her business suit, she had other things to do than driving through snow to meet some Ms Reagan who was going to give her hell because her younger sister grabbed ass with another girl in the hallway. “So are you going to tell me about this note I received from this Ms. Reagan ?”, suddenly barked Beverly, having held back long enough.“It’s no big deal. We got carried away that’s all”, answered Laura who had been in that type of situation a few times before. “You’re lucky you didn’t get expelled”, yelled Beverly“Expelled ?”, laugher Laura, “Grabbing a girl’s ass is a sure way to get admitted”Beverly nearly exploded in laughter but that wasn’t the right time. “Was there a lot of sex when you were there ?”, asked Laura trying to calm her sister down.“Yes…some…but not in the hallway for Christ’s sake”, puffed Beverly“We’re not allowed to go into each other’s rooms after curfew”, complained Laura“I can just imagine what would happen if you could”, answered Beverly smiling“One big fucking lesbian orgy”, laughed LauraFinally they pulled into the large parking lot of the college. “I have an appointment with Ms. Reagan”, said Beverly to the lady at the reception desk.“Hi Laura”, said the lady with a big smile“That’s ok. She’ll come and fetch you in a few minutes. Laura doesn’t have to stay.”, said the lady.The two sisters said their goodbyes and Beverly sat on the hard oak bench she had sat on a good 10 years ago when she had attended this same school. The parents had died when the girls were young and at 21 Beverly became responsible for her sister until she turned legal age. That was going to happen next year.“Thank you for coming up to see us”, said Ms Reagan who extended her hand and squeezed Beverley’s longer than she should have.“Well I had to drive my k** sister back anyway”, answered the lawyer“Your “k** sister” is a grown woman and a very attractive one. I see now that it runs in the family”, purred Ms Reagan.Irma Reagan had been director of many girl schools and was starting her 5th year at St.Augustine. She was going to turn 50 soon but tried to look younger with her frizzy hair and short skirt. She was quite flat-chested but the rest of her was attractive. She had lived in a nest of lesbians most of her life. She was an experienced lesbian cougar.“Since you were here 10 years ago, the decoration of the rooms has improved a lot”, said Irma (who had insisted Beverley call her by her first name)“I bet it has. Our rooms were pretty dark and dreary”, answered Beverley who could sense Irma was coming on to her. A lesbian smelling another lesbian.“By the way, I wrote to you about Laura’s…how should be call it….”infraction” because I didn’t want it to distract her from her studies or alarm you in any way”, assured Irma“These things happen between girls with a high libido”, smiled Beverley“Of course…she just has to learn to be more discreet in her public show of affection”, added IrmaThe two women were walking through the school talking. They went through a long hallway and reached the students’ rooms. “Let me show you a typical room and you’ll see we made some nice changes”, purred Irma“Aren’t they all occupied ?”, asked Beverley“Not this one. It was repainted and we moved the student to another room”, said Irma as she unlocked the door and let Beverley precede her into the room. “Funny…I don’t smell paint”, smiled BeverleyIrma’s face was inches away from hers. The two pairs of lips touched. Irma backed up a few feet , kicked off her shoes, and lifted her short skirt. An amused Beverley watched as bets10 güvenilir mi Irma spread her thighs and flashed a perfectly trimmed pubic triangle. “If you can’t smell the paint, maybe you’ll smell my new intimate perfume”, whispered IrmaBeverley stretched out on the bed facing the cougar and buried her head between the woman’s open thighs. Irma closed her eyes as Beverley expertly lapped at her cunt lips, twisted her tongue in her cunt hole and finally flicked her tongue on the woman’s hard clit. “I have a favor to ask”, laughed Irma as she reached for a box of tissues to dry her cunt.“As Laura’s guardian?”, asked Beverley wiping her lips with another tissue.“Yes”, answered Irma who blushed a little“Only if she’s willing”, answered Beverley who knew the question“She is. I asked”, answered Irma with a big grin “Ok then”, said Beverley who had taken off her shoes and jacket.“Good then. Let me thank you”, whispered Irma as she watched Beverley pull off her thong.—————————————————————————————————————————–THE POOL“There’s only the four of us, right ?”, asked Lucy who slackened the cotton belt around her bath gown. Her mother Marian was driving.“Yes of course…at least I think so. Susanna only mentioned her daughter”, replied Marian“Ok..just checking. With Susanna and Lin you never know”, smiled LucyBoth daughters were adopted and didn’t look like their mother. Lucy was blonde, tall and skinny. Marian was dark, pudgier and at 40 shorter than her 19 year-old daughter. Susanna was South American and her adopted daughter was Chinese. Susanna was a looker and very popular on the “lesbian circuit” in Chicago. Both couples lived in a suburb and got together quite often for a pool or pyjama party.Marian drove into the large driveway and both women walked around the house to reach the pool area which was surrounded by high walls and a two-storey house to keep the voyeurs away. “Hi there you sweethearts,” yelled Susanna as she hugged both women, then kissed each on the lips. Lin got up from her lawn chair and the kissing continued. Lucy took off her gown to show her mini bikini while her mother slipped out of her jeans and lifted her t-shirt to show a good pair of tits. Both Lin and her mother wore string bikinis and both took off the top at the same time, a top which wasn’t hiding much especially on Susanna who had a rack as big as Marian’s. The two daughters sat on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. The mothers lay side by side on a wide lawn chair.“Your mother looks hot in that sting bikini”, said Lucy giggling. “Yeah…she is. Your mother is more conservative but she has a good ass”, answered Lin with a large grin“And they both have a rack to die for”, added Lucy squeezing Lin’s small hard tits.“You’re getting fresh with me, are you ?”, smiled Lin“Yeah…just warming you up”, said Lucy kissing her on the mouth“MOM ?…. Lucy’s grabbing my tits”, yelled Lin“Go get her baby”, answered Marian,”but leave some for me”. “That Lucy of yours is so hot”, remarked Susanna who had her hand in Marian’s thong“She’s pretty popular….I must say”, smiled Marian who was resting her head on Susanna’s tits. “Our daughters do each other, don’t they ?”, suddenly asked Susanna“Of course…don’t you remember the last pyjama party at my place ?”, answered a surprised Marian“Oh ..of course…but there were so many couples…”, laughed the tall brunette, “a real orgy”. “Anyway..the answer is yes they fuck but they’re not exclusive”, answered Marian seriouslyMarian got up and both mothers flattened out the lawn chair and pushed it down so it was a few inches off the ground. Marian walked towards the side of the pool and grabbed Lin under her armpits and dragged her further on the grass. By the time Marian and Lin had taken each other’s cloth triangle off, Susanna and Lucy were in a 69 on the lawn chair.Marian and Lin were scissoring on the lawn.“You’re the butch with Lucy, aren’t you “, said Marian between
hips movements.“Yeah….you should know that”, smiled Lin“I do….”, laughed Marian, “Don’t worry I do”. ————————————————————————————————————————-THE END

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