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Sex with Grandma
When I was 20 I visited my grandmother on a weekend while
in college. My grandfather had died about 10 years earlier
and she still lived in their house. I arrived on Friday evening.
We had a bottle of wine with dinner. After dinner we sat on
the couch talking and opened another bottle. Several hours
later and even more wine, we were both drunk and still chatting
about everything.

At one point she commented on being lonely. I moved over
closer to her and gave her a hug. We stayed like that as she
continued to talk. She talked some more about loneliness
and then commented that she had gotten so bored with masturbating
that she couldn’t even give herself an orgasm anymore.
I was shocked to hear this. She looked up at me with such sadness.
I kissed her on the lips. She responded by kissing me back.
We began kissing as lovers, not relatives.

We were making out with our tongues exploring each other’s
mouths. I could not believe this was happening. I decided
to do whatever I could to make her happy. I reached down and
rubbed her breast. She let out a moan so I decided she liked
it. I then slipped my hand in her shirt. She didn’t have
a bra on so I was able to massage her bare breast. Her nipple
became hard as I pinched it and rolled it between my fingers.
She let out another moan.

We broke our kiss as I pulled her shirt off her shoulders
and down her side. I dipped my head and took one of her tits
in my mouth. She placed her hands on my head and pulled me
towards her breasts. I remembered her doing this when I
was a c***d but then it did not have any sexual connotations.
Now, she wanted me to suck harder. I sucked canlı bahis on her breasts,
sucking one and then the other. I nibbled on her nipples.
I thought about my father sucking these breasts when he
was a baby. The taboo nature of what was happening had me
more turned on than I had ever been.

While sucking on her breasts, I reach down and worked my
hand into her skirt. As I tried to push my hand through the
waistband, she took a deep breath. It was still a tight fit
so I could barely get a few fingers in. She reached down and
unzipped the side and then pushed her skirt off. I reached
down, grabbed either side of her panties and pulled them
down and off. I reached for her pussy and found it dripping
wet. She was as turned on by this as I. She then pushed my head
down to her pussy.

I kissed my way down until I got to the top of her bush. She
had a big hairy bush. I kissed around her bush and licked
her lips. She let out another moan. I licked across her pussy,
sucking her lips into my mouth. She had large lips that hung
down and filled my mouth. She was dripping wet and tasted
delicious. I licked across her clit which made her jump.
I licked around and across her pussy. I licked up her juices
that had leaked down. As I licked my way down, she raised
her legs up high. I could tell she wanted me to lick her ass,
so I flicked my tongue across her hole. “Oh god yes, that
feels so good.” she moaned. I could not believe my grandmother
liked being rimmed. After licking and kissing around,
I began to probe her hole with my tongue. Her moans got louder.
After several minutes of tonguing her ass, I moved back
up to her pussy.

I bahis siteleri licked across her pussy and took her clit into my mouth.
It was standing straight up nearly and inch. I sucked it
into my mouth like it was a tiny dick. I sucked on it and then
began to nibble. This was driving her crazy. She squeezed
her legs on my head holding my tight against her pussy as
she began screaming her orgasm.

Once she finished her orgasm, she pushed me away, trying
to catch her breath. After a minute or 2, she told me to take
my clothes off. As soon as my cock came out, she grabbed it
and pulled me to her. She began licking my shaft up and down
and then took it into her mouth. She began giving me the best
blow job of my life. After a couple of minutes, I was ready
to blow. I warned her that I was about to cum and she kept sucking
even harder. I grabbed her head and began fucking her face.
No woman had ever let me come in her mouth before. I could
not believe my first time was going to be with my grandmother.
I began to shoot my load and she swallowed it and kept sucking.
I pumped my cum into her mouth and down her throat.

After I was done cumming, she pulled my face to hers and shoved
her tongue in my mouth again. I could taste my cum on her tongue
and then she pushed a mouthful of my cum into my mouth. She
was still kissing me and holding my head so I had no choice
but to swallow it. I could not believe my grandmother was
so kinky.

Between the taboo and being 20 years old, my cock stayed
hard. I pushed her back on the couch and rubbed my cock on
her pussy. She moaned her approval and grabbed my ass. I
slowly worked my cock into bahis şirketleri her pussy. She was dripping wet
which let me slide right in. I began slowly working my cock
in and out of her tight wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around
me, pulling me in deeper with each thrust. I looked into
her eyes and saw that she was on fire. She was getting the
fucking that she needed and was enjoying every minute of
it. After about 10 minutes she told me to fuck her hard. “Pound
my pussy, drive your hard cock deep in me, fuck me harder, ”
she yelled out. I could not believe my grandmother was talking
like this. I began fucking her as hard as I could. I pulled
all the way back and then slammed into her over and over.
I was working up a sweat. I could see my sweat dripping off
of me onto her beautiful tits. I leaned over and began licking
her tits while pounding into her pussy.

This put her over the edge as she grabbed my head and held
me on her tits. She wrapped her legs tight around me making
it hard to move. She began to shake like she was having a seizure.
Her pussy clamped down on my cock like nothing I had ever
felt. I was barely able to grind my hips as I felt my orgasm
building again. She was having an orgasm like I had never
seen before. The way her pussy was milking my cock, I could
not hold on. I blew my load deep in my grandmother’s pussy,
pumping shot after shot of cum in her.

After we were both done with our orgasms, we collapsed on
each other trying to catch our breath. I picked my head up
and looked at her face. She had a tranquil smile on her face.
She looked at me and said she had not cum like that in 30 years.
I gave her a kiss and told her that was incredible. She smiled
and said, “now you need to clean me up, eat your cum out
of your grandma’s pussy.”

That is something I never thought I would hear her say. That
was the beginning of an amazing weekend.

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