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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-7Jennifer fast forward a few years after her initiation warm weekend on camera at my sexy studio.Jennifer tells us in detail how she and tasty Tanya were treated on their way through Slobodia.Jenny felt so excited for her first interview with an acting President, Peter Petrovic his name.Jenny and Tanya never imagined how they were treated there right at the border in a special way.Jennifer tells in my studio on camera the true story of her travel as reporter through the Balkan.Jennifer travels with Tanya, her technical assistant at videos and also her live-in lover at home.Jenny and Tanya have a wonderful time hosted by my friend Nives in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.Jenny and Tanya fondly remember her hospitality and her firm hand at their bums bent over her lap!Jenny and Tanya cruise next around in the Adriatic sea to see several Croation islands for shoots.Jenny and Tanya take turns in being spankee and spanker at every moment they have enough privacy.Jenny and Tanya have a wonderful time … until the two want next to cross the border to Slobodia.Jenny and tanya don’t expect any problems, as they are invited to interview President Petrovic!Jennifer begs “Please Papa Peter, hug me and let me sit at your lap! It’s so embarrassing to tell!So humiliating and horrific. So exhilirating and exciting. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears there.It started right türkçe bahis at the border where we presented our special visa and invitation by the President.Nevertheless our luggage was searched by a very young border guard, who looked exactly like Sarah!You know which close relative I mean! So I was confused by the striking similariry! Not only that.Her commanding officer was looking a lot like you! Despite his uniform and stripes he had long hair.Just like you often, in a pony tail. He stood at the side and made a remark to this girl named Sarah.Then the third surprise happened to our awe. We were looking at him at that moment of his remark …You know that Tanya’s granny was a Russian noble, so she still understands quite a bit of Russian.Slobodian is also written in Cyrillic script and sounds quite similar, so she tried to understand.At that moment this sexy Sarah triumphantically found an ounce of good green grass in my suitcase!I am sure I didn’t put it there. Our eyes were large with amazement, but Petrovic took us away …Tanya could read his name card: Commanding Captain Peter Petrovic. Same name! Very bad omen!He sniffed at that plastic bag. In perfect English he told: “Excellent strong stuff, must be Dutch.”He excused himself for having only one cell for female inmates at his border post. He took us there.It was adjacent to his quarters! We did not have any privacy, as there was poker oyna only a separating fence.He tells us we will soon be up for special interrogation by him and Sarah, because of our visa. Tanya and I lay down at the small bed and hug each other for comfort. She whispered in my ear.She understood a few things only. She had noticed the same as I had: some striking similarities.One hour later the ‘interrogation’ started. Sarah rolled in some wooden ‘horses’ covered in leather.They looked like the tool I remember from gymnastics at secondary school, but these had some straps.They ordered us to undress. Tied us to those horses bent over, with our legs spread wide for search.Sarah checked our open orifices for possible hide of more strong stuff in our most intimate openings. Sarah next ‘warmed us up’ for his interview about our possession of banned freshly fermented herbs.With ‘warming up’ Petrovic implied caning two innocent young reporters for a crime they didn’t commit.With his intimate inspection he started our interrogation. We were both dripping wet of pussy juices.His long tongue lapped along our lips. Despite the humilation we couldn’t help squirting in his face.He unbuckled his big black belt of thick stiff leather of his rank as Commanding Captain Border Chief.He hit us both hard, simultaneously. Our bottoms burned, our pussies wet with expectation to be taken.He honoured me bets10 by taking me first, very cold, precise and brutally. I almost collapsed from coming!He banged tasty tight tiny tit Tanya at her backdoor without any lubrication except my pussy juices.He had her completely confused as it was her very first time to be taken by a man, you know she’s les!Tanya felt very ashamed to orgasm with a man in such a situation she never ever had dreamt of so far.Tanya said something in Russian. He laughed loud in his low voice. Told us the ordeal here is over.Tanya and I were balmed well and very caringly now by Sarah. She released us and offered us her bed.Tanya and I were exhausted and soon fell in each other arms in the arms of Morpheus at the hot border.Next morning she brought us both breakfast in bed and Peter Petrovic showed up every inch a gentleman.Next he told us enigmatically that we stood the trial very well and he will drive us to the capital.Next to his black limousine was Sarah driving my car right behind us. Without a stop we reach Palace.Next amazement: we drive right through the gate! As if they had been expecting us to arrive this way.This is only the first part of my story love! I am curious if you will believe the second sexy part?This tale made me very wet! I fear I might have drenched your pants, dear Professor Peter my friend.This is more tent now than pants if i notice well … I hope you will reward me first before I go on!This calls for some sexy reward, isn’t it my Master! Please treat juicy Jenny properly now my dear.”To be continued very soonSame pace, same theatre!Copyright by Poet PETER

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