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Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-3Nikita is bent over my hot ‘horse’, tightly tied at her wrists and ankles, as well to a ‘saddle’.She is as afraid as excited about what Profesor Peter will do to her on this specially chosen day.Nikita is wet and hot from wanton and erotic expectation for her sexy second time with his virility.She submissively follows his orders for the inauguration rituals of her enormously erotic encounter.Nikita please bend over our horse from the wide side, blonde bare beauty and my mare to be now!She submissively follows my orders, afraid to enrage me in this tricky situation being in straps.Nikita’s ankles and wrists are tied to the four legs, so she is spread very wide for this Peter.She lies with her belly at an amazone style saddle to which Petra ties her by a broad leather belt.Nikita presents her sexy slit and private parts perfectly in this way with arched back and bottom up.She sees in the mirrors how Professor Peter selects a riding crop, she feels how he sniffs her slit.Nikita you smell so super sexy! It must be a very special day to you now, isn’t it blonde beauty?Seems I smell some foxy feromones, like our first time together in your meadow at moonlight my dear! illegal bahis Nikita does not answer me vocally, but her sexy snatch response is clear as could be: what a wet twat!She will have to wait though, first I stand to the proper procedure to help her ovulate indeed today.Nikita feels how I grab her bums and lick along her love lips and how I probe to tongue her sphincter.She must be still an anal virgin to judge by her defensive reaction but her butt is for later to take.Nikita gets first something sexy and successful in our mutual erotic experience: my riding crop!She involuntarily invites me to take her sphincter, as it eye-winks at me after every sexy slap.Nikita longs long for my long lustful mighty member to take her twat, not to knock her backdoor.She shall orgsm hard firstly a few times for me, before I will finally penetrate her hot heaven.Nikita feels how I whip her bottom suddenly, just like our first time, bent over that stack of hay.She contracts her tight bums after every slap, offers me a sexy sight of eye-winks by her sphincter.Nikita is in fear, feels pain, but the burning is not only at the skin of her bums she slowly notices.She feels how her thighs feel wet and bedava bonus veren siteler warm from her pussy juices dripping down her lovely long legs!Nikita hotly hopes Professor Peter will impregnate her now. He is Professor in sexuology so he knows!She longs for my long mighty manhood to kiss her cervix again and make her mother of our offspring.Nikita feels a finger entering her womanhood, making the gesture of ‘Come here, you blonde beauty’.She read about G-spots but never could find hers, but he does! She squirts for the first time ever!Nikita is in dreams from coming so hard till she feels strange slaps at her sexily swollen love lips.She opens her eyes and sees he hits her tight twat with his cat-o-nine-tails, which hurts her as hell.Nikita feels like in heaven as she orgasms from my tasty treat of her twat, making her love lips full.She finally sees the proud purple head of Professor Peters pole is nearing her holy hole to penetrate.Nikita is half in heaven, numb from all severe spanking, so she hardly remembers what happens to her.She knows her hot wish was fulfilled by this sexy strong Professor Peter of Porn, rest is very foggy.Nikita watches yatırımsız deneme bonusu with amazement on video what we did indeed next with her, she can not help blushing.She let herself be treated as a sexy slut in all her open orifices, even by both of them together!Nikita comes fast from my penile penetration and continuous spanking her bottom by both hot hands.She can not stop coming from this combination of painful pleasures, milking my member very sexily.Nikita screams from deep satisfaction of her hot wish, feeling my white warm shower at her uterus.She does not notice even how I carefuly close her love lips by a few cloth pins after impregntion.Nikita is all yours now Petra! You know what I expect next of you in this tasty sexy situation!She smiles and shows she already wears her smallest strap-on to prepare nice Nikita for my visit.Nikita is numb, not noticing our little conversation about her very near future, bound to our horse.She offers an open anal invitation, doesn’t she? I kiss my pretty Petra and I pat her hot bums.Nikita hardly notices what is happening now to her. Later she watches it in awe from our few videos.She sees in amazement in our edited version in split-screen our attack from both sides at her holes.Nikita vaguely remembers now something strange up her anal canal by Petra but what Peter did to her!She can’t believe her eyes as she sees how lifts her head by her pony tail, to take her deep-throat!To be continued soon …Copyright by Poet PETER

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