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Sethy – Part Five – The BaitAUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-4 before this part. The main character, Sethy, is based upon a real woman who is an active member of the XHamster community, and much of Sethy reflects the true woman. The photos included in this story are of the real Sethy and are here with her permission. This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author. Sethy – Part Five – The BaitThe taxi dropped us off at our hotel at 3:45. While we were in the taxi I had explained my initial thoughts about how we could get her out of this sticky situation with Linda. Sethy listened with interest and agreed with the plan. She said that Linda often went to the PCR Nantehlik restaurant on Wednesdays and Thursdays to possibly meet foreign businessmen. Well, today was Wednesday and I wanted to get over there before Linda, if she did go. I believed I had enough time to shower, get dressed, and get over there by 5:00pm. I didn’t think Linda would arrive there before that time.I chose to wear a jacket even though it was warm in Kolonia and I didn’t need it. I wanted to project an image of a businessman, not a tourist. I didn’t want to look too formal because of course it was not a business meeting, so I put on the only long-sleeved white shirt I brought with canlı bahis me and left my tie in the suitcase. Business casual was the look I wanted. Navy jacket and slacks, white shirt, no tie, black shoes. OK I had the uniform. Time to go.“Wish me luck Sethy. If Linda comes and things go well I may have dinner with her, so order room service if you get hungry.” I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. “I love you”.She smiled up at me. “Good luck my Rod. I love you too and cannot wait until you return to me”.The taxi dropped me off at the PCR Nantehlik restaurant at 5:05. I walked inside and took a look at the place. Good, they had a small bar area with five stools.A stunning young woman with a bright smile and shiny eyes greeted me. “Good evening Sir. Welcome to the Nantehlik. I think this is your first time visiting us?”“Well, yes. How did you know? Have I done something wrong or unexpected?” I responded.“Oh no Sir, not at all. But if you had been here before I would have remembered you” she replied with a bright impish smile. “Will you be dining with us this evening?”“I hope so. I may be meeting someone here but I’m unsure whether she can make it tonight.”“I see” she replied. “Well, Sir, if she does not arrive, I finish at 9:30” she said looking up at me from behind those bright brown eyes.I was shocked at that. Asian women are not usually so forthright and so fast. I looked more closely bahis siteleri at her again. At first pass she looked like she was likely in her early 20’s, but it’s sometimes difficult to estimate the age of Asian women. They usually are older than they look. “May I ask your name, young lady?”“Celia, Sir.”“Well, Celia, I will certainly keep that in mind” I said smiling to her. “Would it be possible to reserve a table at this time?”“Yes Sir, it would be my pleasure to serve you” she responded.“Celia, could I have that table over by the window in the corner?” I asked.“Consider it yours, Sir”.“Celia, you are very kind. I believe I will have a drink at your bar and wait for my friend there if that is OK”.“Of course. I’m here to accommodate you, Sir. If I may be of service to you, it would be my pleasure. I’m afraid that our bartender does not arrive until 6pm. May I get you something to drink?”I surveyed the collection of bottles behind the bar. I spotted an old familiar friend. “Yes, please. Johnnie Walker black on ice. Water on the side. No ice.”“My pleasure, Mister…?” she drew out the mister as an invitation to me to tell her my last name as she walked around the bar to pour me my drink. I thought to myself that this young woman was very skilled in her work. A little surprising to find this little artist in a small place like Pohnpei, but then, life is full of surprises. She probably was bahis şirketleri older than I thought. “Bronco. Rod Bronco. Celia, the pleasure is all mine”. I sat down on the second stool to the right. If Linda did come in, I did not want her to choose a stool too far from me.Celia put down a cocktail napkin on the bar and then the tumbler. “Johnnie Walker on ice, Mr. Bronco. And a water on the side.” Her hand brushed my hand on the bar as she did so. I could not tell if that was a deliberate action or not. I thought to myself, “if she did that on purpose, that was skillfully and artfully done”. “Will there be anything else, Mr. Bronco?” she asked with a smile.“Run me a tab, Celia. And yes, one more thing” I responded. I pulled a US$ 20 out of my wallet and laid in on the bar. “That’s not for the drink, Celia, that’s for you. I would appreciate the best service you can offer me this evening”.“Oh, Mr. Bronco, respectfully Sir, service fees are included in our prices. You do not need to tip me, Sir”.“Celia, I am aware of that but it would please me if you would be gracious enough to take it and take care of me and my guest this evening. Is that acceptable?” I said smiling at her. The direct look on my face told her that I expected a positive answer.“Oh yes, Mr. Bronco. Your wish is my command” she replied. She took the bill and looking straight at me, slipped it beneath the black vest she was wearing.“One last thing, Celia. Is there an outlet under the bar that you could plug my phone charger into?”“Yes, Mr. Bronco. I’d be happy to do that for you.” I handed her my phone charger and she plugged it in. I always tried to

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