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Sexual Restraint(MMM/F, bondage, gangbang)I worked for the city’s water authority in customer service. My job was to answer questions about billing and scheduling service calls for blue- marking waterlines for construction companies or citizens who needed the service. In short, at 25 I was board out of my mind. You know, numb with boredom, no direction, no special skills, condemned to a lifetime to tedious jobs and no fun in life. And worst of all I was still living with my parents. Then one day all that changed. I’d grown up in a normal household with normal expectations with all the hopes and dreams that any girl might expect to have. But as the years progressed I found that one after the other, my dreams began to go stale and my hopes were dashed. Looking back at it all I now realize that I was being immature and self-centered. But I guess sometimes we have to experience really bad things to understand how good we have it. The fact that I brought on myself what happened to me makes the stupidity even worse. I met Steve on the phone. He called in to check on his billing. Right away I knew he was different that the run of the mill customer. His voice was boomingly loud and dripping with masculine confidence. He also had this way of making a person seem like they were the most important person in the world. By the time I had gone over his bill and discovered where the problem lay, I had agreed to go out on a date with him Saturday night. When I met Steve in person I wasn’t disappointed. Although he dressed kind of like a cross between a Goth and a Punk, all in black, and he had a shaved bald head, he was still very handsome and I was excited to be his focus of attention. We made love that first night. I didn’t stay overnight, but we had great sex and multiple times before I finally pulled myself together and had him drive me home around 3 o’clock Sunday morning. Steve called me at about 8 o’clock, waking me up, and asked to take me out to a club he knew that evening. I don’t normally party on Sundays because of work the next day. But as I stated at the beginning of my narrative, I was bored out of my skull with my life, so I agreed with his suggestion instantly. The club he took me to that evening was the strangest place I’d ever seen. As his clothing had indicated when I first met Steve, he turned out to be a Goth in both lifestyle and inclination. I’d never paid much attention to that side of society before, but I was finding its appeal by Steve’s side. Most of his friends were into this fatalistic vision of the future. Never expect good things to happen and you won’t be disappointed. Never trust the establishment and remain free. And above all else, don’t worry about tomorrow, because it may never come. This club, if that’s what you could call it, was nothing more than a big room with ragged old couches and bench style car seats placed around the room haphazardly with a big open space in the middle. The middle space was apparently for dancing, at least that was what was going on when we arrived. There was a kitchen off the main room that served sandwiches and beer, and several restrooms, and that was pretty much the whole thing. I wasn’t sure why anyone would want to come there, it seemed like a real dump. But I was with my hunky Steve so it didn’t really matter to me. That first time we drank beer and eat sandwiches and Steve introduced me to his friends and when the night was over and he was dropping me off at home I realized that I’d had a ton of fun. I had been on an “excitement” high all night. Meeting new people and flirting with guys and having them flirt with me. It was some evening, not boring that was for sure. After that Steve and I became a couple at the club and in the Goth community at large. I dyed my hear jet-black and started wearing black clothing. I even pierced my tongue, although I got a lot of flack at work and my parents weren’t very supportive of my changed appearance. About a month or so into my new life something happened that changed Steve’s and my relationship. We’d been hanging at the club for several hours when June and Bob, (friends of ours who were sitting next to us) began kissing each other passionately. This type of thing went on all over the place. It was sort of one of those things were, to flaunt convention people tried to shock other people, only so many things that flaunted convention were done so often that they didn’t shock anyone. As a matter-of-fact they were just entertainment for everyone. Then as I watched Bob kissing June, and as they slid to the floor I realized that Bob was tugging at June’s Levis, trying to unbutton them. I was shocked. I didn’t move, but sat there like a stone as Bob succeeded in undoing June’s pants and began tugging them bahis firmaları down her legs. I did jump when I felt Steve’s fingers begin to rub gentle circled round a nipple through the material of my shirt. He’d had his arm over my shoulder when this all started and it seemed almost natural that his hand had moved a shade lower and began to massage my breast. My eyes widened when I saw Bob frantically tugging at his pants. To see his stiff weenie jump out into the open was an exciting surprise, it looked so urgent and all shiny. I didn’t get to see it very long though because he positioned himself over June and plunged in between her wide-spread legs and began to immediately thrust in and out of her. There they were at our feet, humping each other like rutting a****ls. They were making moaning and grunting noises and occasionally would brush against my foot as they wailed away at each other. To my amazement several other couples slumped to the floor and were soon fucking each other with the same abandon as Bob and June. This was so exciting, I’d only had sex a few times before Steve and always in private and usually with someone who had as many hang-ups as I did. This exhibitionist sex was something entirely new to me, I’d never even imagined something like this before. But before long I was lying flat on my back with Steve fucking my brains out. I don’t know quite how it all happened, it’s still a little hazy to me. But I do remember Steve’s groan of pleasure as he sank into me and the feeling of absolute freedom as he began to thrust in and out of me. I also remember that I wanted to give everyone a show that it wildly turned me on to act like an insatiable slut for all to see. I enjoyed the feeling more than I can say and played the scene to the maximum. Later I was told by several friends that I looked so hot getting fucked, that several of Steve’s buddies asked me to come home with them. I was flattered, but of course I turned them down. Even if I had enjoyed the lewd show I’d given, I wasn’t really a slut. Then the every next evening when we entered the club and one of our friends propositioned me and I’d smiled and turned him down, I got a real shock. Steve suggested that I have sex with our friend, that it was okay with him. I admit that I was hoping to relive the night before. That all I’d thought about during work all day was what Steve and I would do in front of strangers and everyone. But I hadn’t even given consideration about doing something so intimate with anyone but Steve. But Steve insisted. He said that he would love to watch Shane (our friend’s name) and I go at it. He said that he knew I was the sexiest female in the place and it would be a real charge for him to see me in all my glory. I wasn’t sure about this. But I was horny as hell. I’d been anticipating sex in public all day and I’d been wet and squishy all day. So when Shane pulled me to him and planted a big french-kiss on me I didn’t pull away. I thought about pulling away, but I fought the impulse and let him do whatever he wanted. And what Shane wanted, was to fuck me. And I let him. It was almost like one of the slow motion replays. Everything was crystal clear, every detail was burned into my memory. I let Shane lower me to a cushion that had been placed in the middle of the room, then I watched as he pulled my pants off. As he sto
od over me and undressed I watched fascinated by his body. It was different than Steve’s, smaller and more defined, I could see every muscle ripple as he moved. Then he was kneeling between my legs and when he brought his mouth to my pussy I shrieked in surprise and soon pleasure as he went to town on me. Shane spent the longest time eating me in every sense of the word. I could tell that he enjoyed it and that only increased my pleasure. Soon I was writhing on the cushion while Shane’s head bobbed up and down between my legs. Then in the background I began to hear voices chanting softly, “Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her.” The voices became louder and I looked over at Steve to see his reaction. My eyes widened in surprise when I saw Steve sitting with his arm around a girl I didn’t know, with one fingering her nipple. Although I couldn’t hear him I could tell that he was urging me on, his lips were forming to words, I knew he was urging Shane to fuck me. Then I was jerked to the moment when I felt Shane’s stiff cock bottom out in me in one thrust. It wasn’t uncomfortable to be entered in one thrust like that. In fact it was heavenly. I’d been anticipating this all day and to finally be filled with a big stiff dick was wonderful. Shane began to thrust in and out of me to the rhythm of the crowd’s, “Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her,” chant. It was so perverted, so lewd, so exciting tipobet güvenilir mi that I came right away. As I clung to Shane’s heaving body I couldn’t help myself, I screamed, “EEEEEYESSS!! FUCK ME!!!” And my body spasmed and I hugged him tightly pushing him deeper into me until I felt him pulsing into me. He was so excited that I could actually feel the first spurt of his hot cum as he jetted into me hitting my insides with his molten lava. Shane continued to thrust into me for the longest time. For so long in fact that I was on the verge of another orgasm as he stopped and pulled out of me. I lay there devastated and rolled up into the fetal position and began to moan, “No, no, don’t stop, oh gawd, I need it, so bad, oh gawd.” I reached down between my legs to rub myself off, not caring what I looked like to the others in the room. But just as I was about to cum, my hand was held in a strong grip and I opened my eyes to see another friend of Steve’s hovering over me naked. I didn’t care that I didn’t really know Jon. All I saw in that moment was ready dick pointing proudly out from his body. I opened my arms and legs to him and groaned in satisfaction as I felt him slide home. In moments my body was jerking and thrusting up at Jon taking him as deeply as I could, feeling the wonderful sexual surges blasting through my body, sating my terrible need with each spasm. Finally my intense joy was over and my body was spent. But just as I was ready to protest at Jon’s continued thrusts I realized that deep down inside me he was rekindling another orgasm for me. I couldn’t believe it. But it was true. Jon continued to thrust into me like a machine, never breaking his stride, until my third orgasm was rushing through my exhausted body. Then he hugged my tight and released his need into me grunting with each deep thrust, showing his pleasure as he emptied himself. I lay there totally whacked out as a naked Steve came up to me and helped me to my feet. Steve hadn’t just been a passive watcher, he’d fucked the new girl while I was getting my final orgasm of the night. *Anyway, that was when things started to get out of hand. That’s when I started to regularly go with other men. Steve encouraged me, almost insisted that I please his friends and acquaintances. I couldn’t seem to stop either, so I have to take much of the blame for what ultimate happened. As it turns out our little “club” started to turn into a “sex” club. That was pretty much what was happening there every night now. Someone was always edging up the “bar in lewdness” and daring. It was common place to sit back and watch a girl get gangbanged, or a guy for that matter. But the night Steve dared me to try out “restraint sex” was the night I should have drawn the line. But I didn’t. What Steve had decided was that (if I accepted the dare) I would be tied to a table and gagged and blindfolded and offered to any man or woman who wished to partake. It sounded so strange and totally perverted that it appealed to me. You have to understand, by this time almost any sex act had become pretty mundane to me. I’d had sex with multiple men and even women out in the center of the room for all to see, many times now. After living this kind of life style for almost 6 months, something like offering my body to anyone who wanted it and not being able to refuse was exciting at some basic level. Not thinking it through, I agreed to do it on Saturday night. The word got out and Friday when Steve and I came to the club I was getting all these speculative glances from everybody. I realized that I’d topped everyone, no one had the guts to perform like I was going to. It made me wet when I thought about not being able to choose my sex partners or stop them from doing whatever they wanted to me. Then Saturday night came and Steve and I walked into the club to low slow music and a huge crowd of people. I knew many of them but there were quite a few that I’d never seen before. Looking back I should have placed some kind of limits on this, but hindsight is always 20/20. I didn’t, and I wish I had. There was a bench style table in the middle of the room and I kept glancing over at it while Steve and I had a couple of beers and chatted with a group of friends. About 8 o’clock Steve suggested that we start. I of course had been ready for days. I hadn’t had sex with Steve, or anyone else for that matter for a couple of days. I wanted to enjoy the anticipation and I had. Now the moment of truth was here and I was more excited than ever before. I looked around the room as I undressed and wondered which of these many people would be a sex partner to me tonight. It was incredible that I was doing this, I almost couldn’t believe it.Then bets10 as I dropped my pants and climbed up on the table, totally naked and the restraints were fastened and as the gag and blindfold were put in place I realized something. I was afraid. What had I done? How could I have agreed to this? Up until this moment I hadn’t given any thought to disease, or for that matter how many partners I might be expected to accept. I twisted in my bonds trying to pull loose, I wanted to make sure that I told Steve that there had to be some kind of limit. But I couldn’t pull myself free and then I felt my first lover between my legs. He didn’t enter me right away, and to my pleasant surprise I felt a tongue licking at my pussy. It was exciting not knowing if it was a man or a woman doing this to me, or who it might be. It could be anyone, someone I’d never even seen before. Involuntarily my body jumped in rhythm with whomever’s tongue it was working on me. I soon gave a muffled moan as I orgasmed on that tongue. That was unusual for me to get off being eaten, but I was so aroused that I think a finger could have done the job. As I shivered and shook I finally found out the gender of my cunt liker as his prick thrust home and he began to fuck me fast and ferrous. He didn’t last very long and I could feel his hard belly slapping against mine as his body jerked in ecstasy as he unloaded himself in me. I was panting into my gag. Whoever that had been, he’d been good, really good, and I was ready for more. Just the knowledge that so many people were watching all this kept me at a peak. I’ve always been proud of my body and to show it off like this, and to get great sex to boot was just so hot. I shivered as I felt another body climb on top of me. To my surprise I felt a tongue at my pussy again. Wow, someone was going to eat a creamy?! My creamy! And then I was writhing under the attention of my new lover as he or she began to send me skyward again. Then just before I was ready to cum my assailant pulled away and repositioned their body so that m
y head was between their thighs. Soon I realized that this time I was with a woman. As I felt a hot and juicy cunt descend onto my chin and a mouth covering my pussy again I realized that we must he in a 69 with each other. I tried my best under the circumstances to give as good as I was getting, but all I could really do was thrust my chin between her nether lips using the same rhythm she was on my pussy. I must have done okay, because suddenly I felt moisture spreading down my chin and then my neck as the body above me shivered and her thighs squeezed my head between them. Then after the longest time my lover climbed off me and another took her place. This time it was a man. I could tell because he just climbed on top of me and stuck it in and started humping. I felt like a rag doll, you know, like one of those blowup dolls that porn shops sell, as he fucked away. He didn’t last very long and came with heaving thrusts. At least he enjoyed himself. My next lover was much more sensitive and caring, and experimental as it turned out. I found out soon enough that it was another guy, but wasn’t sure when he started out by licking out my previous partner’s cum from my cunt. At first I was amazed, most men wouldn’t do something like that, but before he made me cum, I was clean as a whistle, and then of course he emptied himself in to me for my next lover to take care of. Only my next lover was another slam bang fucker who just climbed up on top of me and fucked me until he emptied himself.Then my next partner did the same, he just fucked me until he came and then after a while he started pumping again until he came again. I thought he might hang around for a third go but apparently others wanted their turns. I can’t tell you how many people used my body that day. I lost count after 30, I lost consciousness after what seemed like hours. I woke up in the hospital and wasn’t released for 5 days. The surgery had taken my ovaries, and I had to have 25 stitches to repair my torn labia. About a month after getting out of the hospital I finally stopped by the club to see why Steve had never called me. He was there with another girl, and the table was still in the middle of the room, and it looked like it was getting regular use. Steve looked over at me and with hooded eyes he smiled and I watched at his hand dropped down to the girl’s breast and a finger circled her nipple. She looked at me and I could see myself in her, and I didn’t like what I saw. I turned around and headed out of that place and haven’t been back since. I have a new boyfriend who loves me even though we can’t have k**s. And I’ve even pulled my life back together. One thing’s for sure, I am pretty happy to lead a “boring” lifestyle again. I’ll never have to wonder about what it would be like to live in the fast lane again, and I’ll always restrain my sexual urges from now on. ENDI originally wrote this story under a different author name, but it is mine and no others.

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