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Sharing my FleshlightLast year, I visited a friends house, we usually communicate via social media, whilst gaming or on the phone but once in a while we meet up to hang out in person. He offered to let me sleep over one weekend and told me I could use the guest bedroom as I see fit (I.e. if I need to nut I could when I wanted – which I did). That weekend I happened to have taken my Fleshlight with me as I was single, just bought it and masturbation wasn’t working for me at time. The morning of the 2nd day at his sleep over, he noticed my gold coloured Fleshlight on the floor near the bed. He didn’t make comment on it but knew what it was and I had one at that point.We are close and often talk about our sex lives, sexual preferences and fantasies all the time, it knows more about my sexual fetishes than anyone because he have a strong trust. He’s a married man but experiments with his wife in their sex life, they dress up and he likes getting pegged. So when he offered for me to come over again, he told me I was completely okay bringing my Fleshlight and using it. This weekend was different though, his wife was out of town, far away with relatives for the whole weekend. Late in the afternoon, we started talking about sex, a pretty common topic for us as mentioned above. He told us how often he got it from his wife over the week, what they did, when he masturbated and what he even watched to get off – fairly normal for us. Anyway, one thing leads to another and we are watching porn on here as we talked about new porn videos that got us off, mainly girls getting throat fucked or swallowing massive loads of cum. He was using my account, he could see my content. We’ve “compared notes before”, we were still clothed at this point. I said to him soon after, “Is it okay to use my Fleshlight”, he reply “Yes”, that’s all he said. I’m already hard, I undo my pants and get it really but I forgot my lube… I ask if he has any. Moments later he returns with Cherry flavoured lube, whilst I’m just sitting there in his living space with my Fleshlight in one hand and jerking my cock in kaçak iddaa the other. He comes over and puts the lube on the Fleshlight and the tip of my cock. I didn’t know what to say but it was a interesting thing for him to do, but things were only getting started.After about 20 minutes, I was still using my Fleshlight on myself, I wasn’t going too forcefully with it mind. My friend at this point had his dick out too, jerking off to the porn we agreed on. He probably got sick of waiting and just asked, “can I have a go?” I pulled it off my cock and handed it over like it was a joint. “Sure, tell us what you think.” Within seconds, he started moaning, moving the pace from fast to slow strokes. He looked at me and said, “it actually feels like real pussy. I thought it wouldn’t, this is actually pretty good”, he then wanted to get into his grove and removed all his clothes, even his socks. I’ve known this guy for over a decade, we’ve seen each other’s cocks before, like guys do but he literally went completely naked for the first time in my company because of a sex toy.For the next 40 minutes, he’s moaning and using my Fleshlight like he owns it, and to be honest, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I’d never seen a guy fuck a girl in person and my friend fucking my Fleshlight was the closest thing to it. It was hot seeing him us it, and his cock looked really fucking good thrusting in and out of it. His moaning sounds were pretty fucking hot too if I’m being truthful. He noticed this of course, saying “you’re liking this ain’t you?”, I couldn’t lie, I was just staring at his cock but he continued like it was nothing. At this point, I thought of something a bit out there. I asked him if we should try DPing the Fleshlight. We both have girthy cocks and I wondered if we could actually do it. He said yes, can’t say I was surprised how fast the night progressed. I laid down on the couch then inserted my cock inside the Fleshlight, then he got over me and tried inserting his cock into my Fleshlight too. It wasn’t working, I just instinctively (if you can call it that) kaçak bahis gripped both of our cocks with my right hand (very interesting feeling) and pushed them into the Fleshlight, he didn’t object and we tried several more times getting our fat cocks into it with movement. We could insert fully with are cocks touching each other from tip to balls but our girths was making it hard to jerk it with the Fleshlight as we intended and/or wanted.The experience was new, I don’t know about him but it was a eye opener, yes I looked at his cock for ages and I liked the look of it (even though I’d seen it before), but to feel it against my cock was something else. Even though the experimentation wasn’t fully realised, our cocks touching as they were, made me realise I want to do this for real, and without doubt, I’m somewhat bisexual since I liked it as much as I did. Maybe if it worked, he would have continued with our cocks jerking together, touching down our shafts.As stated, it didn’t worked, but I pushed to try to get it to work, he objected and he stopped completely, stopped wanking and got dressed. It was a massive let down as minutes earlier we were doing something totally fresh in our sexual experiences. We stopped though, talked about other things, life in general but somehow, less than an hour later, we was back to wanking, watching porn together again. I let him have to Fleshlight as I felt like I killed the mood earlier. However I asked him if he was more girthy than me (I know we were similar, he did too) and maybe that’s why it failed to work… To my shock, he moved over to me and put his index finger and thumb around the thickest part of his cock, and then used that to guide it over my rock hard penis. I didn’t refuse, obviously and we both had a look at each other and he said “about the same”. It was a really striking moment, with us two looking at each other. I chickened out however or maybe he wasn’t interested in taking it further, but I didn’t want to kill the mood like before and he moved back over using the Fleshlight and I continued to wank whilst güvenilir bahis watching porn but also have long looks at his cock.It was really late in the night / morning now. For some reason he didn’t get off, probably because he’s not as bi or into it as I totally was. He handed over the Fleshlight, got dressed and went for a cig. I changed the video to something more akin to my hardcore sexual fetishes and before he came back from his cig break, I had cummed a huge load into my Fleshlight. I must have been masturbating on and off for over 5 hours throughout the night, watching porn and looking at his cock, etc made me pump a lot of cum. It was a disappointing end in all fairness but I nutted so it wasn’t that bad. Disappointing still but a night I doubt either of us will forget.Morning comes, my friend wakes me up entering into the quest bedroom… He was completely naked, rock hard cock bounding up and down, he placed my Fleshlight beside my bed. “I had to use it this morning, I needed to cum in it, see what it’s like, it’s a really good toy mate.” He’s like 4 feet away with his cock fully hard at my eye level explaining how he liked using my toy. “I’ve cleaned it for you to use, wife is gonna be back in a few hours”. To my surprise it was clean, I literally started to use it after he left the room, still intrigued to this day how he was still rock hard after he used it and cleaned it for me. Anyway, I stroked my cock with it and shot a load up it within minutes.Been over a year since it happened now. We still talk about our sex lives but nothing similar has happened since, I wouldn’t say no to another night like this though. I still wonder how different the night would have been if it worked, if he would have continued using it with me, with our cocks rubbing together, touching down our shafts. Maybe we’d cum inside it together, our cum mixing and dripping down our cocks whilst still inside. I do fanta
sise about that a lot. Since that say, I started watching MMF and Bi-MMF videos, double creampies, double barrel blowjobs, women frotting cocks together. I found a new category of porn to watch and something to try myself (hopefully with him) in the future.I still prefer women, but I’m on the spectrum of being heteroflexible, bi-curious or bi, (probably the later two) and that’s fine with me.

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