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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-3Lisette’s spanking session lets her come before ferocious fornication starts at all her holy holesLisette comes hard and long across my lap from my simultaneous spanking her bottom red and fingeringI count down from ten to teach her to come on command and in succeeding she signs her slave contractShe shall serve and obey me for a full long weekend next, very soon with full moon at Saturday nightEvery hot thing happening to you this session will come back in extenso during that love weekendTasty teen you are in an ideal position to be taken wherever I want, which is what I’ll do with youTesting your abilities to orgasm for me from fucking without any hand helping to click your clit!Everybody knows that a pussy is not a mouse! – So why would we click at it, isn’t it my Lisette?Spanking never ends after the first orgasm which is only the starter as an ‘amuse gueule’ for more!She lays face down along my legs with hers wide around my hips her twat wet and open horny holy holesLisette feels the tip of my member slowly sliding up and down her love lips hesitating where to enterAnal canal clean dear? Properly prepared your visit to me for your interview and your correction?Very tight youare at your backdoor baby! I probe the strength and flexibility of her sphincterEasily one finger gets in, two takes some more effort, at three she starts to bounce back at my movesShe opens up to her ass-fuck which also opens her pussy wider welcoming my pole to slide in by itselfEvery bounce brings me a millimeter deeper inside the tasty teen till her mount Venus bangs my ballsRight time to empty them to whitewash her cunnie’s kaçak iddaa cervix completely by my streaming spurts of semenVehemently Lisette orgasms together with me squirting back at me with big gushes from her hot pussyI like to test you imediately with your next task, get on your knees between my legs love to lickCan you with your hands still tied at your back bring back my members might for further sexy service?Eager to please at your very best while your eyes keep looking at mine, that’s the way I like it loveLisette munches my member back to big size to test the tasty teen to the limit of love capacityThe tasty teen eagerly munches my member sexily sucking sweetly till she feels it grow and get deeperAs soon as it is stiff and large enough for a fuck I invite lovely Lisette to ride and dance my poleShe mounts me for a free ride home to another orgasm her clit hitting my pubic bone at every bounceTight tiny tits offer enough grip to help her to the right rythm soon I only hold her nipples tightYour next test, I will bite your nipples till you come for me my dear I feel her twat crampsThe tasty teen screams from pain and pleasure, comes very fast and hard to her own enormous amazementI wish I could hug you, can I kiss you to express my great gratitude for this tasty love lesson?Nice to hear that lovely Lisette, you look so sexy and exciting when you are so enormously excitedYou passed the first set of tests very well and I do not need your arms tied at the back anymore!The tasty teen gets up and turns around for me to free her hands from the cuff and jumps back at me I like this position best, especially as I can now put my arms canlı casino siteleri around you to kiss you properly!Tasty to feel your tight bottom in my hands hottie, your hot wet snatch wakes up my manhood againThe tasty teen immediately gets the idea and start to move her hips so her wet snatch slides my poleI like to bang more your big brown banana Professor Peter, I have a nice idea in my mind for you!Glad you take the initiative, let me see what you have in store for me to show your dear dedicationHow hot and nice I feel you expert erotic sexy slit massage of my member to make my manhood mighty! Tasty titties let me suck at your nipples and queeze them a bit as if I turn on electric equipmentThe tasty teen can read my mind as she tries to mount my member now by her backdoor for a big bang!Easy it slides inside the tight hot holy hole for her next sexy set of pretty pole dancing on my lapEagerly her anal canal cramps every time I twist hard at her big stiff nipples turning on both of usNo necessity nor possibility to give more commands as she sucks at my tongue, leaving me speechlessLisette loves to mount my member holding to tight with her arms around me till she collapsesProfessor Peter’s pole plunges dearly deep in her horny holy hole boning her anal canal to the boneLisette loses count how often she comes from his tasty long pretty pole dancing inside her backdoorEleven times at least I think, counting the rythmic cramps gripping at my mighty member that oftenAs I finally also explode and shoot my load of come she makes it a dozen she shakes trembles allover She falls into my arms completely exhausted, with my casino şirketleri member still up her arse she seems to doze offI keep squeezing and teasing her tight beautiful bottom still hot and red from the spanking sessionNow I even amaze myself as I feel my manhood likes that tight environment a lot keeping it sexy sizeGladly I continue to slowly let her ride me once more, she lets it happen as if it is only a dreamProfessor Peter’s pole seems the axis and the centre of our universe, she seems still in her dreamRight time to take her to my big bed, she is easy to carry on my pole, with her arms around my neck Opportunity to bang her hard in my favourite position for dreaming dream-teens, legs all bent backFew pillows under her bums, for best deep penetration I bend her legs till her knees meet her earsEvery time I bang the backdoor of a bride not concious of the continuation of her adventure I thrillSo sexy and close it feels to taking a teen, without the proper mutual consent before fornication!Slowly I poke her as if it’s a form of meditation which it is in a way my tasty tantra teen excersizeOpen eyes or closed, concious or not, she sure loves to be banged well, even in her dreams she comesRight time to switch holes but stick to the same golf-club balling beautiful lovely lustful LisetteProfessor Peter’s pole plunges pretty pussy, he lets her cunny’s coming cramps milk his mighty memberEvery hour of the upcoming weekend I will enjoy her sexy slave service to last at least sixty hoursThat is sixty times sixty times sixty sexy seconds of erotic enchantment at this terrific tasty teen!Enormously excited by the idea, I shoot my last load of this fine first sexy session with my LisetteReady to make me a beautiful baby, beautiful baby? – I whisper warm words in her dreaming earThe acrostichon reads:LISETTE’S SLAVE SERVICETASTY TINY TIT TIGHT TEENPLEASING PROFESSOR PETERby Poet PETER

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