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sexy work girl first real meetingWell I have been prompted to write this by xhamster friends, names change + work place.We both worked from the same company but in 2 different location and chatted on the phone most days and had a good bit of banter going, the first time we were face to face was at a works party in town, and it was just a hi nice to put a name to the face for both of us, she was not a stunner and I am just a average guy so none of the bullshit that some people write on hear and nothing happened that night.After that meeting the banter got more risky pushing the bounders a bit to see how far I could go, she asked me about the night out and what I remembered and I said her tits and got a laugh so that was good, we exchanged phone numbers and safe email address where we both got bolder with our questions.I would stop in a layby bodrum escort on my way home and call her where we would chat and end up having phone sex she enjoyed listening to me cumming, our emails move to pictures and I got more into that send clothed but with a bulge to get her interested then when we were chatting I sent her 1 with my cock hard, we again moved on to what we liked and shared lots of stories till I dropped a hint that I had swallowed some cum then told her about my “fun” times out and about picnic areas and laybys with how I had been sucked / wanked and returned that to various guy’s, she would teell me about guys she was picking up through different sites with how they had fucked her what there cock was like and we both had great turn ons and both wanked off but this was all by the internet / phone and never escort bodrum in person till …We arranged a day and time that I could visit her as I could not accommodate her (my Mrs would never inderstand) we chatted and had this date sorted,she asked me what I wanted her to wear, I told her a top skirts hold-ups nothing else, and I did not want her to say anything when I arrived I just wanted to take her into a room and put my fingers up her fanny and take them out and taste her this was all agreed. I turned up at her house at the agreed time and rang the bell and was greeted at the door as requested and taken into her front room where she sat down with me next to her on a sofa, I then opened her legs and she was as good as her word hold up’s no knickers so I put 2 fingers into her and she was wet already and then put them in bodrum escort bayan my mouth and licked them and said I had been waiting a while to do that. We sat there for a while playing with each other then I realised that anyone could see in as the curtains were open lol we both were not caring about that as I played with her tits and had her skirt up showing off her hairy fanny while she had my cock out wanking it.We then went up stairs to her bedroom and stripped off and I had the best 3 hrs sex session ever she loved to suck my cock I fucked her in different positions and she also sucked my cock and fingers clean off all her juices but best of all was she loved to get her soaking wet pussy lick and my face was soaking wet and not sure how many time I went down on her but we both enjoyed it. I finished up by wanking over her fanny then cleaned up best I could and drove home and I could still taste her on my lips and smell her on my finger, she was 1 sexy lady, we did meet a few times in the car and had a wank and suck while I fingered her but never had another afternoon like that.

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