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sex with asst manager and married womanthis story is true and happened long ago during the late 80’s. I was working at Lyons restaurant in Chico Ca. the new assistant manager was a short blonde woman and she wore glasses too. I am a student going to Chico State and I worked graveyard shifts and try to study when their wasn’t a whole lot of customers to take orders and serve their meals and refresh their glasses. This was summer of 1987 at that time Playboy picked Chico State as the number 1 party school and I just went through initiating with my large pledge class to become members of Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE or Tekes.Back to the restaurant and trying to study math problem which I suck at and loath to this day. the new assistant manager came to my area or servingsection which was hidden in the corner by canlı bahis a wall and some dull picture frames. She asked me what I was doing and Itold her that I’m getting frustrated with word problems and other math crap. her name we will call Kathy she had about b to barley c cup tits hard to tell when managers have to wear formal attire.She said she’d like to help because she claims she’s good at math. without hesitation I said go for it. th corner booth I was sitting at that hides any customers waltzing in waiting to be seated by the host. it was perfect hiding area to study. she sat by me rather closely. I felt her knees knocking against mine and I pretended to ignore it. suddenly her hand slipped down to my inner thighs. hello! no brainer on this situation. so I helped myself to her inner bahis siteleri thighs and slowly creeped up between her stockings to a wet pussy. we pretended that she was helping me and onc in awhile she would leave my table to check on the other workers.and come back and start where we left off. best part about it was she all of a sudden she needed help to get some supplies that’s out in the back storage shed. of course i volunteered my services. we were out in the back behind the restaurant after she unlocked the strage door and positioned the ladder so she can climb up and look what she needed. I helped myself by tugging her stockings from her ass and started licking her asshole out. boy she forgot what she came out there to get in the first place. we didn’t stay very long because co workers bahis şirketleri are nosy. at the end of our shift about 7:00 am she and I went to my fraternity house and into my room and that’s when evil side of me leaked out. no bdsm just foreplay 69er and asshole munching then sticking my medium size one eyed worm into her wet asshole without a care. she tried to yell but, I was quick to cover her mouth didn’t want to wake up my fellow brothers. she eventually liked it and rode with rythym. after about an hour. she said her husband is boring and doesn’t want to do shit with her anymore after she had given him a son. I told her I have know problems being her toy boy and we still can be professional at work. after work I’m her toy boy or she can be my slut. we did it out in the parking lot at work since we both had graveyard duty. my place and even shared her with a roommate after leaving the fraternity house. best part about her is loving cumand anal fucking. I don’t knopw what ever happen to her. she disappeared and I moved back home.

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